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Super Time Force Review - CramG

52 days 16 hours ago - A review of the ID@Xbox self published game from Capy, Super Time Force which offers time based shooting action in an 8bit style. | Review | Xbox 360


Child of Light Review - CramG

52 days 19 hours ago - A review of Ubisoft's fantasy fairytale platform adventure on consoles and PC. | Review | PC


Among the Sleep opening 20 minutes gameplay

55 days 2 hours ago - A video which looks at the opening moments of the first person horror game where players assume the role of a small child in 'Among the Sleep' on PC. | Video | PC


Forza 5 vs GRID Autosport PC massive differences?

55 days 22 hours ago - A comparison between the Xbox One exclusive Forza 5 vs GRID Autosport on PC showing off some big differences. | Video | PC


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Over 9000 Zombies announcement trailer

56 days 2 hours ago - Mastertronic released a new trailer for their top down survival zombie shoot em up, "Over 9000 Zombies". | Trailer | PC


Watch Dogs - How to annoy the inhabitants of Chicago

58 days 1 hour ago - Watch Dogs features a number of morality choices which offer little to no consequence which means lead character Aiden Pearce can be a rogue vigila... | Video | PC


GRID Autosport boasts silky smooth play and an awesome damage system

58 days 2 hours ago - Codemasters GRID Autosport boasts some impressive features as highlighted in this 17 minute video showcasing various disciplines. | Video | PC


How Do You Play Watch Dogs?

58 days 23 hours ago - How do you play Watch Dogs asks this video which showcases various ways missions can be completed. Stealth, hacking or all out assault with a grena... | Video | PC


GRID Autosport first 30 minutes career mode PC Ultra HD 7970

59 days 19 hours ago - Take a look at the opening moments of the career mode in Codemasters’ GRID Autosport on PC. The game runs silky smooth and features an impressive d... | Video | PC


Rise of Incarnates Lilith opening gameplay

59 days 21 hours ago - A video which takes a look at the character Lilith in Bandai Namco Games'free to play Rise of Incarnates on PC. | Video | PC


Rise of the Incarnates Alpha test access

60 days 19 hours ago - Gamers can now sign up for Rise of the Incarnates Alpha test access for the free to play arena based fighting game from Bandai Namco Games. | News | PC


The Weavers first screenshots and artworks

62 days 17 hours ago - Guru Meditation Project released some new screenshots and artwork for their rather cool looking PC/Mac adult themed point and click adventure game... | Screenshot | PC


Watch Dogs offers the most detailed Open World Game Pedestrians

63 days 2 hours ago - Watch Dogs pedestrian character models look far more detailed than their peers as this video highlights. | Video | PC


Watch Dogs first 25 minutes PC Ultra Settings HD 7970

63 days 3 hours ago - This video takes a look at the opening 25 minutes of the just released Watch Dogs on PC using Ultra Settings at 1080p. The PC used is an i5 3570K p... | Video | PC


GTA V versus Watch Dogs - A last gen current gen comparison

63 days 19 hours ago - A video which showcases how well last year's release GTA V holds up against this year's Watch Dogs in various scenarios with things like NPCs, foli... | Video | PC


Wasteland 2 hands on impressions video

64 days 6 hours ago - A video which takes a look at InXile Entertainment's post apocalyptic turn based role playing game, Wasteland 2. Showing off 30 minutes if gameplay. | Video | PC


Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition First 25 Minutes

64 days 21 hours ago - A video which looks at the surreal opening moments of Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51's Killer is Dead Nightmare Edition which released on PC. | Video | PC


PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2 release window announced

66 days ago - Bandai Namco Games has announced the release window for the next Pac-Man game on Xbox 360, Wii U, PS3 and 3DS. | News | Xbox 360


Hazard Ops Closed Beta begins May 28th

66 days 1 hour ago - Infernum Productions has today announced that its PC closed beta for the rather cool looking Hazard Ops will begin on May 28th. | News | PC


Wolfenstein: The New Order Opening 25 minutes Chapter 2 PC Ultra settings

66 days 19 hours ago - Some have argued the opening mission in Wolfenstein: The New Order doesn't do the game any favours and pales in comparison to what happens in chapt... | Video | PC


ORIGIN PC - High Performance Gaming PCS

Now - Get 6 games for FREE when you purchase a gaming desktop with two identical AMD Radeon™ HD 7900 Series Graphics Cards in Crossfire! | Promoted post
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