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"Let them hate me, so long as they fear me. "

How to meet celebrities and chat up girls, Seduce Me style

1024 days 7 hours ago - Simply put, Seduce Me is porn. It's incredibly dull, tedious, and theoretically erotic to someone, somewhere. This article is a feble attempt to te... | Article | PC


Required listening: Ni no Kuni, Anarchy Reigns, and DmC: Devil May Cry

1032 days 2 hours ago - Required listening is a new monthly feature focusing on game soundtracks and the people who lovingly create them. For the first edition, we'll take... | Article | Xbox 360


Seduce Me makes sex seem really boring (review)| GamesBeat

1056 days 4 hours ago - Seduce Me is an erotic strategy game that was one of the first removed from Steam Greenlight for violating Valve's regulations on explicit content.... | Review | PC


Skylanders Giants is a kinder, gentler Diablo (review)|GamesBeat

1137 days 10 hours ago - Skylander fever is still raging for many gamers. That’s because despite the whimsical atmosphere and child-friendly design, Skylanders is a dungeon... | Review | Wii


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Meet Gems With Friends, Zynga’s newest rip-off

1207 days 7 hours ago - Zynga has a reputation for...well, lacking originality. So it's not too surprising that its newest game, Gems With Friends, sounds awfully familiar. | News | Mobile


Zynga’s latest Facebook game The Ville takes Electronic Arts’ Sims Social head-on

1251 days 9 hours ago - Social game developer Zynga has announced a new title in its popular “ville” series of Facebook games called The Ville, which looks a lot like Ele... | News | PC


Zynga focuses on simplicity with its latest social game, Ruby Blast

1258 days 12 hours ago - Ruby Blast is Zynga's latest arcade-style Facebook game. It combines a bit of Bejeweled, a bit of Diamond Dash, and a whole lot of mining. | News | PC


Go Ninja is like Canabalt with gory, gory swords -- GamesBeat

1277 days 2 hours ago - Go Ninja is like Canabalt if you were a ninja slaughtering demons rather than running from the apocalypse. Oh, it's also a lot bloodier. | Review | iPhone


Persona 4 Arena has a tutorial video like every fighting game should (plus gallery)

1307 days ago - In a commendable move, publisher Atlus is releasing a video series on how to play its upcoming fighting game, Persona 4 Arena. This new title is a... | Video | Xbox 360


OMGPOP CEO tweets that only employee not to transition to Zynga was the “weakest” one

1337 days 19 hours ago - Last week, GamesBeat reported that Shay Pierce was the only OMGPOP employee to decline a position with Zynga after it bought the Draw Something dev... | News | iPhone


4 things to love and 3 things to hate about the new Xbox 360 dashboard

1455 days 23 hours ago - Microsoft's new 360 dashboard overhauls the system's entire look and feel. Many of the new features are useful and necessary, but this wouldn't be... | Preview | Xbox 360


6 things you need to know about DC Universe Online's Green Lantern DLC

1601 days 10 hours ago - Bitmob writer Jasmine Rea asks DC Universe Online's creative director Jens Andersen six things every player needs to know about the upcoming Green... | Interview | PC


Bitmob: Four ideas for attention-starved indie developers

1733 days 1 hour ago - When the IGF comes to a close, what can indie developers do to get gamers' attention? Here are four ideas to help them make a splash. | Opinion piece | PC


Bitmob preview: User-generated missions surge into Infamous 2

1733 days 1 hour ago - Infamous 2's open world gameplay will become the backdrop for a slew of user-generated missions using developer Sucker Punch's level creation tools... | Preview | PS3


E3 2010: Lost In Shadow: The Coolest Game You'll Never Play

1988 days 5 hours ago - Hudson's peculiar puzzle platformer Lost In Shadow is hands-down the best thing I played at E3. You can't change my mind, no matter how much you lo... | Preview | Wii

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