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Game Under Podcast Episode 49

9 hours ago - In episode 49 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom and Phil return from a months-long hiatus with a new console, and sad sack impressions for Watch Dogs,... | Podcast | PS3


A Conversation with Tim Keenan Part Four

20 days 7 hours ago - "It’s amazing; it’s amazing, it’s certainly a rollercoaster—at times you question it, ‘cause you’re like, what am I doing? I should just go back an... | Interview | PC


A Conversation with Tim Keenan Part Three

27 days 10 hours ago - In part three of this on-going interview, Tim Keenan discusses his two prototypes: The Last Shadow and Chess the Gathering; and the possibly magica... | Interview | PC


A Conversation with Tim Keenan Part Two

34 days 16 hours ago - An in-depth discussion on upcoming indie game, Duskers. "it’s almost redeeming to me about indie gaming; it’s like: you can kind of do things yo... | Interview | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

InSomnia Returns

37 days 4 hours ago - "Studio Mono pulled the first Kickstarter for InSomnia after a slightly bemused public reaction—not that InSomnia did not show a great deal of prom... | News | PC


A Conversation with Tim Keenan Part One

39 days 14 hours ago - "Tim Keenan co-founded Misfits Attic with Holly Keenan, thus forming a husband and wife indie development team, sometimes enlisting the help of the... | Interview | PC


Game Under Podcast Episode 48

42 days 20 hours ago - In episode 48 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers replaces Phil Fogg with Tim Keenan, co-founder of Misfits Attic, of A Virus Named Tom fame: Tim... | Podcast | PC


Nikola: Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Review | Laser Lemming

48 days 18 hours ago - "Luckily I am obligated to play a game I am reviewing; and, much to my relief, I discovered that the plus and minus keys are never used in Tesla Ef... | Review | PC


Swords & Soldiers HD Wii U Launch Trailer

54 days 17 hours ago - "Originally released on the Wii, then ported in HD to PC, Swords & Soldiers’ conceit was a strange one: a 2D, sidescrolling RTS." - Writes Tom Towers. | Trailer | Wii U


Cervical Foraminotomy: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Review | Laser Lemming

58 days 20 hours ago - "All Star Battle is awkward, but that is why it is one of the most exciting fighting games to be released in recent memory: proving that fighting g... | Review | PS3


Dark Souls II PC Port Featurette | Laser Lemming

69 days 1 hour ago - "Dark Souls’ port was poor. Unmodified, it displayed only at a resolution of 1280x720 (720P); and, even more unforgivable given the importance of D... | Opinion piece | PC


Game Under Podcast Episode 47

76 days 4 hours ago - In Episode 47 of the Game Under Podcast, Phil Fogg investigates Tearaway's "feminine voice" while Tom Towers reviews the very masculine 50 Cent: Bl... | Podcast | PC


Poems and Problems: Warlock 2: The Exiled Review | Laser Lemming

76 days 8 hours ago - "Yet, if one wishes to raise the difficulty level and delve deeper—finding a great long term plan and strategy that suits one’s natural cognition i... | Review | PC


Game Under Podcast Episode 46

90 days 22 hours ago - In Episode 46 of the Game Under Podcast Phil Fogg's tyrannical plan to do a news-only-podcast (eww!) is gate crushed just in time by Dave Ader who... | Podcast | Xbox 360


Duskers Pitch Video

92 days 11 hours ago - "I had the chance to play a bare bones prototype of Duskers before Tim Keenan had developed the graphics into a more presentable state. But even as... | Trailer | PC


Warside Greenlight Trailer

100 days 12 hours ago - "Despite the model being immediately addictive, there are few 2D competitive shoot ‘em ups. Which is exactly what Warside is—well, at least one mod... | Trailer | PC


Dr. Benway’s 1954 Alcatraz Review | Laser Lemming

111 days 11 hours ago - "The year: 1954. The place: San Francisco. Specifically: Alcatraz and North Beach (south of Alcatraz). Tarred up Beat baby must escape The Rock; hi... | Review | PC


Game Under Podcast Episode 43

115 days 17 hours ago - In Episode 43 of the Game Under Podcast, Tom Towers braves the dreary, deadly world of Dark Souls II whilst Phil Fogg frits life away on Modern War... | Podcast | PC


The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 Projection Mapping Demo

120 days 20 hours ago - "What is projection mapping? Some technical wizardry that mere mortals could not hope to understand. Thankfully the basics are simply explained for... | Video | PC


S.H. Skaife’s: Earth Defense Force 2025 Review | Laser Lemming

121 days 17 hours ago - "I hoped that Earth Defense [sic] Force 2025 would at the very least offer me the opportunity to live out a few sick, sadistic fantasies that abomi... | Review | Xbox 360


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