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BGB Investigates: Dusty Revenge

866 days 14 hours ago - Today on BGB Investigates, we take an extended look at PD Design's new 2D Sidecrolling Action Game "Dusty Revenge." | Video | PC


BGB Investigates: Ring Runner

870 days 12 hours ago - This week’s BGB Investigates is straight from our TheBGB Show stream last night. The fine people at Triple-B-Studios have released Ring Runner, an... | Video | PC


Remember Me – TheBGB Audio Review

895 days 7 hours ago - Christian has been Memory Hunting for the last few weeks in Remember Me and forumulating his thoughts on the game. Luckily no one tried to remix hi... | Review | PC


LIMBO’s release on the PSVITA means you can play the game in some dark woods now, and you should.

907 days 17 hours ago - With LIMBO being released on the PSVITA today, you can take the extremely atmospheric game on the go. Playing it somewhere weird or even haunting c... | Article | PS Vita


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

TheBGB Investigates: Ballpoint Universe

915 days 7 hours ago - Ballpoint Universe is another game in the growing line of “KIckstarted” projects. This Platformer/Side Scrolling Shmup comes at us from Arachnid Ga... | Videocast | PC


Audio Revew – Monaco (TheBGB)

919 days 6 hours ago - Sneaking around and stealing everyone’s stuff is fun. Getting caught and running for your life might be even funner. By the way, is “funner” even a... | Review | PC


The Lighter Side of Gaming: Penning The Parable (TheBGB Review)

919 days 7 hours ago - One of the many important factors of video game development is the story. Without a story, the game has no goal; no objectives for the players to c... | Review | PC


Audio Review – Metro: Last Light (TheBGB)

923 days 9 hours ago - The Russian Metro system is a lot more comprehensive than we thought. It has a lot more strippers than we thought, too. | Review | PC


Audio Review – Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (Better Gaming Bureau)

929 days 8 hours ago - You know how we said we’d review this game last? We lied. Anthony and Chris sit down to talk about Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon | Review | PC


DGR Helps You Find Things in Defiance That Defiance Won’t Help You Find

948 days 17 hours ago - One of the neat little things about Defiance are the Contracts and Data Recorder sprinkled around the world, ready to feed your EGO. The problem is... | Article | PC


BattleBlock Theater – TheBGB Audio Review

951 days 1 hour ago - Chris and Anthony’s BattleBlock Theater experience with each other is full of lies, deceit, and brutal murder. But even though they can’t trust eac... | Review | Xbox 360


BGB Live Retrospectives Series Starts Tonight at 11pm EST with Grand Theft Auto

956 days ago - Two of our favorite game series, Grand Theft Auto and Metal Gear, are getting new installments later this year and early next year, and we can’t wa... | Article | Retro


Guacamelee! – TheBGB Audio Review

958 days 6 hours ago - Chris and Anthony Pildrove their way through DrinkBox Studios’ Guacamelee! and have come back into the Living Realm to review it. Is it a standard... | Review | PS3


BGB Investigates: Guacamelee! (PS3, PSV)

962 days 7 hours ago - Anthony and Chris sit down and take an extended look at DrinkBox Stuidos’ Luche Libra infused Metroidvania adventure. And yes, there’s a lot of tas... | Video | PS3


Video Game Confidential #67: The Phantom Podcast

974 days 15 hours ago - The announcement of Metal Gear Solid V and how it would relate to Ground Zeroes had us so confused that we didn’t even remember recording this podc... | Podcast | PC


Gears of War Judgment: TheBGB Audio Review (Better Gaming Bureau)

979 days 8 hours ago - Anthony put People Can Fly’s take on the Gears of War franchise on trial, and Christian is here to interrogate him about it in our audio review of... | Review | Xbox 360


Video Game Confidential Special: When BGB Met Bloody Thumbs

982 days 2 hours ago - It has finally happened. We used the promise and candy and loose women to lure the Bloody Thumbs guys on to Video Game Confidential, and they fell... | Podcast | PC


Tomb Raider (2013) – TheBGB Audio Review (Better Gaming Bureau)

982 days 16 hours ago - Lara Croft is back with a new look and new attitude. But does this reboot mark a triumphant return for our favorite lady action star? Chris and Bar... | Review | PC


Star Wars Pinball (Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita, iOS) – TheBGB Audio Review [Better Gaming Bureau]

987 days 10 hours ago - Any sort of description I put here will just end in a stream of bad Star Wars puns, so just listen to the review before one slips out. And may the... | Review | Xbox 360


Video Game Confidential #66: The Piston Costs How Much!?

990 days 2 hours ago - This week, we scoff at the $1000 price tag of the unofficial “Steambox” console known as the Piston, laugh at some ridiculous statements made by so... | Podcast | PC


Forza Motorsport 6 (XB1) Review

Now - Ken checks out the latest numbered Forza title. | Promoted post
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