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Destiny House of Wolves Review - CramG

98 days 12 hours ago - A video and text based review looking at Bungie's expansion Destiny House of Wolves, the latest in the MMO shooter. | Review | Xbox 360


Destiny Prison of Elders Complete Level 28 Playthrough

98 days 22 hours ago - A video which shows off the complete Destiny Prison of Elders mission including the exotic and legendary loot gained for completion. | Video | Xbox 360


Tale of Tales Sunset Gameplay Video - P.T meets Groundhog Day

98 days 22 hours ago - A 30 minute gameplay video showing off the Tale of Tales Sunset first person point and click adventure game released today on PC. | Video | PC


Tale of Tales Sunset Review - CramG

99 days ago - A video and text based review of Tale of Tales first person point and click adventure game Sunset. | Review | PC


Check What PC Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At Releases.com you can check release dates for PC games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Destiny House of Wolves Story Missions Walkthrough Videos

99 days 10 hours ago - The complete set of five new story missions featured in the just released Destiny House of Wolves DLC. | Video | Xbox 360


Umbra Gameplay from Tech Demo

99 days 22 hours ago - A short gameplay video which shows off an early tech demo for the impressive looking Umbra hack and slasher. | Videocast | PC


Destiny House of Wolves New Social Area Tour Video

100 days 15 hours ago - A look around the new social area and vendors in the Destiny House of Wolves DLC expansion which is available now. | Video | Xbox 360


The Witcher 3 Graphics Comparison Video Xbox vs PS4 vs PC Direct Feed

100 days 18 hours ago - A definitive The Witcher 3 graphics comparison video (direct feed & Youtube) which shows off the exact same scenes from the Xbox One, PS4 and PC ve... | Video | PC


Destiny House of Wolves All Queen's Bounties Video

102 days 1 hour ago - A video which shows off all of the Queen's bounty missions in Destiny House of Wolves update ahead of the DLC release next week. | Video | Xbox 360


Invisible Inc Gameplay - 35 minutes of Stealth Infiltration

102 days 11 hours ago - A gameplay video looking at the stealth action of Invisible Inc which is available now on PC via Steam with a current 10% discount. | Video | PC


Lifeless Planet Walkthrough Video

103 days 15 hours ago - A complete walkthrough of Lifeless Planet which is available now on Xbox One and PC , telling the story of one astronaut lone survivor. | Video | PC


Project CARS Community Livery Pack #1 FREE DLC Video

103 days 18 hours ago - A video which shows off the free Project CARS DLC livery pack designs which are available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. | Video | PC


What is the Best Racing Game on Xbox One - PS4? A Comparison of Features

104 days 1 hour ago - A video which compares various features of the best racing games on Xbox One and PS4 such as number of cars and tracks to interior view detail. | Video | PS4


DEX Game Video – 45 Minutes of Cyberpunk Action

104 days 4 hours ago - A 45 minute video showing off some of the features from the indie developed cyberpunk side scrolling action Dex game. | Video | PC


Battle of the Releases: Are you a Witcher or looking for a new Destiny?

104 days 23 hours ago - May the 19th sees two big games going head to head when the hit stores or digital releases, the question is asked, which one will you be playing? | Opinion piece | PC


Lifeless Planet Review - Solitary Storytelling - CramG

105 days 22 hours ago - A spoiler free review of Stage 2 Studios Lifeless Planet which is now available on Xbox One alongside the original PC release. | Review | PC


Payday 2 Crimewave Edition: Heists Done Right Video

106 days 2 hours ago - 505 Games drops a new video looking at how gamers can tackle the challenging heists working together as a well oiled unit. | Trailer | PS4


Assassin's Creed Syndicate Overview Video

106 days 11 hours ago - Ubisoft's Q&A session details pieced together in this informative video giving more details about the upcoming Assassin's Creed Syndicate. | Video | PC


The Evil Within: The Executioner - Teaser Trailer

107 days 7 hours ago - A new trailer for the latest DLC for The Evil Within horror experience which now includes a first person addition in The Executioner. | Trailer | PC


Project CARS is the Best Racing Game on PS4/Xbox One

107 days 7 hours ago - With the recent release of Slightly Mad Studios Project CARS the question is posed whether this is the best racing game on current gen systems. | Opinion piece | PS4



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