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"And why for god's sake is DOOM in quotes?? Is this some sort of ironic doom?"

Reliving the past has never been more fun — WWE 2K14 [Gaming Trend]

837 days 9 hours ago - Jay Malone: "WWE 2K14 still features some unfortunate issues, but those can be easily ignored as the 30 Years of WrestleMania mode soars past every... | Review | PS3


Drink up me hearties, yo ho - Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag review [Gaming Trend]

838 days 5 hours ago - Ron Burke: "It’s not often sequels do this good a job of giving us what we want, but Ubisoft has done exactly that – this is easily the best Assass... | Review | Xbox 360


Don’t get your hopes up for Battlefield 4 single-player

838 days 7 hours ago - Matt Buckley: "The Battlefield franchise hangs its hat on large-scale multiplayer warfare. But perhaps in an effort to compete with rival shooter C... | Article | PC


Games for the Masses–Weekend Deals 10//25//2013

839 days 5 hours ago - Welcome back to Games for the Masses, where you pay less to play more. This week is a good week for the proletariat, so lets’s just get started by... | Article | PC


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

You will burn your teammates to death -- Magicka: Wizard Wars hands-on [Gaming Trend]

841 days 16 hours ago - Victor Grunn: "Hardcore Magicka fans have probably already signed up alongside me to give this one a try. Those of you who are new to the series an... | Preview | PC


It’s axes to the throat with Fatshark’s War of the Vikings [Gaming Trend]

841 days 16 hours ago - Victor Grunn: "Fatshark and Paradox Interactive’s War of the Vikings serves as a reminder of those days long past, building on the system that made... | Preview | PC


This game’s anything but — FORCED [Gaming Trend]

842 days 20 hours ago - Spencer Campbell: "This game is a triumph for first-time developer betaDwarf Entertainment. FORCED brings a downright daring hardcore experience to... | Review | PC


Episode One imbues Faith in The Wolf Among Us

842 days 22 hours ago - Matt Buckley: "After authoring the consensus Game of the Year with last year’s episodic adventure series The Walking Dead, Telltale Games no longer... | Article | PC


Evolution is overrated – Defense Technica [Gaming Trend]

842 days 22 hours ago - Victor Grunn: "If you’re looking for a title which really does something new or exciting with the genre — or if you just plain want a new tower def... | Review | PC


Gaming Trend Podcast 10//24//2013 -- Gotta Dwelve ‘em all

842 days 22 hours ago - This week the Gaming Trend Podcast is all about games games games. Matt, Atlas, and David spend an unbelievable percentage of the podcast discussi... | Podcast | PC


War in the dismal future of 1989 — Armed Seven [Gaming Trend]

843 days 17 hours ago - Patrick Rost: "Armed Seven has all of the nuances of an old-school 2D shooter, and delivers them with a stone-faced sincerity unseen in many of tod... | Review | PC


Get Augmented with Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut [Gaming Trend]

843 days 18 hours ago - Travis Northup: "With fewer gameplay annoyances than the original and full integration with the Wii U’s second screen, this title delivers an exper... | Review | Wii U


You can always get better — Rocksmith 2014 “Experienced” review [Gaming Trend]

844 days 7 hours ago - Matt Buckley: "With Rocksmith 2014, Ubisoft aims not only to attract the person who’s never played guitar, they’re also shooting for people like me... | Review | PC


Great performance! — Rocksmith 2014 “Novice” review [Gaming Trend]

844 days 21 hours ago - Ron Burke: "I love music, but it’s been a long time since I was in love with music. I can confirm that Rocksmith 2014 is the fastest way to learn g... | Review | Xbox 360


All hail the German kings of adventure gaming! — Goodbye Deponia review [Gaming Trend]

845 days 18 hours ago - Sam Vary: "Goodbye Deponia has some great things going for it: the gorgeous staged scenes set against hand-painted backdrops are Daedalic’s tradema... | Review | PC


“I Herd U Liek Mudkips” – Pokémon X/Y Review [Gaming Trend]

846 days 2 hours ago - Travis Northup: "Pokemon X & Y set a new standard for Pokemon games to come. The advances in this game are well worth the $40, and if you’re intere... | Review | 3DS


“We’re up all night to get lucky” – Just Dance 2014 Review [Gaming Trend]

846 days 12 hours ago - Ron Burke: "While I’m surprised that Just Dance 2014 continues the tradition of not letting us import our old tracks, it offers plenty of new featu... | Review | Xbox 360


Mario on speed – Sonic Lost World (Wii U) review [Gaming Trend]

848 days 21 hours ago - Stefan Alexander: "The spikey, blue haired, red boot-wearing hedgehog is back and he’s tearing up the speed limit in this Nintendo-exclusive title,... | Review | Wii U


Nope – Sonic Lost World (3DS) Review [Gaming Trend]

848 days 22 hours ago - David Roberts: "Sonic Lost World on 3DS is a terrible, terrible game." | Review | 3DS


Gaming Trend Podcast 10//17//2013–Full Steam Ahead

849 days 22 hours ago - This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, Atlas, Matt and Spencer get together to talk about all things creepy, kooky, scary, and even spooky. Startin... | Podcast | PC


List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your PS4? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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