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How playing a computer game helped me get through the trauma of 9/11

2266 days 21 hours ago - Videogames may be habit-forming – even addictive – but playing them can be a healthy response to traumatic events in real life. Why do people... | Article | 11


Unboxed: Sony Play TV

2350 days 11 hours ago - After a year long wait since it was first announced, Sony's Play TV finally arrived on the desk of Stuff Magazine UK today. While they were tempted... | Preview | 1


Charlie Brooker on reviewing videogames and GTA 4

2450 days 11 hours ago - Writing in the Guardian newspaper; Charlie Brooker shares his experiences of being a former game reviewer and gives his response to critics of GTA4. | Article | 1,2,11,13


Woolworths dumps HD-DVD

2555 days 12 hours ago - Woolworths has announced that it is to drop HD-DVD from its product mix in March – leaving Blu-Ray as the sole 'next-gen' DVD format in its stores.... | News | 14


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Used Games are Damaging

2569 days 11 hours ago - In the first of a weekly opinion column Next-Gen.Biz editor-in-chief Colin Campbell takes a look at the trade that's costing this business over $1... | Article | 11, 13


Playing games with freedom

2664 days 7 hours ago - The British Board of Film Classification has upheld a ban on Manhunt 2, but its reasons for doing so don't exactly make the regulator look good. | Article | 3,9,11,13


In defence of computer games

2679 days 7 hours ago - Halo 3's launch marks a milestone on the journey of video games from niche hobby to cultural phenomenon. Yet those who don't play can be dismissive... | Article | 11


Zune to miss '07 launch window

2793 days 10 hours ago - Microsoft's Steve Ballmer has said that the iPod rivalling Zune device which was released in the United States in September 2006 will not be releas... | News | 14


Birmingham gets gaming centre

2814 days 8 hours ago - Birmingham, Britain's second city is to be host to a brand new gaming centre which will be one of the largest in the world. The centre, which... | News | 11,12


Xbox 360 Elite unboxing

2832 days 4 hours ago - Engadget have received their new Xbox 360 elite console and have indulged in everyone's favourite practice, taking and posting pictures of the unbo... | Image | 2


Jack Thompson to sue Kotaku parent company

2833 days 1 hour ago - Controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson has named Gawker Media, parent company of the popular game blog Kotaku, in a lawsuit before a federal co... | News | 13


An Inconvenient Truth (an xbox live warning)

2838 days 12 hours ago - An editorial by Cesar at TeamXbox. "Xbox Live Gold is overpriced. I said it. Back in the Xbox days, online multiplayer on a con... | Article | 2


Umbrella Chronicles gameplay video

2843 days 8 hours ago - Those clever people over at Gamevideos have got the first video of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles in action. Taking the gameplay back to the ma... | Video | 3


Does photo-realism really matter?

2894 days 12 hours ago - Sure, graphics matter to an extent, but at what cost? Introversion's (Darwinia, Defcon) Mark Morris argues that developers' pursuit of photo-realis... | Interview | 1, 2, 3, 11, 13


ASDA set to sell PS2s for £50

2896 days 7 hours ago - UK Supermarket ASDA (owned by US chain Walmart) will be selling Playstation2 consoles tomorrow (Thursday 22 Feb) for only £50 which is half th... | News | 9


British DTI tells Keith Vaz that game ratings are fine!

2921 days 8 hours ago - Gaming trade magazine MCV has obained details of a meeting between outspoken game critic Keith Vaz and Margaret Hodge, the minister for UK industry... | News | 11, 13


ASUS reveals worlds first external graphics card.

2939 days 11 hours ago - ASUS has now launched the XG Station as the industry's first public demonstration of the world's first external graphics card station for notebook... | News | 12


Germans show Jack Thompson "the way"

2972 days 7 hours ago - Two German states have drafted a bill which would ban all video games which allow a player to inflict "cruel violence on humans or human-looki... | News | 11, 13


British politicians support games!

3039 days 22 hours ago - In a rare break with the media and political norms of painting video games as being evil and destrying children, British politician Shaun Woodward... | News | 11,13

Star Wars Battlefront 3 to be made by Free Radical

3041 days 7 hours ago - CVG has gained an exclusive story that Lucas Arts have hired Timesplitters and Goldeneye developer Free Radical to develop the next in the incredib... | News | 11


WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

Now - Ryan steps back into the ring for the first next-gen WWE game. | Promoted post
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