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The Ultimate Game Of Thrones Video Game May Already Exist

40 days 3 hours ago - For a while now fans have been waiting for a video game worthy enough to carry G.R.R Martin's acclaimed fantasy epic into our interactive medium. T... | Opinion piece | PC


Entering The Dawngate: Is EA Reshaping The MOBA?

41 days 21 hours ago - An in-depth look at EA's first proper MOBA, Dawngate. This piece goes over the game's core features, its place within the genre, and how developer... | Opinion piece | PC


Postmodern Warfare: The Next Generation Of Shooters

45 days 8 hours ago - A look at the modern military shooter and how it has been shunned during this year's E3 in favour of sci-fi and other alternatives. Addresses all t... | Opinion piece | E3

Uncharted 4: Is This Really The End?

48 days 10 hours ago - TheSixthAxis probes last night's E3 trailer for Uncharted 4, discussing the possibility of the series continuing post-Naught Dog. | Opinion piece | PS4


Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Gaming's Strangest Parody: Hyperdimension Neptunia

53 days 22 hours ago - In preparation of this week's HNPP launch, TheSixthAxis looks at the Hyperdimension series and how it parodies the gaming industry. | Article | PSP


Watch Dogs Review | TheSixthAxis

55 days 18 hours ago - TheSixthAxis reviews Ubisoft's Watch Dogs. "...Watch Dogs explores what it would it be like as a hacker in a city governed by technology. It’... | Review | PC


How Good Is Watch Dogs' PlayStation-Exclusive Content?

60 days 16 hours ago - TheSixthAxis takes a look at the hour-long content package available exclusively to the PlayStation versions of Watch Dogs. This hands-on includes... | Opinion piece | PC


18 Ways To Kill Time In Watch Dogs

61 days 7 hours ago - Watch Dogs’ Chicago is more than just a sprawling, hi-tech metropolis. Beneath the bonnet it’s hiding a wealth of content from mini-games and side... | Article | PC


Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Coming To PlayStation Consoles

61 days 18 hours ago - A new teaser from EA suggests that PS3/PS4 versions of the Xbox exclusive shooter are in the works. Expect a formal announcement at E3, if not before. | Rumor | PS3


Everything You Need To Know About Watch Dogs' Multiplayer

62 days 19 hours ago - TheSixthAxis gives a full rundown of every multiplayer mode available in Watc Dogs. This pieces details not only the one-on-one online face offs... | Article | Xbox 360


Disney Infinity vs. Skylanders: The Game Is On

84 days 14 hours ago - With both the news Disney Infinity and Skylanders games having been announced over the past fortnight, TSA looks at how the two shape up. Is Dis... | Opinion piece | Wii


Toukiden: The Age Of Demons Vita Review [TSA]

168 days 16 hours ago - TheSixthAxis review Toukiden, a monster-hunting Vita-exclusive from the team behind the Warriors franchise. "...t came as quite a surprise then... | Review | PS Vita


Heavy Duty: Hands On With Call of Duty: Ghosts' Newest Game Mode

207 days 10 hours ago - TheSixthAxis goes hands-on with the latest game mode added to Call of Duty Ghosts, Heavy Duty: "Call of Duty Ghosts is a good game. It’s not the... | Article | PC


Hidden Blades: Assassin's Creed IV's Malicious Multiplayer

207 days 15 hours ago - TheSixthAxis takes a look at Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, this time focusing on the game's multiplayer modes. This article talks through bot... | Article | PC


Knack: A Next-Gen Relic

235 days 12 hours ago - TSA writes: "As highlighted in Blair’s recent review, Knack isn’t a particularly good game. Currently sitting at a Metacritic average of 55, it’... | Opinion piece | PS4


Disney Infinity Review [TheSixthAxis]

321 days 15 hours ago - TheSixthAxis writes: "For the past several years, Disney has struggled to assert its presence within the video game industry despite its status... | Review | Wii


Killzone: Mercenary Review [TheSixthAxis]

327 days 19 hours ago - TheSixthAxis reviews what it calls the Vita's first proper FPS and probably its closest thing to a killer app: "There’s something extraordinaril... | Review | PS Vita


Review | Lost Planet 3 [TSA]

328 days 11 hours ago - TheSixthAxis reviews Capcom's Lost Planet 3. The game is available now on PC, PS3, and XBOX 360. "Though both set on the same frozen planet, it’... | Review | PC


Hands On With Wolfenstein: The New Order [TSA]

332 days 13 hours ago - "You occasionally get a game which, though it won’t push the medium of video games to new heights, knows exactly what it wants to be and is all the... | Preview | PC


PlayBack: Lost Planet 2

332 days 13 hours ago - TheSixthAxis runs its retrospective piece on Lost Planet 2 before the sequels launch, tomorrow: "Over the past few years, third person shooters... | Opinion piece | PC


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