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"All aboard the GTA V hype-train!"

GTA V is currently shipping in the US

898 days 3 hours ago - A member on Reddit has shared some interesting photo's showing GTA V DVD displays. "We were told we were shipping high dollar DVD shippers today, 7... | News | Xbox 360

380° Uncharted 2: Among Thieves review

2327 days 20 hours ago - Naughty Dog have created an amazing movie adventure on the PS3 with unparalleled graphics, fantastic dialogue and amazing platforming elements. The... | Review | 1


Uncharted 2 Gamereactor review

2335 days 18 hours ago - Gamereactor has reviewed Uncharted 2: Among Thieves: "Conclusion: The people that frequently talk about how "the gaming industry has a lo... | Review | 1


First Uncharted 2 scan found

2620 days 18 hours ago - The first scan of Uncharted 2 has been found by a user on the Gamertrailers forum. It's a page from the cover story from the latest Game Informer. | Image | 1


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X-Play preview: Infamous

2679 days 23 hours ago - X-Play previews the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive Infamous. | Preview | 1


Mark Rein confirms mods will be coming to Unreal Tournament 3 on 360

2856 days 3 hours ago - Talking to OXM at the Midway Gamers Day in Las Vegas, Epic president Mark Rein confirmed that the best mods will be available to players of the Xbo... | News | 2


Activision confirms Underground closure

2856 days 3 hours ago - Activision has confirmed rumours that it will be closing Underground Development, its Foster City studio. The studio formerly known as Z-Axis... | News | 13


New video walkthrough of This is Vegas

2856 days 14 hours ago - The new upcoming free-roaming game, This is Vegas, is shaping up quite well. The developer has made a new video walkthrough of the game, which show... | Video | 1, 2, 12


Petition against EA's Team Fortress 2 online

2856 days 14 hours ago - Team Fortress 2, which was included in the Orange Box, was released last year. It already had its fair share of problems on the day of release, how... | News | 11


Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK

2856 days 17 hours ago - Microsoft this week claimed to have more doubled the Xbox 360's European sales thanks to its recent price cut, but that still hasn't been sufficien... | News | 1,2,13


Dragon Quest IV on Nintendo DS confirmed for US?

2858 days ago - "Square Enix has previously revealed that it would be bringing Dragon Quest IV, V and VI to the Nintendo DS, and considering the success of Dr... | Rumor | 5


Three Speech: Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror Hands On Preview

2858 days 2 hours ago - "It's almost two years since Incognito Entertainment's Dylan Jobe revealed the PlayStation 3 version of Warhawk to the world as a demonstratio... | Preview | 1


Alone in the dark demo only on Xbox 360?

2858 days 2 hours ago - CVG writes: We find it incredibly hard to believe Atari will ONLY release an Alone in the Dark demo for Xbox 360 but that, officially, is all... | Rumor | 1,2


New Assassin's Creed video presentation

3022 days 17 hours ago - Dutch website XGN was invited for an exclusive preview of the upcoming Ubisoft title Assassin's Creed. The video shows a lot of new gameplay elemen... | Video | 1,2,12


New Lair TV Ad

3063 days 18 hours ago - A new TV ad of the exclusive Playstation 3 game Lair has emerged on Gametrailers. Hit the link to view it in all it's HD glory. | Videocast | 1,4

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