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'Breach' game code theft at PAX East ends in arrest

1725 days ago - An attempted theft of Atomic Games' Breach code on the PAX East show floor on the last day of the event was thwarted by vigilant members of the stu... | News | 2,12


N4G Blur Beta Key Giveaway Reminder

1732 days 2 hours ago - Still don't have a Blur beta key? Thanks to the folks at Bizarre Creations, we have 500 keys to give out. | News | 2,16


Would You Pay a Girl to Play Halo With You?

1732 days 19 hours ago - Via IGN: "If you're an avid online gamer chances are you sign onto, say, Xbox Live most nights and jump into a game of Modern Warfare or Gears... | News | 2


Major League Baseball 2K10 - ZTGD Review

1739 days 7 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: A good baseball team is only as good as its grasp on the fundamentals. Often times the difference between success in October... | Review | 1,2


Win a PS4!!

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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening - ZTGD Review

1739 days 8 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: Returning to the world of Dragon Age was like slipping on your favorite comfy t-shirt. The game had grown on me back in the f... | Review | 1,2


N4G Sol Survivor Steam Key Giveaway

1739 days 10 hours ago - Thanks to Dylan Barker at Cadenza Interactive, we have a couple Steam Keys for the newly released PC version of their XBLA title, Sol Survivor! | News | 12,16


More Zombies?! - ZTGD Review

1740 days 8 hours ago - Cat writes: Do you find yourself in need of more zombies? Has Pocket Monkey Games got the survival shooter for you. In the cunningly titled More Zo... | Review | 6


N4G Heroes of Three Kingdoms Beta Key Giveaway

1740 days 10 hours ago - Thanks to Jason Varden and the rest of Perfect World Entertainment , we have 5000 beta keys to give out for the closed beta of their upcoming MMO... | News | 12,16


Guild Wars 2: Ghosts of Ascalon Announced

1757 days 16 hours ago - NCSoft is proud to announce Ghosts of Ascalon, the first original Guild Wars novel! Written by acclaimed fantasy authors Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grub... | News | 11,12


Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares - ZTGD Review

1760 days 21 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: There is no doubting that Resident Evil 5 was one of the best games released last year. Capcom continues to reinvent the fran... | Review | 1,2


Heavy Rain - ZTGD Review

1761 days 10 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: In a world dominated by fast-paced action games and online shooters, it can be hard to attempt something new. Quantic Dream,... | Review | 1


BioShock 2 - ZTGD Review

1766 days 8 hours ago - Carnage writes: The first Bioshock is now considered a modern classic, one of those games that took everyone by surprise with its' amazing story an... | Review | 1,2


Fret Nice - ZTGD Review

1768 days ago - Cat writes: Fret Nice endeavors to repurpose your guitar peripherals to a task outside the rhythm niche. Not all endeavors succeed. Some fail miser... | Review | 1


Dante's Inferno - ZTGD Review

1773 days 8 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: Epic action games seem to be the theme for 2010 and so far things are good. EA and Visceral Games are back with yet another e... | Review | 1,2


White Knight Chronicles - ZTGD Review

1775 days 8 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: The PlayStation 3 hasn't exactly been the breeding ground for classic JRPG titles like its predecessor. Most titles have been... | Review | 1


3D Dot Game Heroes: Enhance Your Sword Trailer

1780 days 8 hours ago - Atlus has just sent over this brand new trailer for 3D Dot Game Heroes that shows off the ability to "enhance" your power and size with o... | Trailer | 1


ZTGD Weekly Video Review Wrap-Up Episode 14

1780 days 8 hours ago - Cat plays catch up with the slow season in full effect and breaks down ZTGD's latest reviews including Mass Effect 2, Emberwind and Tatsunoko vs. C... | Review | 1,2,3,12


Video Game Expands the Concept of Dark Energy for Mass Effect

1781 days 8 hours ago - Could a person harness the power of dark energy-the mysterious and pervasive force suspected of speeding the universe's expansion-to block bullets,... | Article | 2


MAG - ZTGD Review

1781 days 10 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: It has been a long time coming, but Sony and Zipper Interactive's latest collaboration is finally here. The biggest draw to M... | Review | 1


Blood Bowl - ZTGD Review

1782 days 8 hours ago - ZeroTolerance writes: Blood Bowl is based on the tabletop game of the same name. The concept was invented over 20 years ago as sort of a fantasy fo... | Review | 2


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