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Project Spark Xbox One quick crossroads created mission video

137 days 20 hours ago - Only the most dedicated will spend the many hours days and weeks working with the tools to create something special, but there is a quick option fo... | Video | PC


Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare video review - CramG

137 days 22 hours ago - A video review of PopCap Games' multiplayer shooter on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. | Review | PC


Resident Evil 4 HD console versus PC video

139 days 16 hours ago - A video which takes a side by side look at the recently released Resident Evil 4 HD on PC and the console version. | Video | PC


Microsoft's 19p oddity for Ryse Son of Rome DLC

139 days 22 hours ago - Is Microsoft trying to squeeze the most out of its customers or is it simple currency conversion for Ryse Son Of Rome's unusual pricing? | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Strider video review - Sweet Ninja Action - CramG

140 days 1 hour ago - A video review of the recently released re-imagining of the 1989 classic Strider. Available now on consoles and PC platforms. | Review | PC


Thief PC native 1080p versus Xbox One upscaled 1080p - can you spot the differences?

142 days 14 hours ago - A video which looks at Thief PC native 1080p versus Xbox One upscaled 1080p in sequence. Both version suffer from Youtube compression, but do give... | Video | Xbox 360


The Elder Scrolls Online awesome character creation overview video

142 days 18 hours ago - A video which looks at the rather comprehensive The Elder Scrolls Online character creation system which allows players the choice of tweaking the... | Video | PC


Zoo Tycoon Xbox One review - a management sim for all - CramG

145 days ago - A review of the Xbox One version of Zoo Tycoon which is from the makers of Kinectimals and Disneyland Adventures. | Review | Xbox 360


Zoo Tycoon Xbox One walkthrough video

145 days 5 hours ago - A video which goes through the basics of Frontier Development's Xbox exclusive Zoo Tycoon which uses kinect and features light management options f... | Video | Xbox 360


Thief opening 20 minutes gameplay PC Max Settings 1080p

145 days 15 hours ago - A video which takes a look at the opening prologue mission of Square Enix's Thief on PC using maxed out settings. | Video | PC


Microsoft responds to early Xbox One adopters regarding Price cut

145 days 18 hours ago - Microsoft responds to complaints about the UK price cut for the Xbox One, but are words enough to appease early adopters? | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Thief Benchmark test - HD 7970 1080p Max Settings

146 days 3 hours ago - A video which showcases the Thief Benchmark Test option which allows gamers the chance to tweak the display and graphics settings to get the smooth... | Video | PC


Rayman Legends next gen video review - the best returns - CramG

148 days 11 hours ago - A look at Ubisoft 's next gen version of last year's classic platforming game Rayman Legends in this video review. | Review | PS4


Rayman Legends last gen versus next gen - Spot the difference?

153 days 16 hours ago - A video which looks at the last gen version of Rayman Legends compared to the soon to be released current gen version which boasts uncompressed tex... | Video | Xbox 360


Titanfall Xbox One versus PC graphics video

155 days 19 hours ago - A video which shows off the Xbox One and PC version of the Titanfall beta back to back, highlighting few differences between the two. | Video | PC


Titanfall - pre and post Xbox One sharpening filter video

156 days 18 hours ago - A video which looks at the Xbox One sharpening in TitanFall with the filter on and off back to back. It's not easy to tell the differences at a gla... | Video | Xbox One


Titanfall training missions video

157 days 3 hours ago - A video which takes a look at the 20 minute and optional training missions for Titanfall on Xbox One. | Video | PC


Titanfall killstreak gameplay video - COD meets Crysis meets MechWarrior

157 days 12 hours ago - A video and some quick impressions from the Xbox One version of Titanfall which is currently running its Beta phase. | Video | PC


Kinect Sports Rivals demo gameplay

157 days 22 hours ago - A video which takes a look at the new demo interface for Kinect Sports Rivals on Xbox One which launches this April. | Video | Xbox One


Might & Magic X Legacy video review - a clunky but engaging adventure - CramG

161 days 15 hours ago - A look at Ubisoft's throwback game Might & Magic X Legacy which is available now via Steam in this video review. | Review | PC


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