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Xbox One changes how you play Madden NFL 25 - IGN

660 days 2 hours ago - If you're picking up Madden on Xbox One, Coach Glass might change how you play defense forever. | Preview | Xbox One


'Thief' — Hands-On: Stealth Action Meets Class Warfare - Tomsguide

660 days 3 hours ago - In order to complete the jobs, Garrett needs equipment, and this is one area in which "Thief" excels. Players can purchase arrows — both of the dea... | Preview | PC


Microsoft Xbox One: First impressions preview - itproportal

660 days 12 hours ago - James Laird writes: "Let's start with a very necessary editorial disclaimer: My name is James, and I'm a PlayStation fanboy. I have owned every ite... | Preview | Xbox One


GAME to host Xbox One hands-on events throughout October, November

661 days 8 hours ago - GAME will host a number of Xbox One hands-on events throughout October and November, it has been announced. The first of GAME's 65 planned lock-... | News | Xbox One


Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

vroom-vroom hands-on with forza 5 / Digitally Downloaded

661 days 8 hours ago - Forza 5 feels like a next generation game. It has created a new standard. It will be a difficult one to match - and it makes Sony's Drive Club look... | Preview | Xbox One


Ryse: Son of Rome - Damocles Trailer

661 days 9 hours ago - Take a look at the legend of Damocles, a Roman centurion who was betrayed and murdered at the hands of corrupt Roman generals, and then returns fro... | Trailer | Xbox One


Silencing the Barbarians - Ryse: Son of Rome Demo

666 days 6 hours ago - Waterfalls, next-gen foliage, and killing a bunch of Barbarians were on the cards during this Ryse: Son of Rome stage demo at EB Expo 2013! | Video | Xbox One


‘Ryse: Son of Rome’ and Providing an Authentic Co-op Gladiator Experience - videogamewriters

668 days 1 hour ago - Brian Shea wrote: The final piece to the authenticity puzzle is the way the playable characters handle. Olsen claims that a lot of care was put int... | Preview | Xbox One


Eurogamer Expo 2013: Forza 5 Hands On -analogaddiction

668 days 23 hours ago - Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, Forza is a beautiful game in every aspect, from the cars to the track. Driving around the Laguna Seca c... | Preview | Xbox One


Ryse: Son of Rome Multiplayer Hands On - NZGamer

669 days 2 hours ago - Ben Wilson writes: Which technique you have access to depends on which God you choose to ally with before you begin. I chose Mars ('cause he's the... | Preview | Xbox One


'Assassin's Creed 4' will utilise Kinect for Xbox One

669 days 8 hours ago - Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will take advantage of Kinect for Xbox One, it has been revealed. Speaking to Digital Spy, game director Ashraf I... | News | Xbox One


EuroGamer: A Lot to Look Forward to

670 days 12 hours ago - Alecs Pilik writes: What can we say about the next-generation of games consoles? Before playing either, our opinions have been divided. Some think... | Opinion piece | PC


Microsoft Confirms Its Xbox One Digital Nationz Lineup

674 days 9 hours ago - Microsoft has now revealed the list of Xbox One games New Zealanders can play this weekend at the Digital Nationz event. There will be 32 playa... | News | Xbox One


Tokyo Game Show 2013 Day One Impressions - zoknowsgaming

678 days 23 hours ago - Mark Coupe writes: The final Xbox One game I really wanted to try out was Ryse: Son of Rome, as I had seen some mixed opinions on it. I played a de... | Preview | PC


Xbox One interface a clean slate inspired by Windows 8

680 days 5 hours ago - The Xbox One UI also supports Kinect-based hand gestures, of course, which seem much more streamlined and integrated than on the Xbox 360. You wave... | Article | Xbox One


TGS 2013: 12 Minutes of Killzone: Shadow Fall Gameplay

680 days 10 hours ago - IGN Japan has a 12 minute hands on with Killzone: Shadow Falls. | Video | PS4


Ryse: Son of Rome. TGS: Showfloor gameplay

680 days 23 hours ago - Off screen footage from TGS 2013 | Video | Xbox One


The Fighter Within. Xbox One's Kinect Fighting Game Revealed

709 days 13 hours ago - Can a motion-driven fighting game actually work? Ubisoft is hoping it can with their Xbox One exclusive THE FIGHTER WITHIN. Adam Sessler got a chan... | Video | Xbox One


Fighter Within attempts to correct the mistakes of past motion fighters (preview) - Venturebeat

709 days 18 hours ago - Fighter Within was easy to grasp once I jumped in. At first, the responsiveness was great: Whenever I threw a punch to the face, my character would... | Preview | Xbox One


Kinect Sports Rivals and Fighter Within hands-on previews – it actually works -by Metro

709 days 20 hours ago - GameCentral tests out the next gen version of the Kinect motion sensor and finds that the first wave of games are far better than you’d think. | Preview | Xbox One


Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post
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