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Sunset Overdrive Preview | Gamereactor UK

1 day 8 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Sunset Overdrive isn't a game that will be immeditately accessible to everyone. The artstyle may turn some off, but it's a plus in o... | Preview | Xbox One


Enter The Crucible: Destiny's PvP

7 days 7 hours ago - Gamereactor UK has taken a closer look at Destiny's PvP action in this in-depth article. "At the end of the day, when the campaign is long forgo... | Article | Xbox 360


"Humbling, not surprising" says Palmer Luckey of Oculus success

17 days 11 hours ago - GRTV interviewed Oculus VR's Palmer Luckey and Nate Mitchell about the prospects of the VR headset and its competition. "We're basically still a... | Interview | PC


"Broforce was a joke" says developer

18 days 8 hours ago - GRTV sat down with director Evan Greenwood to discuss the story of Broforce, a call from Lionsgate and an endorsement from Dolph Lundgren. "Bro... | Interview | PC


Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

Now - What are you excited for? Here are the ones we're really getting revved up for. | Promoted post

Project Cars Hands-On with Oculus Rift | Gamereactor UK

27 days 6 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Nevertheless, the experience was outstanding and gives us a hint of what may be in store for racing fans in the future. In a few yea... | Preview | PC


An audience with Michael Denny

34 days 12 hours ago - Gamereactor/GRTV published an interview with Sony Worldwide Studios Europe's Michael Denny talking about the general situation, Wild, Until Dawn, T... | Interview | PS4


Fortnite "grew into something that we didn't expect"

35 days 7 hours ago - GRTV interviewed Epic Games' Roger Collum about their upcoming action-RPG/building game Fortnite: "When we first started Fortnite almost three y... | Interview | PC


Dungeons 2 preview | Gamereactor UK

46 days 4 hours ago - GR-UK: "One thing you cannot fault developers Realmforge for is a lack of ideas. Even if this is technically a sequel, it feels very much like a co... | Preview | PC


The Sims 4: Making your sims "3D on the inside"

55 days 6 hours ago - GRTV caught up with associate producer Azure Bowie-Hankins to learn more about the work that goes into fleshing out the personality and humour foun... | Interview | PC


The Forest | Early Access preview

57 days 14 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "There's plenty to look forward to as far as The Forest is concerned. Not least the fact that Endnight is looking to add co-op featur... | Preview | PC


nDreams talk VR and The Assembly

62 days 11 hours ago - nDreams CEO Patrick O'Luanaigh spoke to GRTV about the upcoming Oculus Rift/Project Morpheus title The Assembly. "We did a lot of experimenting... | Interview | PC


Monolith on the "shifting dynamic" of Shadow of Mordor

62 days 17 hours ago - GRTV talked with Monolith Production's Bob Roberts about Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor: "In most games you die, you rewind time, load a checkpo... | Interview | PC


Hatoful Boyfriend: A "serious story" on dating birds

63 days 16 hours ago - GRTV had a chat with Mediatonic's Luke Borrett about the pidgeon dating simulation that is Hatoful Boyfriend. "It's very immersed in Japanese cu... | Interview | PC


Alien: Isolation brings "amazing opportunity for emergent stories"

64 days 7 hours ago - GRTV interview creative lead Al Hope about the upcoming Alien: Isolation. While Hope did not want to confirm the number of soilings at E3 he did ha... | Interview | PC


Sonic Boom: "We're not taking over canon"

67 days 23 hours ago - GRTV interviewed Big Red Button's Bob Rafei about Sonic Boom. "I think you'll start to see more of that in our industry, in the games industry,"... | Interview | Wii U


State of Play: PS Vita

68 days 8 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Recently at E3 Sony quickly went over the Vita in a minute at the press conference, not really revealing any new games. An alarming... | Opinion piece | PS Vita


Civilization Revolution 2 review | Gamereactor UK

69 days 8 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "The bottom line is that this remains a great game and it's great in all the same ways as the original. The smaller maps and streamli... | Review | iPhone


Ori and the Blind Forest preview | Gamereactor UK

71 days 5 hours ago - Gamereactor UK previewed Ori and the Blind Forest and spoke to writer/designer Thomas Mahler: There is attention to detail in every little seemi... | Preview | PC


Fable Legends preview | Gamereactor UK

71 days 10 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Questions are raised about the longevity of the experience, and that's entirely down to unit and dungeon variety. On another side of... | Preview | Xbox One


Fable Legends features "chicken football"

73 days 21 hours ago - GRTV talked to Lionhead's Ben Brooks about villain progression and kicking chickens in multiplayer. "Fable's got to have chicken kicking. With m... | Interview | Xbox One


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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