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"Hi, I'm Andre and I'm a Black Nerd. BlackNerdComedy on YouTube to be exact."

"Black Nerd" Reacts to PlayStation 4

959 days 13 hours ago - The Sony PlayStation 4 has officially been announced and everyone has an instant opinion of it, including Andre of Black Nerd Comedy. Other than cl... | Video | PS2


"Reggie Fils-Aime" Raps in Wii U Music Video

1040 days 20 hours ago - One can only hope the real Reggie Fils-Aime performs this rap at E3 2013. "Black Nerd" Andre Meadows raps as Nintendo's own Reggie Fils-Aime in... | Video | Wii


"Black Nerd" Attacks Wii U Haters

1051 days ago - A Black Nerd puts Wii U haters and hardcore gamers in their place. Andre Meadows of Black Nerd Comedy may be a Nintendo Ambassador and fanboy, b... | Opinion piece | Wii


Black Nerd's Nintendo Power Tribute

1137 days 23 hours ago - Andre of Black Nerd Comedy pays respect to Nintendo Power magazine, the official Nintendo magazine, which ends publication on December 2012. He tal... | Video | GameCube


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Age of Ultron is coming to Blu-ray. And we have something special in store for it's arrival. Come find out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Top 5 Wii U Games - E3 2012

1215 days 20 hours ago - After attending the E3 2012 Nintendo Press Conference and Nintendo VIP booth, Andre of Black Nerd Comedy picks his top 5 Wii U games and moments. | Video | Wii U

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