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Unity Games VP Oren Tversky Talks Unity’s Move to Publishing

602 days 9 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to Oren Tversky, Unity Games VP, about Unity's newly formed publishing arm and what it means for Unity developers. According to... | Interview | Industry


What the Titanfall 360 Delay Really Means

621 days 11 hours ago - Editor Breanna Goodman writes: "The important issue isn’t whether Titanfall 360 is being brought up to scratch or intentionally kept under wraps; i... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Spearhead Games Wants You to Help Make Their Next Title

625 days 4 hours ago - Spearhead Games, developer of Tiny Brains, is working on a new game called Project Cyber, and they're reaching out to the community to help develop... | Interview | PC


Zeno Clash Dev Talks Upcoming Action-Adventure Title Abyss Odyssey

627 days 21 hours ago - Andres Bordeu of ACE Team, the studio behind Zeno Clash, discusses their upcoming action/adventure roguelike title Abyss Odyssey with Gaming Trend.... | Interview | PC


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Treachery in Beatdown City is “Like Double Dragon Meets Fallout 3″

629 days 3 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to Shawn Alexander Allen of Nuchallenger about their upcoming beat 'em up title Treachery in Beatdown City. Allen describes the... | Interview | PC


Gaming Trend: Frozen Endzone is Football Meets Futuristic Turn-Based Fun

629 days 12 hours ago - Gaming Trend takes a brief look at Frozen Endzone, the spiritual successor to the tactical turn-based game Frozen Synapse, developed by Mode 7 Game... | Preview | PC


Tango Fiesta - 80's Action Movie Turned Top Down Shooter

629 days 19 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to Spilt Milk Studios' game designer Andrew Smith about his upcoming 80's inspired roguelike shooter Tango Fiesta. In the interv... | Interview | PC


Looking for a Lovecraftian Horror-Adventure? Enter The Last Door

633 days 9 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to The Game Kitchen's project manager Mauricio Garcia about their Lovecraft-inspired horror adventure game, The Last Door. In th... | Interview | PC


Infamous Quests’ Quest for ‘Quest for Infamy’

636 days 13 hours ago - Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander of Infamous Quests talks to Gaming Trend about their upcoming "retro role-playing adventure game with attitude" Ques... | Interview | PC


Call it a Comeback? Jane Jensen on the Return of Story-Driven Adventure

642 days 13 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to award-winning game designer Jane Jensen, best known for the Gabriel Knight series, about the so-called "return of adventure".... | Interview | PC


The Humble Mumble - Luke Hodorowicz talks Banished

783 days 15 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to Luke Hodorowicz about his upcoming city-building title Banished. Hodorowicz is the sole team member at Shining Rock Software,... | Interview | PC


This is going to be FlatOut good - Next Car Game Q&A

802 days 18 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to Bugbear producer Joonas Laakso about Bugbear's upcoming Next Car Game. Next Car Game represents a return to Bugbear's FlatOut... | Interview | PC


If you build it, they will come - Contraption Maker Q&A

803 days 1 hour ago - Gaming Trend talks to Jon and Jeff Tunnell of Spotkin about their upcoming title Contraption Maker. Contraption Maker is the spiritual successor to... | Interview | PC


The Humble Mumble - Blackpowder Games talks Betrayer

804 days 4 hours ago - Craig Hubbard, co-founder of Blackpowder Games and former lead designer at Monolith Productions, talks to Gaming Trend about the upcoming title Bet... | Interview | PC


Make all of the things - Inside the Contraption Maker Alpha [Gaming Trend]

805 days 5 hours ago - Gaming Trend provides a quick look at the Early Access version of Contraption Maker. Currently in alpha, Contraption Maker is a spiritual successor... | Preview | PC


The Humble Mumble – Screwfly Studios talks Zafehouse: Diaries

811 days 20 hours ago - Gaming Trend talks to Logan Booker and David Kidd from Screwfly Studios about their debut title Zafehouse: Diaries. Zafehouse: Diaries is an innova... | Interview | PC

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