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Volume preview | Gamereactor UK

4 days 22 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "We've always liked stealth games, but we have to admit that we've often followed the path of least resistance when presented with th... | Preview | PC


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number preview | Gamereactor UK

5 days 23 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "And so, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is, as expected, reluctant to tell us anything about what the hell is going on, and like its p... | Preview | PC


Gauntlet: Tingling Your Ass Like It's 1985

11 days 8 hours ago - Gamereactor have published an article on the development of the new Gauntlet: "Add more tingle" reads a post-it note on game designer Emil Englu... | Article | PC


Mario Kart 8 preview | Gamereactor UK

17 days 8 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "There was always the danger of Mario Kart devolving into a 'Best Of' that comes once a generation. Nintendo have a chance to break o... | Preview | Wii U


Dark Souls II Review

Now - Drew digs deep into Dark Souls II and delivers a first… | Promoted post

Towerfall Ascension review | Gamereactor UK

23 days 5 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Overall TowerFall Ascension is very easy to recommend. This new version includes new content, a co-op campaign, unlockable character... | Review | PC


How the Seattle riots influenced Infamous: Second Son | GRTV interview

30 days 8 hours ago - GRTV talked to game director Nate Fox about Infamous: Second Son, the new main character and the decision to let Cole die as well as the impact the... | Interview | PS4


Lifeless Planet preview | Gamereactor UK

38 days 4 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "The game promises 20 expansive environments to explore and a storyline that will provides us with answers to the questions posed as... | Preview | PC


South Park: The Stick of Truth review | Gamereactor UK

47 days 9 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "It's fun and entertaining, unusually polished for a game from Obsidian Entertainment, and beneath the simple surface and the fart jo... | Review | PC


Rambo: The Video Game review | Gamereactor UK

51 days 3 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "Imagine 3-4 minutes of horribly cutscenes, followed by 5 minutes of quick time events and 10 minutes of uninspired on rails shooter.... | Review | Xbox 360


Lego The Hobbit preview | Gamereactor UK

54 days 2 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "The developers promise around eighty characters in the game and double that amount of side-quests. So there should be enough content... | Preview | PC


Aztez preview | Gamereactor UK

55 days 4 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "But while we have our fingers firmly crossed, all we can really comment on now is the combat demo. After spending some time learning... | Preview | PC


TxK review | Gamereactor UK

57 days 21 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "There are many reasons why you should treat yourself and your Vita to TxK. The gameplay is extremely sharp, the soundtrack amazing,... | Review | PS Vita


Tequila Works defends Microsoft: "Rime couldn't adapt"

58 days 6 hours ago - Recently leaked documents pointed to Microsoft rejecting the next game from Madrid-based developers Tequila Works. Gamereactor reached out for a co... | News | Xbox One


DayZ: Early Access Preview | Gamereactor UK

59 days 6 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "There's plenty of promise in these zombie-infested hills. Bandits may roam there too, looking to pick off the weak and the helpless,... | Preview | PC


Cheaters captured in Titanfall

60 days 4 hours ago - "Last night on PC our Danish colleague Rasmus Lund-Hansen happened upon some opponents that were a lot quicker than they were supposed. Clearly, th... | News | PC


Tropico 5 to be "straightened out" before X1 considered

60 days 6 hours ago - Gamereactor reports on why only a PS4 version of the upcoming Tropico 5 has been announced Tropico 5's producer Bisser Dyankov said: "The Xbox 3... | News | PC


Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD Review | Gamereactor UK

93 days 6 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "We didn't expect Ubisoft Sofia to completely renovate and remake this game for its big screen release and some of the flaws were exp... | Review | PC


"The Division won't see release in 2014"

103 days 8 hours ago - An anonymous source at the developer Ubisoft Massive told Gamereactor that the highly anticipated The Division won't see release in 2014: "The f... | Rumor | PC


Doki-Doki Universe Review | Gamereactor UK

121 days 4 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "With a mixture of ideas borrowed from different games like Animal Crossing, Little Big Planet and Scribblenauts and unique concepts... | Review | PS3


Stick it to the Man review | Gamereactor UK

129 days 5 hours ago - GR-UK writes: "All in all Stick it to the Man is a game that should appeal to gamers with a craving for comedy who enjoy fairly simplistic but fun... | Review | PS3


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