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PSU - Toukiden Kiwami hands-on preview: handheld gem shines on PS4

4 days 5 hours ago - PSU writes: We go hands-on with the PS4 version of Toukiden and come away rather impressed to say the least. | Preview | PS4


PSU - Bladestorm: Nightmare hands-on: action-strategy invades PS4--with Dragons

4 days 5 hours ago - PSU writes: We take Omega Force's Bladestorm: Nightmare for a spin on PS4. How does it shape up? Read on to find out! | Preview | PS3


Dynasty Warriors 9 to 'revamp game system' says dev

4 days 14 hours ago - PSU writes: We chat with Akihiro Suzuki on the future on the Dynasty Warriors franchise, who confirms DW9 is likely to see a 'revamp' of the gam... | News | PS4


Bladestorm: Nightmare PS4 runs at 30fps

4 days 15 hours ago - PSU writes: Tecmo Koei's Akihiro Suzuki confirms the frame rate for the current-gen versions of Bladestorm: Nightmare. | News | PS4


Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

The Order: 1886 dev on PS4: 'we used to make office buildings, now we're making skyscrapers'

8 days 5 hours ago - PSU writes: The Order: 1886 developer, Ready at Dawn, speaks on the challenges behind moving from PSP to PS4 for its latest project. | News | PSP


The Order: 1886 dev says PS Vita game 'wasn't on the cards,' says PS4 has 'a good life cycle ahead'

10 days 5 hours ago - PSU writes: Ready at Dawn talks about why it didn't develop a game for PS Vita, and explains there's still more juice to squeeze out of PS4. | News | PS4


5 PS4 games set to raise the visual bar in 2015

10 days 7 hours ago - PSU writes: PS4 has a number of high-profile games out in 2015; here's 5 titles that are set to blow you away with their visuals and raise the p... | Opinion piece | PS4


The Order: 1886 dev: 'an eyeball texture is bigger than all of the memory PSP can hold'

11 days 7 hours ago - PSU writes: Ready at Dawn, the creator behind The Order: 1886, speaks on the transition from PSP to PS4 with its hotly anticipated action-advent... | News | PSP


Ready at Dawn: PS4 'really unique, has little details that are so fun to capitalise on'

11 days 11 hours ago - PSU writes: Ready at Dawn talks about getting its game engine running on PS4 and has nothing but positive things to share about Sony's latest ho... | News | PS4


Tekken 7 gets gorgeous new screenshots of Shaheen in action

15 days 10 hours ago - PSU writes: Namco has released the first shots of Tekken 7 newcomer Shaheen in action. | Screenshot | Arcade


5 PlayStation icons who would suck at 9-5 jobs

15 days 10 hours ago - PSU writes: "PlayStation's most iconic characters are great at what they do, but how would they cope with a regular 9-5 job? Probably not that g... | Opinion piece | PS2


Ready at Dawn reveals secret behind The Order: 1886's stunning visuals

16 days 6 hours ago - PSU writes: "The CEO of Ready at Dawn spills more details on the creation behind The Order: 1886, including the mystery behind its stunning visu... | News | PS4


Game of Thrones Episode Two: The Lost Lords PS4 Review (PSU)

17 days 5 hours ago - PSU writes: "The Lost Lords carries on the overarching plotline of the series by sowing the seeds of doubt and intrigue for the future without h... | Review | Xbox 360


4 ways Resident Evil HD tops the 1996 original (and 3 ways it fails)

17 days 6 hours ago - PSU writes: Resident Evil HD has many advantages over its 1996 predecessor, but also a few areas where it stumbles, too. We look at them all here. | Opinion piece | PC


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 preview: kicking zombie butt with Barry Burton (PSU)

30 days 6 hours ago - PSU goes hands-on with Barry Burton's campaign in Resident Evil: Revelations 2, and also samples the addictive Raid Mode. | Preview | PC


Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell Review (PSU)

39 days 6 hours ago - PSU writes: "Gat out of Hell applies a dose of air freshener to mask the musty smell emanating from the more traditional aspects of the Saints R... | Review | Xbox 360


Saints Row IV: Re-elected Review (PSU)

39 days 6 hours ago - PSU writes: "Saints Row IV Re-Elected is a bumper bundle of joy whichever way you want to cut it. Anyone in possession of a last-gen copy need n... | Review | PS4


Resident Evil HD Remaster PS4 Review (PSU)

39 days 6 hours ago - PSU writes: "Resident Evil HD is a stunning recreation of one of survival horror's all-time classics. While some aspects may appear outdated, Ca... | Review | PC


Tekken 7's story is 'too dark,' says series producer

50 days 11 hours ago - PSU writes: Namco Bandai has hinted Tekken 7 will be the darkest series entry yet. | News | Arcade


Assassin's Creed Victory: 5 London urban legends and mysteries we want to see

58 days 23 hours ago - PSU writes: London is ripe with mystery and has generated many urban myths over the centuries. Here's 5 we want to see featured in Assassin's Cr... | Opinion piece | PC


WWE 2K15 (PS4) Review

Now - Ryan steps back into the ring for the first next-gen WWE game. | Promoted post
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