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Shock Gets Our Hands on "Rise of Nightmares"

1298 days 1 hour ago - For a long time, hacking your way through the undead with whatever weapon that's handy has been a mainstay in video games, whether it's the "Reside... | Preview | Xbox 360


Dance Central had 'own hardware solution' before Kinect

1298 days 1 hour ago - Dance Central was, and remains, one of the best implementations of Kinect technology on Xbox 360. Harmonix's dance recognition technology was an im... | News | Xbox 360


MotionSports Adrenaline trailer and screens tell you to go jump off a cliff

1298 days 15 hours ago - Don't you think your day-to-day life could be a little bit more extreme? Wouldn't your lazy Sunday morning be more interesting if your pajamas were... | Trailer | Xbox 360


'Dark Souls' - 9 New Screens (worthplaying)

1299 days 1 hour ago - Dark Souls breaks down barriers with a seamless world design that encourages exploration and fosters an adaptable gameplay experience. As players e... | Screenshot | Xbox 360


Front-end Developers Wanted

Now - Want to help us build the new N4G platform? | Promoted post

Fruit Ninja Kinect (kotaku Community Review)

1299 days 2 hours ago - Mark Serrels writes: "It’s difficult to think of any real flaws with the game. The User Interface, particularly when trying to fiddle with options,... | Review | Xbox 360


Fruit Ninja Frenzy arriving on Facebook (ubergizmo)

1299 days 4 hours ago - Halfbrick’s addictive fruit slicing game made its premiere on the Xbox 360 with the Kinect earlier this week, and it doesn’t look like it’s going t... | News | PC


Insert Credit: "Fruit Ninja Kinect"

1302 days 21 hours ago - The One Game You Need to Get This Week supersizes the citrus-slicing mayhem of the mobile hit. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Critical Reception: Halfbrick's Fruit Ninja

1303 days 8 hours ago - This week's edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to the iOS-ported fruit-murder sim Fruit Ninja Kinect, which reviewers describe... | News | Xbox 360


Joystiq: Fruit Ninja Kinect review: The joy of chopping

1305 days 2 hours ago - Perhaps it was unfair to call Fruit Ninja Kinect dumb. Its premise is as barbaric and unsophisticated as premises come, and yet its so chock-full o... | Review | Xbox 360


Americas Weekly Chart < Week Ending 30th Jul 2011 >

1307 days 8 hours ago - The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales | Rumor | Nintendo DS


Motion Control: The child of Eden

1310 days 19 hours ago - destructoid writes: The reason why the motion controls were so great was because it did what so few games could do: Make you feel like you were the... | Article | Xbox 360


'Victorious: Time to Shine' (New Kinect Game)

1310 days 22 hours ago - In Victorious: Time to Shine for the Kinect, players create a Hollywood Arts show where they act, direct, play an air instrument, sing, dance and s... | Preview | Xbox 360


SEGA Offers Nightmares Incentive

1311 days 14 hours ago - SEGA announced details of the exclusive U.S. GameStop pre-order incentive for Rise of Nightmares, the upcoming horror experience exclusively for Ki... | News | Xbox 360


Selling Children to Buy Video Games is in This Season

1312 days 20 hours ago - Children sold in China for parents to play Online games. | News | Culture


Virtual Air Guitar Company "Kung-Fu: High Impact" Interview - JTMGames

1313 days 3 hours ago - The company’s first game, Kung Fu Live was designed from the ground up for the Playstation Eye. So of course, switching from Playstation Eye to the... | Interview | Xbox 360


Rise of nightmares Horror experience on X360 Kinect - X360

1314 days 3 hours ago - Rise of Nightmares heightens the horror experience like never before, forcing you to use your whole body against your enemies. Using cutting-edge... | Video | Xbox 360


The Gunstringer is Almost the Most Fun I’ve Had with the Kinect, Fruit Ninja Kinect The Most

1314 days 16 hours ago - While Tube Man wasn't present at Microsoft's event earlier this week, Fruit Ninja Kinect was. Yes, it's a Kinect version of an iPhone and Android g... | Preview | Xbox 360


Americas Weekly Chart < Week Ending 23rd Jul 2011 >

1314 days 23 hours ago - The week's top-selling games at retail ranked by unit sales | Rumor | Nintendo DS


Kinect's controller-free gaming is helping children with disabilities play video games .

1324 days 1 hour ago - As Sarah watched her brother, she wanted to join in, too. So Rosen pushed her wheelchair in front of the TV. "All of a sudden Kinect picked her up,... | Article | Xbox 360


Monday, July 18, 2011 Craig Mundie from Microsoft Talks About Avatar Kinect and Use in Healthcare

1324 days 22 hours ago - This is kind of a cute interview, as part of the interview is actually done with Kinect Avatars. Craig Mundie says Kinect is a good match to help... | Interview | PC


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Review

Now - Drew checks out his favorite hunting simulator. | Promoted post
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