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10 of the Best Game Franchise Mascots

881 days 7 hours ago - When you hear a game franchise title more often than not a single character will pop into your head. Companies take note of this and create mascots... | Opinion piece | Culture


Dead Space 3 - What To Expect

887 days 7 hours ago - With the drop of Dead Space 3 drawing ever closer, Ben from BagoGames have gathered much of what we can expect in the third installment of Visceral... | Opinion piece | PC


Crysis 3 Beta Delayed for EU PS3 Gamers

889 days ago - PS3 gamers get another delay notice, this time from Crytek as their much anticipated multiplayer beta for Crysis 3 has hit a few issues for EU PS3... | News | PS3


Memoirs of the Playstation 2 - The End of an Era - BagoGames

893 days 15 hours ago - With the Playstation 2 finally out of production the features department of BagoGames come together with some of their fondest memories with the co... | Article | PS2


At a Glance: Psyonix

Now - Psyonix is an independent developer that has also worked closely with some of the biggest publishers and developers on a wide array of titles. Toda... | Promoted post

3 Awesome Games Free on PSN

893 days 23 hours ago - Everyone likes free stuff right? Well Ben from BagoGames has noted 3 must-downloads from the PSN store that cost diddly squat. Sweet. | Opinion piece | PS3


Leviathyn-Jurassic Park Builder: IOS Review

958 days 15 hours ago - Ben has relived his childhood dreams of going to Jurassic Park by building his own. He's reviewed Jurassic Park Builder for the iPhone on Leviathyn... | Review | iPhone


Reasonably Priced Game of The Week: Episode II

960 days 6 hours ago - Another week, another hand picked bargain. Brilliant games at astounding prices are the only things showcased in Reasonably Priced Game of The Week... | Opinion piece | Xbox


Quake 5: What can we expect?

960 days 8 hours ago - Ben takes a look at what we can expect from Quake 5 in light of the recent buzz of activity at id Software recently. Hopeful at best but some serio... | Opinion piece | Retro

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