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'Magicka: Wizard Wars' enters open beta today

63 days 21 hours ago - "Today, May 27, Paradox Interactive and Paradox North opened the gates to the general public for the "Magicka: Wizard Wars" open beta (via announce... | News | PC

Hands-on review: HyperX Cloud Headset by Kingston Technology | Examiner

68 days 8 hours ago - "Purchasing the HyperX Cloud Headset, brought to you by Kingston Technologies, will probably be one of the best decisions you'll make in a long tim... | Review | PC


PC review: '1849' by SomaSim | Examiner

76 days 14 hours ago - When it comes to popular city simulators, some of the best ones that come to mind are Caesar III, SimCity, and Zeus & Poseidon. The earliest game c... | Review | PC


"HEX: Shards of Fate" sued by Wizards of the Coast

77 days 2 hours ago - "Today, May 13, Wizards of the Coast announced via their website, that they will be filing a lawsuit against Cryptozoic Entertainment and Hex Enter... | News | PC


Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Hands-on review: Logitech G502 'Proteus Core' Tunable Gaming Mouse |

96 days 5 hours ago - From novice's point of view, what's the big deal with all these gaming mice? Do they provide that much of a performance boost? Will new users even... | Review | PC


'The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot' shows off its many changes at PAX East 2014

99 days 7 hours ago - "'The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot,' from Ubisoft, has always been a popular game since it's closed beta. Now that it has finally been open to the pu... | News | PC


'Dawngate' separates itself from the rest of the field at PAX East 2014

101 days 1 hour ago - "In the world of MOBAs, there are quite a few. However, only a couple standout from the rest of the field. One of those games that players may want... | News | PC


An in-depth look at 'Might and Magic: Duel of Champions' from PAX East 2014

101 days 9 hours ago - "When it comes to digital CCGs, 'Might and Magic: Duel of the Champions' is one of the best out there. At PAX East, they were in attendance showing... | News | PC


'Always Sometimes Monsters' will always be a winner at PAX East 2014

103 days 5 hours ago - "Life is full of choices. It's when we make those choices where we, as people, need to be ready for all of the outcomes that may come with those ch... | News | PC


'Broforce' takes over PAX East 2014 in the name of Democracy

104 days 2 hours ago - "Broforce is a super violent, 2-D action platformer in the vein on Contra and Metal Slug where you play as parodies of '80s and 90's action movies... | News | PC


PAX East 2014 demo: 'Sniper Elite 3' shows it's not just another shooter

105 days 1 hour ago - "'Sniper Elite 3' is not just your typical FPS. In fact, the game likes to "actively discourage" you from just running around trying to kill everyt... | News | PC


'This War of Mine' questions the morality of players at PAX East 2014

105 days 2 hours ago - "If you think about it, when war strikes your home town, no one tells you what to do next. No one is there to hold your hand and tell you things wi... | News | PC

'War of the Vikings' at PAX East 2014: Your early access 'Ulfberht' is fake

105 days 5 hours ago - "'War of the Vikings,' published by Paradox Interactive, is a player versus player game where up to 24 players can compete against one another in f... | News | PC


Update '10' and offline mode for SimCity available today

134 days 4 hours ago - "Earlier today, March 18, officials via Twitter, announced the deployment of update number 10 to "SimCity." This is the anticipated update that wou... | News | PC


Mobile review: 'NBA Rush' for iOS - Boston Games | Examiner

188 days 1 hour ago - "'NBA Rush' is a fun and quirky endless runner. It's NBA theme will attract fans of the sport as it boasts some of the most popular players like Ra... | Review | iPhone


'Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014' review for PC via Steam - Boston Games |

398 days 21 hours ago - "As an avid player of 'Magic: The Gathering,' there is nothing like real life competition. Facing off against another person, calculating all the d... | Review | PC


Full details about 'Mad Max' from E3

415 days 9 hours ago - "From the official fact sheet, here is a break down of what we can expect from the game. After your Interceptor is stolen, you and a prodigy mechan... | News | PC


'Game Dev Tycoon' comes to Steam

421 days 6 hours ago - "'Game Dev Tycoon' is officially coming to Steam. In an e-mail sent out to everyone who purchased the game, the developers, Greenheart Games, gave... | News | PC


Breaking down the Xbox One and where it may go

433 days 13 hours ago - "On May 21st, Microsoft revealed their next generation gaming console. In many ways, though, it may be their last. Titled 'Xbox One,' there is no d... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Top 5 most anticipated games of Summer 2013

439 days 15 hours ago - "If you haven't noticed by now, it's been a rather slow few weeks as far as gaming goes. Currently, the biggest piece of news has been the announce... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


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