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PushStartPlay : Hearthstone preview [PC]

586 days 22 hours ago - The new card game by Blizzard Entertainment. The heroes of Warcraft on your tabletop. | Preview | PC


PushStartPlay : Rome 2 Total War review [PC]

630 days ago - The Total War series returns to the Roman era, but can it return to the high quality the first title held? | Review | PC


PushStartPlay : Killer Is Dead review [PS3/XBox360]

636 days ago - A stylish Hack ‘n’ Slash that is arguably Suda’s best work yet on the current gen console. | Review | Xbox 360


PushStartPlay : Space Hulk review [PC]

637 days 20 hours ago - Full Control faithfully recreates the board game, but unfortunately does not create a fun or polished videogame. | Review | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

PushStartPlay : DuckTales Remastered review [PS3/Xbox360/WiiU/PC]

644 days 19 hours ago - An enjoyable and well reworked blast from the past. | Review | PC


PushStartPlay : Shadowrun Returns review [PC]

645 days 8 hours ago - The return of the superb 1993 SNES RPG is marred by a lack of polish and quality in key areas. Though some may still find some enjoyment in the wel... | Review | PC


PushStartPlay : Mortal Kombat Review [PC]

671 days 2 hours ago - NeatherRealm Studios reboot their intensely violent fighting game with style, whilst not forgetting its roots. Something fighting fans won't want t... | Review | PC


PushStartPlay : The Swapper [PC]

671 days 16 hours ago - A superb opening offering from Facepalm Games, there is literally no reason to miss out on this little indie gem. You would be doing yourself a dis... | Review | PC


PushStartPlay : Remember Me Review [Xbox360/PS3/PC]

705 days 16 hours ago - Tom Collins writes A brilliant concept tarnished by poor execution. It's not the game some were hoping for, but there is still some fun to be had. | Review | PC


PushStartPlay : The Last Of Us Review [PS3]

712 days 21 hours ago - Tom Collins writes The Last Of Us is another fine addition to Naughty Dogs list of achievements. A brutal and sometimes heart wrenching adventure... | Review | PS3

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