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NVIDIA Releases 352.84 Drivers - First WHQL Win10 Driver Set

194 days 17 hours ago - Up to recently, all Windows 10 video drivers have been distributed through Windows Update. With the OS still under active development and this spec... | News | PC


Why Microsoft Corporation DirectX 12 Might Even The Console War Against Sony Corp (ADR)

198 days ago - Sony Corp. (NYSE:SNE) might have admitted defeat on the smartphone front, with the company recently announcing plans to wind down operations in ord... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Two New Videos For SMITE

205 days 1 hour ago - Hi-Rez Studios has released a couple of videos about their MOBA, SMITE, concerning the Xbox One version of the game. The first video talks about th... | Video | Xbox One


Wasteland 2 Interview: Unity 5 and Developing for PS4/Xbox One

206 days 19 hours ago - It’s been a long journey for inXile Entertainment since it put Wasteland 2 up for crowd-funding all those years ago. No one really expected the e... | Interview | PC


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DirectX 12 Multiadapter will allow PCs to use multiple graphics cards

207 days 5 hours ago - Rumours that DirectX 12 will allow PC owners to tap into multiple GPUs simultaneously have been confirmed. Rumours of such a possibility emerged... | News | PC


Microsoft Windows 10 OS with DirectX 12 API Launching in July 2015 – Reveals AMD in Earnings Call

223 days 23 hours ago - Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 operating system has the eyes of pretty much the entire PC world on it. From tech geeks who are awaiting the shinie... | News | PC


The same V8 with half the weight: One dev's experience with DX12

227 days 9 hours ago - First announced back in 2014, Microsoft plans to officially launch DirectX 12 later this year alongside Windows 10. The company's stated goals f... | Article | PC


Neverwinter (Xbox One) – First look : Guardians of geek

232 days 17 hours ago - Shauna writes:Dungeons and Dragons’ MMORPG has landed on Xbox one to some mixed reviews. I decided to voyage into the vast world of Neverwinter as... | Review | Xbox One


EA Dev Raises Eyebrows with DX12 Statement

234 days 5 hours ago - Johan Andersson, Technical Director on Frostbite, tweeted how he would like to require that Win10 and DX12 become the minimum specs for their games... | News | PC


Neverwinter xbox one review - IGN

235 days 2 hours ago - Console MMORPGs are apparently tricky affairs: regardless of how much effort developers put into them, something always seems too off — too complic... | Review | Xbox One


'Neverwinter' paves way for MMO Xbox games

235 days 17 hours ago - Tim Webb writes: The game’s jump to console is a welcome change. Developers Cryptic Studios did an awesome job converting the controls over. I even... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Neverwinter Xbox One [Review] -shogungamer

235 days 19 hours ago - The popular free to play MMO on PC for the past two years finally lands on Xbox One and is much better than expected. Yes it has flaws and is essen... | Review | Xbox One


‘Neverwinter’ Xbox One Review - Gamerant

236 days 5 hours ago - With the upgraded hardware in the Xbox One and PS4, it seems many developers are looking for ways to bring their successful PC games to the current... | Review | Xbox One


Async Shaders Will Allow GPUs to Live Up to Their Full Potential, Says AMD

242 days 15 hours ago - Graphics cards are currently “not living up to their full potential,” says AMD, and the company is adamant that the forthcoming DX12 and Vulkan API... | News | PC


Exploring DirectX 12: 3DMark API Overhead Feature Test

245 days 10 hours ago - Before jumping into our (Anandtech) results, let’s quickly talk about testing. For our test we are using the latest version of the Windows 10 te... | Article | PC


AMD enables incredible DirectX® 12 performance in new 3DMark® API Overhead Feature Test

247 days 17 hours ago - Low-overhead graphics APIs like Vulkan (née Mantle) and DirectX 12 are probably the biggest news in game programming in some time, and 3DMark produ... | News | PC


AMD R9 290X As Fast As Titan X in DX12 Enabled 3DMark – 33% Faster Than GTX 980

248 days ago - DX12 support has just been added to 3DMark showing unbelievable resul... | News | PC


NVIDIA and AMD Ready For Next Generation DirectX 12 API – Showcase New Features and Benefits

252 days 5 hours ago - Microsoft is yet to launch their next generation DirectX 12 API and the only applications to use it currently are demos of AAA titles which are cur... | Article | PC


Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 review - XBLAfans

252 days 18 hours ago - Who knew fruit could be so fun? Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is the follow-up to the popular Fruit Ninja Kinect on Xbox 360. As an avid Xbox 360 Kinect use... | Review | Xbox One


Staff Review of Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 -xboxaddict

253 days 1 hour ago - It’s that time again to slice and dice some flying fruit by flailing your arms about and getting some use out of your Kinect. You may recognize the... | Review | Xbox One


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