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Xbox One – Staff impressions /Gaming Age

717 days ago - As we did previously with our trademark less-than-timely PlayStation 4 impressions, the Gaming Age staff has finally found a few minutes to toss to... | Review | Xbox One


Xbox One does it all

718 days 3 hours ago - The latest game console from Microsoft takes a big leap toward being the main entertainment hub in your living room. It gives you a program guide f... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


The Xbox One is the ultimate culmination of Microsoft’s vision

718 days 13 hours ago - Now that the Xbox One has finally hit the market, one of Microsoft’s visions has almost come true. For years, the company has been trumpeting its l... | Article | Xbox One


CeX saves Christmas for Nottingham teenager hit by Xbox eBay scam

718 days 13 hours ago - The United Kingdom teenager burned by an Xbox One eBay scam received a free console from retailer CeX on Saturday, The Nottingham Post reports today | News | Xbox One


HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Kinect Sports Rivals: Hands-On Demo |kidzworld

726 days 5 hours ago - To tide us over until the games new eventual release date, which is Spring 2014, Microsoft Game Studios and Rare have released a meaty demo for gam... | Preview | Xbox One


Porn finds its way to the next-gen consoles, because of course

730 days 16 hours ago - Well that didn’t take long. The Xbox One has been on the market for less than a week, and the adult entertainment company SugarDVD already found a... | News | PS4


Sony's PlayStation 4 reviewed |

731 days 19 hours ago - THERE'S a reason Sony's latest creation bears a "4 the players" slogan. The PlayStation 4 doesn't focus on television or movie-streaming, th... | Review | PS4


Amazon takes LOVEFiLM to Xbox One

732 days 7 hours ago - Amazon has announced that its LOVEFiLM Instant app is now available for free download on the Xbox One Marketplace. New owners of Microsoft’s n... | News | Xbox One


Xbox One Kinect Voice Commands Do Work in Unsupported Regions

732 days 19 hours ago - We knew that the Kinect voice command functionality of Xbox One was going to be region locked. We received Xbox One yesterday and in context of Kin... | News | Xbox One


Xbox One Smartphone Concept Emerges Online, Looks Amazing

733 days 2 hours ago - The concept smartphone also features an octa-core Snapdragon processor inside, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal memory. Furthermore, it sports a m... | Rumor | Xbox One


One Of The Hottest Components Of The Xbox One Will Surprise You

733 days 4 hours ago - So, the PS4 had its day under the gaze of a thermal camera. Now it’s time for Microsoft’s latest to share a similar fate. This time round though th... | Article | Xbox One


Xbox One’s Xbox Fitness is Kinda Hidden, Kinda Awesome

733 days 8 hours ago - Xbox Fitness is free to Gold members on Xbox One, and it’s been a pretty great surprise. After I fired up my Xbox One, the first thing I did was s... | Article | Xbox One


We Played Every Xbox One Game: Here's What You Need To Own Now

734 days 4 hours ago - The Xbox One launches today, and while the mighty console has many applications beyond gaming, you're gonna want some new games. MTV News spent the... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Xbox One Kinect Voice Demonstration /CVG

735 days 2 hours ago - Here's a demonstration of the brand new Kinect voice commands on Xbox One. | Video | Xbox One


Xbox One Kinect Sports Rivals preview |Telegraph

736 days ago - Xbox One’s compulsory Kinect peripheral may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Andy Robertson thinks it’s one of the best decisions Microsoft has ma... | Preview | Xbox One


Ryse: Son of Rome trailers take a tour of the empire

737 days 10 hours ago - The Roman empire spanned a vast amount of land in its heyday. The empire stretched from Rome, Italy to York, England, over to the ... haunted swamp... | Video | Xbox One


New Xbox One Video Shows Fan Reactions to Titanfall, Dead Rising 3, More

737 days 20 hours ago - Microsoft has just posted a brand new video to promote the Xbox One next-gen console, this time showing reactions from fans who got to try out the... | Video | Xbox One


Xbox Live Exec Talks Xbox One -- It's More Than A Game Console | Forbes

738 days 3 hours ago - Hyrd said that it’s tremendously important to developers that Kinect is now bundled. “Instead of thinking ‘well gee maybe only 10% of the audience... | Article | Xbox One


Watch the Xbox One Launch Festivities Live

738 days 9 hours ago - Xbox Wire Staff writes: As we announced last week, we’re celebrating this Friday’s launch of the Xbox One by throwing massive events for fans in d... | News | Xbox One


Game Titles and Media Achievements Announced for the Machinima App on Xbox One

738 days 16 hours ago - Major Nelson writes: Last month we shared the announcement of Machinima’s Xbox One experience — featuring Machinima Wingman, an exclusive Snap mode... | News | Xbox One


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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