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Counting the cost of the PS4 and Xbox One

888 days 7 hours ago - Megabits writes: "Xbox One is expensive... but the PS4 isn't dramatically cheaper. Factor in a few other issues too and it's perhaps not as clear... | Opinion piece | PS4


Stop bullying Kinect... it's not its fault it's different

888 days 8 hours ago - As the dust settles on E3, media outlets and gamers alike are seemingly aghast at the price announcement. Certainly it places the Xbox One in the r... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Xbox One is a Day One purchase... but the PS4 can wait

889 days 8 hours ago - Megabits writes: "The next few months will sure be interesting. Expect many more announcements, arguments and controversy. For me, it's the Xbone t... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Why interest in World of Warcraft and MMORPGs is waning

1189 days 12 hours ago - Megabits writes:"The gaming industry (and by that also Blizzard with their WoW addons) has two options: either develop a subscription-based game th... | Opinion piece | PC


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Can music make or break a game?

1190 days ago - Megabits writes:" The importance of music in a video game is often overlooked. We all have our favourite tracks from our favourite games, but how d... | Opinion piece | Culture


New Super Mario Bros 2 Reviewed (Megabits)

1190 days 10 hours ago - Megabits of Gaming writes: "New Super Mario Bros 2 is the latest title in what now appears to be it's own sub series within the Mario franchise and... | Review | 3DS


Riffing on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

1209 days 22 hours ago - Megabits writes: "I’m a big Metal Gear fan. Always have been – ever since I first stepped into Solid Snake’s sneaking boots on Shadow Moses. So whe... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Rockstar's completionist accolades are great for gaming - 5 of the best

1210 days 6 hours ago - Rockstar certainly has a penchant for making things tough for us gamers… just look at the achievements and trophies for their catalogue of titles!... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


What sequels do you most want to see?

1210 days 11 hours ago - Megabits writes: "Look at your pile of games... go on. I'll wager there are some there that you've absolutely loved, have played right to the very... | Opinion piece | PC


The Amazing Spider-Man Tipped

1228 days 18 hours ago - Megabits of Gaming writes: "Spidey’s latest romp through the streets of Manhattan managed to keep us glued to our screens throughout its short camp... | Article | Xbox 360


Best of the worst habits in gaming

1234 days 21 hours ago - Megabits of Gaming looks at five of its favourite gaming characters who have bad or slightly seedy habits | Opinion piece | PC


Skullgirls review (Megabits)

1234 days 21 hours ago - Megabits of Gaming writes: "To get the most out of your Skullgirls experience, you must be the kind of person that has the willpower to study frame... | Review | PC


Sonic 4: Episode 2 reviewed (Megabits)

1234 days 21 hours ago - Many of the problems people had with the pilot episode of the Sonic 4 Comedy of Errors are largely corrected... but is Episode 2 worth getting? | Review | Xbox 360


Achievements - hollow victories

1299 days 22 hours ago - There are loads of different types of achievements out there. Sleaze isn’t the only way to make an achievement tacky, there’s also tastelessness, c... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Ten Greatest Vehicles In Gaming (Megabits)

1322 days 21 hours ago - There are plenty of lists of the craziest vehicle in games, but we at Megabits thought it was time for a list of the most enjoyable: these aren’t... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The Scourge Of Odd Numbered Gamerscore

1325 days 17 hours ago - There's no doubting that Gamerscore has been a phenomenal success for this generation of consoles. Microsoft's scoring system has proven to be an a... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


The 5 Most Shameful Achievements

1329 days 19 hours ago - We love achievements and trophies here at Megabits, so much so that we devote every Tuesday to talking about them. Nevertheless, not every point of... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


FIFA Street Review (Megabits)

1329 days 22 hours ago - Football's a funny old game. And so is FIFA Street for that matter. There's no getting round the fact that EA's latest sports release is a top prod... | Review | Xbox 360


Asura's Wrath and the scourge of QTE

1330 days 2 hours ago - It’s perhaps safe to say that Asura’s Wrath is an acquired taste and won’t appeal to absolutely everyone. It’s garnered a mixture of reviews – with... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Street Fighter X Tekken Interview (Megabits)

1358 days 10 hours ago - Both Capcom’s Street Fighter and Namco-Bandai’s Tekken have had legions of fans, across the globe, for decades now. Followers of either one are as... | Interview | Xbox 360


See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post
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