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Goat simulator number 1 on Steam 2014 sale

463 days 4 hours ago - Goat simulator (a game where you simulate being a GOAT), beats out Civilization V (a game which simulates human civilization) for the top spot in S... | News | PC


How to play TItanfall with your PS4 controller on your PC

576 days 5 hours ago - The release of Titanfall is just around the corner, and like most people Ill be buying the PC version because its not going to be released on the P... | Article | PC


EQ Next Landmark Alpha impressions

604 days 4 hours ago - EQ Next Landmark is a separate world builder released ahead of the full Everquest Next launch, its voxel based similar to Minecraft, but much more... | Article | PC


OpenRA gets the TotalBiscuit Bump

604 days 16 hours ago - TotalBiscuit has just done a lets play of the classic Command & Conquer Red Alert game running on the opensource OpenRA engine, and as you can see... | Article | PC


Top US Releases in Cinemas This October

Now - October is upon us and, as award season starts to gear into life, a whole slew of top movie releases hit US cinemas; amongst which will see a retur... | Promoted post

Hearthstone quests

610 days 22 hours ago - Hearthstone does a great of not explaining what achievements or objectives give gold rewards, So how do you get gold in Hearthstone? | Article | PC


Elder scrolls online closed BETA impressions

624 days 1 hour ago - Elder scrolls online is one of the most eagerly anticipated massive online games of 2014, so how is it shaping up three months from release? | Opinion piece | PC


Everything you need to know about the Elder Scrolls online

686 days 8 hours ago - The Elder Scrolls in a hugely ambitious reworking of the Elder scrolls for the MMO online market, it will have a subscription, and will have a firs... | Article | PC


The world of Everquest next

689 days 16 hours ago - EQ3 aka Everquest Next is coming out next year (2014). and its coming back in a big way | Article | PC


The world of Bungies Destiny

692 days 19 hours ago - Destiny from the team that created Halo, is due to be released next year on the consoles (not PC), and its game world is planned to last for 10 years. | Article | PS4


The PS4 controller on the PC

695 days 21 hours ago - The new PS4 controller is all kinds of awesome, and guess what it works on your PC and PS3 | Article | PC


How to download Plants vs Zombies 2 NOW

797 days 16 hours ago - Plants vs Zombies 2 is currently only available via the app store for your iPad if youre in Australia or New Zealand, if you cant wait here is how... | Article | iPad


Shadowrun Returns review - GamertechTV

800 days 6 hours ago - Its a faithful remake of the classic SNES RPG, with a great soundtrack and a bargain on Steam for less than 20 bucks. | Review | PC


Knights of pen and paper developer defends PC pricing

848 days 23 hours ago - Knights of pen and paper was released on the iOS and Android platform some time ago, it was a casual adventure game with random encounters where yo... | News | PC


What's Arcane Saga?

849 days 7 hours ago - Arcane Saga is a new free to play online MMO RPG from Netmarble, the combat has combos, and there is open world PVP, it has classes, warrior, mage,... | Article | PC


Lets play Marvel Heroes

849 days 7 hours ago - Marvel Heroes has just launched on the Steam network for the PC, lets have a look at all the lets play videos available | Article | PC


The 3DS is hacked

854 days 6 hours ago - A company calling itself Gateway, has announced it has finally cracked the 3DS, which allows the user to backup multiple 3DS game cartridges onto a... | Rumor | 3DS


Next Generation and the DRM Fail

854 days 19 hours ago - I’ve been a gamer since I was introduced to the Apple 2 when I was ten years old, I even started my programming career on one - I’ve now been gamin... | Opinion piece | Xbox One


Alan Wake franchise 90% off on Steam

856 days 2 hours ago - Another insane Steam sale, 90% off the entire Alan Wake franchise, its basically free, less than 5 USD, if I had not already bought it I would buy... | News | PC


Neverwinter Guide: How to manage your profession crafting offline

856 days 6 hours ago - There are 5 professions in Neverwinter, depending on your class some professions will be more useful than others... | Article | PC


Scary video game moments

860 days ago - Video games are getting ever more realistic, here are some very scary moments from video games | Opinion piece | PC


See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post
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