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New Shooter from Counter-Strike Creator

791 days 6 hours ago - Minh Le, one of the creators of the legendary shooter Counter-Strike, has just announced a new, free-to-play shooter for this year. | News | PC


IGN: PlayStation Vita (3G/Wi-Fi) Review

794 days 17 hours ago - Console-quality gaming arrives on a portable, but at a cost. | Review | PS Vita


IGN: Wipeout 2048 Review

794 days 17 hours ago - In many ways, however, this is the Wipeout we know and love. It's all about fast racing, using air brakes to wrangle tight corners without losing s... | Review | PS Vita


Nvidia’s 600 Series Leaks Onto Web

799 days 9 hours ago - Judging by these alleged prices and specs, Nvidia is looking to put the hurt on AMD in a serious way. As you can see, these cards are not going to... | News | PC


Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Twisted Metal: Hello, Mr. Grimm

854 days 12 hours ago - If the battle against the Brothers Grimm is any indication of the quality of the Twisted Metal boss fights, color me intrigued. And for those of yo... | Preview | PS3


IGN: Tokyo Countdown: The Japanese Game Challenge

958 days 15 hours ago - Before IGN sends its editors across the ocean to cover this massive gaming event, we want to challenge you. | Article | Industry


IGN: Dynasty Warriors 7 Review

1114 days 7 hours ago - Predictably, Dynasty Warriors 7 relies on the tired conventions that have made the series infamous in the gaming realm. And while there's no doubt... | Review | Xbox 360


IGN: Mass Effect 2: Arrival Review

1115 days 11 hours ago - In a nutshell, Arrival begins as a rescue mission that you perform as a favor for your old friend Admiral Hackett. The woman you need to find, Dr.... | Review | PC


Nintendo Reports 46% Profit Fall

1175 days 17 hours ago - Q3 profits take a hit as company makes way for 3DS... | News | Nintendo DS


OnLive planning movie rentals in 2011

1226 days 19 hours ago - The Wall Street Journal reports game-streaming service will also launch video offerings next year via subscription, "other" price models. | News | Tech


IGN: Epic Mickey Review

1240 days 4 hours ago - Mickey Mouse just isn't the icon he used to be. Though once the star of countless animated films and shorts (and even several great video games) Mi... | Review | Wii


PlayStation Moves into creepy ad business

1253 days 5 hours ago - We all know Sony likes to be a bit off the wall with its commercials, so this dystopian vision of a grown-up baby's trudge through corporate monoto... | News | PS3


Shippin' Out November 7-13: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Wii Remote Plus

1256 days 15 hours ago - New release slate championed by Treyarch's hotly hyped Cold War-era shooter; Nintendo's new controller, Mario Anniversary bundles, PlayStation Move... | News | Nintendo DS


Epic Mickey: Five Things We're Worried About

1368 days ago - Epic Mickey was definitely one of the most talked about games of E3 2010, and for many Wii gamers has now cemented its place as one of the most ant... | Opinion piece | Wii


Super Mario Galaxy 2 Tops One Million

1372 days 1 hour ago - A second strong month of sales has pushed Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Nintendo Wii past the coveted one million mark in the U.S. U.S. console sa... | News | Wii


Call of Duty Vs. Halo

1380 days 7 hours ago - Will Call of Duty and Halo fans ever settle their differences? | Article | PC


GameSpot: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock confirmed, detailed

1418 days 7 hours ago - Neversoft's battle-worn rhythm franchise to heavily emphasize axe-shredding gameplay, Gene Simmons narrating story mode. | News | Wii


IGN: Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One - The Taxidermist Review

1490 days 11 hours ago - I won't lie: I was prepared to hate Heavy Rain Chronicles: Episode One - The Taxidermist. As a fan of the original game, descriptions of this piece... | Review | 1


IGN Preview: SOCOM 4 Revealed

1505 days 14 hours ago - In the beginning, videogames offered only one story. Survive and kill. It's the story of war, and we're endlessly fascinated by it. It's on our tel... | News | 1


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Update

1515 days 19 hours ago - "We play through an extended chunk of DICE's upcoming shooter to see if it's still got the great character which made the first... | Article | 1,2,12


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