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State of Decay Review | Paste

842 days 5 hours ago - If Undead Labs really spends as much time thinking about how to realistically survive a zombie outbreak as they claim to, State of Decay should jiv... | Review | Xbox 360


We Stared Into Infinity and Saw Only Madness

900 days 17 hours ago - The critical reaction to Bioshock Infinite surprised freelance writer Dennis Scimeca (Ars Technica, Kotaku, The Escapist) given his experience with... | Opinion piece | PC


Halo Without Bungie

1020 days 6 hours ago - For Unwinnable's Endings Week, video game journalist Dennis Scimeca (Ars Technica, The Escapist, G4TV) laments what the Halo universe has become wi... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


First Person: Crossing the Line in Spec Ops

1134 days 11 hours ago - In this week's edition of his regular Escapist column, freelance game journalist Dennis Scimeca asks whether he's turned into a virtual monster in... | Opinion piece | Culture


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Let's Stop Pretending E3 Is A Professional Event

1207 days 21 hours ago - E3 used to be a place for developers to make deals with publishers. Now it looks more like a Las Vegas meat market. Is E3 actually a professional i... | Opinion piece | Culture


Judgment is not your usual Gears of War

1208 days 12 hours ago - When People Can Fly's Adrian Chmielarz got mouthy about some of the things he didn't like about Gears of War, and what he'd do to fix them, he didn... | Preview | Xbox 360


Who Put The CCG In Mass Effect 3?

1222 days ago - Is extra content no one gets to play actually extra content? Exploring the random unlock system of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. | Opinion piece | PC


EA Pulls A Fast One With Battlefield 3

1233 days 14 hours ago - Do publishers have a responsibility to make sure vanilla servers are available for multiplayer shooters? EA's Custom Server program means the playe... | Opinion piece | PC


It's Okay To Be Dumb

1249 days 10 hours ago - Especially when being smart makes you miserable. Game journalist Dennis Scimeca responds on his regular First Person column on The Escapist to the... | Opinion piece | Culture


The Challenge of Popularizing eSports

1252 days 3 hours ago - Sometimes it's all in a name. Is the biggest challenge to spreading the popularity of eSports in the United States the constant comparison to tradi... | Opinion piece | Culture


Falling In Love At GDC

1298 days 19 hours ago - In this week's column Dennis Scimeca (G4, Gamasutra, Ars Technica) tell us why hardcore gamers might be the best audience of all for indie games, a... | Opinion piece | Culture


How The Old Republic Didn't Change MMOs

1376 days 4 hours ago - This edition of the weekly video game opinion column on The Escapist suggests that the changes to the MMO genre that The Old Republic introduced sh... | Opinion piece | PC


Skyrim is Soulless

1396 days 19 hours ago - In his new weekly column, games journalist Dennis Scimeca (G4, Gamasutra, Village Voice) questions whether Skyrim really is a "virtual world" at all. | Article | PC


You Can't Out-Call-of-Duty Call of Duty

1439 days 22 hours ago - Games journalist Dennis Scimeca (G4, Gamasutra, GamePro) takes on the lunacy of Electronic Arts trying to take down Call of Duty by making a game t... | Opinion piece | PC


Would You Like Your Battlefield 3 With Or Without Bugs?

1446 days 19 hours ago - Games journalist Dennis Scimeca (G4, GamePro, Gamasutra) tackles the subject of video games with day one patches, how they affect reviewers, and ho... | Article | PC


Defending the 7 to 9 Review Scale

1449 days 21 hours ago - Games journalist Dennis Scimeca (G4, Village Voice) tackles the preponderance of review scores that fall between 7 and 9, and why we might want to... | Opinion piece | Culture

"Fun" Is The Worst Way To Judge Gears Of War 3 (Or Any Game)

1481 days 4 hours ago - "Fun" is a broad, non-specific, subjective term that actually doesn't actually tell us anything meaningful about a game experience. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The History of Wing Commander: Part One

1518 days 8 hours ago - The creator of the Wing Commander series, Chris Roberts, grants his first games-related interview in over a decade to G4TV, to help celebrate the l... | Article | PC


Social Games Give You Nothing For Nothing

1535 days 18 hours ago - Social games are an impediment specifically designed to frustrate, like an itch you want to scratch. With money. | Opinion piece | Culture


Deathmatch Isn't A Gun Range

1557 days 2 hours ago - Even with the Supreme Court ruling this week, people are still worrying about the effects of violent video games. This week's First Person column o... | Opinion piece | Culture


Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post
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