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Instruments that mimic Nintendo games

575 days 11 hours ago - Instruments that mimic Nintendo games soundtracks | Video | GameCube


Happy birthday Shigeru Miyamoto

595 days 8 hours ago - This past weekend was the birthday of the one and only Shigeru Miyamoto who turned 61 on November 16. | News | GameCube


Time to say goodbye to the Wii...or is it?

603 days 14 hours ago - With the upcoming release of Wii-Mini, is it time to say goodbye to the Wii or move on to the Wii-U? | Article | Wii


Is it time to put Mario on the back burner?

627 days 12 hours ago - Is it time for Mario to take a break, or will his continuous sales keep the snowball rolling of Mario titles being released? | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS



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Should Mighty Number 9 be published by Capcom?

630 days 6 hours ago - With Keiji Inafune recently stating he would be open to Capcom publishing Mighty Number 9,its time to see what the fans think. Would you like to se... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360



858 days 8 hours ago - The Pokedex app on IOS has received a discount. | News | Mobile


Mario Tennis Unlockable from Toys R Us

862 days 3 hours ago - Exclusive unlockable in Mario Tennis for the 3DS from Toys R Us. | News | 3DS


THQ Reportedly Owes WWE Millions

926 days 12 hours ago - It looks like WWE is taking interest in THQ's bankrupty considering they are owed money. "THQ owes WWE $45 million as one of their largest unsec... | News | Industry


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Wii U will not support voice chat

987 days 15 hours ago - So news has come out about how Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed for Wii U will not support voice chat. How do you feel about this after all the... | News | Wii U


Walmart to begin taking in-store Wii U pre-orders starting on Sunday

997 days 1 hour ago - Here is your last chance to pre-order a Wii-U from Walmart starting this Sunday Oct 14th. Good Luck! | News | Wii U


2012 Club Nintendo Rewards

1095 days 13 hours ago - Here are the Gold and Platinum rewards for Club Nintendo members for 2012. | News | GameCube


Gearbox on Wii-U having modern tech

1137 days 10 hours ago - In a recent interview with Gearbox, Eurogamer is told that the Wii-U version of Aliens is better lloking due to the fact Wii-U has "modern tech" in... | News | Wii U


Killer Freaks Assets

1139 days 9 hours ago - Here are some assets for the upcoming game Killer Freaks for Wii-U. | Screenshot | Wii U


Nintendo of Canada talks Wii-U / Wii

1150 days 7 hours ago - Examiner had an interview with Matt Ryan from Nintendo of Canada in August 2011, in which many key bits of information were revealed. This intervi... | News | Wii


The Man Determining The Future of Madden

1156 days 12 hours ago - Game Informer recently sat down with Cam Weber, EA Sports' new general manager of football, to talk about some of the challenges for the series as... | News | Wii U


Craig Harris from Sega on Wii-U

1164 days 18 hours ago - Craig Harris from Sega has stated that he doesn't believe that his company would produce a game on Wii-U if it was underpowered compared to todays... | News | Wii U


Nintendo helped n-Space “unlock the extra power in the 3DS” for Heroes of Ruin

1168 days 9 hours ago - N-Space has said, when working on Heroes of Ruin, “Nintendo helped unlock extra power in the 3DS”, which they could use “for multiplayer features”.... | News | 3DS


Iwata’s Briefing: Reading Between the Lines

1180 days 5 hours ago - Dissecting Nintendo's Presidents briefings may be hard for some to do, but one writer gives us his take on the recent announcements coming from Nin... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


IBM Embedded Dynamic Random Access Memory in Wii-U

1185 days 21 hours ago - IBM, who is providing the E-DRAM for the Wii-U, is making it so that triple the amont of memory can be stored on one small chip. This will lead to... | News | Wii U


A very in depth interview with Reggie Fils-Aime after E3 2011

1190 days 9 hours ago - This was a very intensive interview taken with Reggie Fils-Aime right after E3 last year going in depth with Nintendo's stance in gaming and their... | Video | Nintendo DS


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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