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"And why for god's sake is DOOM in quotes?? Is this some sort of ironic doom?"

SteelSeries Siberia V2 and SteelSeries Diablo III Headset review [Gaming Trend]

903 days 11 hours ago - Editor Ron Burke writes: "Incredible sound, braided cords, oversized drivers – it’s not typically the hardware that makes you choose one pair of he... | Review | PC


Giving cuteness a flamethrower – Battle Dragons initial impressions [Gaming Trend]

903 days 11 hours ago - Editor Victor Grunn writes: "At this point I think I’ve incinerated enough houses (and enemy dragons – they’re surprisingly flammable) to give you... | Preview | iPhone


Red leader, standing by – Star Conflict review [Gaming Trend]

904 days 8 hours ago - Editor Josh Park writes: "Space has always been a fascination of mankind. We look to the stars, wondering what answers they might give us, wonderin... | Review | PC


So simple it’s stupid, so fun it’s genius – Divekick review [Gaming Trend]

905 days 11 hours ago - Editor Stefan Alexander writes: "It’s executed so well and with such a meticulous level of detail that it is closer to an homage of the fighting ge... | Review | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

Building a Better Tomorrow – Manhattan Project Review [Gaming Trend]

905 days 15 hours ago - Editor Scott Griffith writes: "If you are at all interested in the process of building bombs, or are looking for a fresh new worker placement game,... | Review | Culture


The things they carried — Gone Home review [Gaming Trend]

909 days 23 hours ago - Editor David Roberts writes: "Every now and then, a game comes along to prove that interactive fiction has its place in the pantheon of expressive... | Review | PC


Bless me bagpipes – DuckTales: Remastered review [Gaming Trend]

910 days 21 hours ago - Gaming Trend editor Matt Buckley writes: "Dust off your Junior Woodchucks Guidebook. There’s another retro revival in town, courtesy of WayForward... | Review | PC


“If you feel the heat around the corner…” – Payday 2 Review [Gaming Trend]

911 days 9 hours ago - Gaming Trend editor Breanna Goodman writes: "Gameplay is often heart-poundingly intense, whether from the anxiety of fearing detection in a stealth... | Review | PC


Live by the sword, die by the sword – Hands-on with Shadow Warrior [Gaming Trend]

911 days 11 hours ago - Gaming Trend editor Matt Buckley spent some time with a preview build of the upcoming Shadow Warrior to see what's what. Turns out we may be in for... | Preview | PC


Yep, it got weird. We review Saints Row IV [Gaming Trend]

911 days 12 hours ago - Gaming Trend editor Ron Burke writes: "If you thought Saints Row The Third was silly, let me assure you…you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet." | Review | PC


Gaming Trend Podcast 08//06//2013–Babies

919 days 7 hours ago - Atlas Burke writes: "This week on the GamingTrend Podcast we’re talking all about people crying. They’re crying in Russia over Company of Heroes,... | Podcast | Culture


Gibbing the night away – Rise of the Triad review [Gaming Trend]

925 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Trend editor Matt Buckley writes: "Published again by Apogee, this iteration of Rise of the Triad is drenched in old-school wonder. Everythi... | Review | PC


Cash rules everything around me – Hands-on with Killzone: Mercenary [Gaming Trend]

931 days 10 hours ago - Gaming Trend editor Matt Buckley writes: "When the PlayStation Vita was first revealed, much was made of the inclusion of dual analog sticks. This... | Preview | PS Vita


Video Review | Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLC [Default Prime]

935 days 12 hours ago - Bowlingotter reviews Metro: Last Light Faction Pack DLC for the PC from developer 4A Games. | Review | PC


Video Review | Dark [Default Prime]

941 days 22 hours ago - Bowlingotter reviews the new stealth based game Dark in this Default Prime Video Review: "Well, maybe they were in over their heads. Maybe they... | Review | PC


Review | The Last of Us [Default Prime]

955 days 3 hours ago - Default Prime's Lucas Stephens writes: "Naughty Dog is an outstanding developer, having spent the last several years making the phenomenal Uncharte... | Review | PS3


Video Review | State of Decay [Default Prime]

957 days 3 hours ago - Bowlingotter reviews State of Decay for the Xbox 360 from developer Undead Labs. | Review | Xbox 360


Video Review | The Swapper [Default Prime]

969 days 8 hours ago - Bowlingotter reviews The Swapper for the PC from developer Facepalm Games. | Review | PC


Primecast Episode 55 - Pre-E3 Discussion

977 days 9 hours ago - Default Prime’s official podcast, the Primecast, is broadcast Live every Saturday on The Bowlingotter Show’s channel at | Videocast | Culture


Video Review | Prime World: Defenders [Default Prime]

979 days 18 hours ago - Bowlingotter reviews the new tower defense/card game RPG mash-up Prime World: Defenders in this video for Default Prime. | Review | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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