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Top 25 Games of 2011

1138 days 20 hours ago - GB Writes, "2011 was such a good year for gamers; I didn’t feel like ten games could adequately sum it up. A few surprises such as Shadows of the... | Opinion piece | PC


In 5 Minutes Special: BlizzCon 2011 Podcast

1189 days 5 hours ago - GB Writes: "On this special 40 minute long edition of "In 5 Minutes" (lets face it, it's never 5 minutes is it?) the team cover everything that hap... | Podcast | PC


WWE 12 - First DLC Pack release date confirmed

1190 days 2 hours ago - THQ's Cory Ledesma has confirmed when the first DLC pack for WWE 12 will be available. | News | Xbox 360


WWE 12 - DLC Pack #1 Screens, Artwork and Videos

1190 days 3 hours ago - GB Writes "THQ have sent us some details about the first DLC pack for WWE 12 to be released this year." | News | Xbox 360


Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

World of Warcraft Annual Pass FAQ Details

1193 days 1 hour ago - Here's the full FAQ for the new World of Warcraft Annual Pass, including the added bonuses that the Annual Pass gives you (Diablo 3 for free anybody?) | News | PC


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Preview Video

1194 days 10 hours ago - The Blizzcon Trailer of the new Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria. | Video | PC


Top 10 In-Game Wars

1194 days 12 hours ago - GB Writes, "War. War never changes. But the armies fighting in the wars do! There have been some great conflicts to grace our consoles, especial... | Opinion piece | Culture

Gears of War 3 Review (Game Breakers)

1199 days 10 hours ago - Take one measure of muscle, combine with gruff vocals, add a splash of filth and dirt, then glue a chainsaw to an assault rifle and what do you get... | Review | Xbox 360


Interview: Redbox Director of Video Games Joel Resnik

1201 days 16 hours ago - As Netflix scrambles to stay focused on the future, Redbox is thriving in simplicity. After the introduction of games (nationwide) to Redbox in Jun... | Interview | Wii


In 5 Minutes: Think Different - A Tribute To Steve Jobs

1208 days 18 hours ago - GB Writes: "We were humbled this morning by the death of a man who changed the way we live our lives every single day. Steve Jobs, the iconic found... | Podcast | PC


In 5 Minutes: Wayne Brady Would Be Proud

1213 days ago - GB writes: "If this week has taught us two things, it's that everything on the PC will be delayed and that everything will be choked at some point.... | Podcast | PC


Top 10 Ways To Replenish Your Health

1215 days 20 hours ago - If there is an underlying theme in most video games, staying alive would certainly top the list. It’s almost universally bad to die, so it’s pretty... | Opinion piece | Culture

UFC Undisputed 3 cover fighter trailer - Gamers vote for cover star

1216 days 17 hours ago - THQ are continuing their trend of giving the fans the choice of the cover stars of their top sports games. After announcing that The Rock won the W... | Video | Xbox 360


The Binding of Isaac Review (Game Breakers)

1217 days 9 hours ago - The Binding of Isaac is like nothing you've seen before: a mix of Smash TV-like controls, Legend of Zelda-like perspective, and a brutally hard dif... | Review | PC


Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing... Fridges DLC

1217 days 19 hours ago - There's a slightly odd fad going around the internet at the moment involving Deus Ex: Human Revolution and killing people with fridges. After un... | Video | PC


Rotastic Review (Game Breakers)

1218 days 2 hours ago - Amid all the AAA high profile games and slew of casual Facebook and Smartphone apps, Rotastic tries to find a middle ground between the two. Unfort... | Review | PC


In 5 Minutes: We Will Take Any Excuse We Can To Show Porn

1220 days 1 hour ago - GB Writes: "Apparently we have reached our monthly porn quota (yes we have one) so we had to improvise some what, but never let it be said that we... | Podcast | PC


Dead Island Review (Game Breakers)

1222 days 13 hours ago - Too much hype can be a bad thing. It’s one of the basic rules of marketing, whether it’s a breakfast cereal or a Hollywood travesty – if the produc... | Review | PC


In 5 Minutes: Cooking Mama Made Me a Cereal Killer

1223 days 3 hours ago - GB writes, "Ok, that was terrible. Sorry, whoever thought up that pun who isn’t me will be punished. But still, a major news source spraying uninfo... | Podcast | PC


Top Ten Best Party Members Ever

1224 days 6 hours ago - GB writes: "Awhile back, we presented our Top Ten Worst Party Members Ever. Today, however, we’re feeling generous, so instead of hating on people... | Opinion piece | Culture


The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post
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