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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Co-Op Review

481 days 16 hours ago - "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is the third game in the main Borderlands series. The story takes place between events of Borderlands 1 and Borderland... | Review | PC


Dragon's Crown Online Co-Op Mode Must Be Unlocked Through Game Progression

929 days 6 hours ago - Co-Optimus says - "I hope you have some local co-op friends, because you’re going to need them. Online co-op is a locked feature in Dragon’s Crown.... | News | PS3


Talking Co-Op with American McGee for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters

1104 days ago - Co-Optimus chats with American McGee for his upcoming Action/RPG, Akaneiro. The focus of the interview is on the co-op aspects of the game, of whi... | Interview | PC


Co-Optimus - Randy Pitchford Talks Co-Op Gaming, Borderlands 2 and Gearbox

1334 days 11 hours ago - Co-Optimus Says "One of our highlights of E3 was when we got to talk to Gearbox Software's President, Randy Pitchford. The studio has cranked out... | Video | Xbox 360


Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Co-Optimus - Diablo: A Retrospective

1365 days 16 hours ago - Co-Optimus says - "As 1996 drew to a close, a new chapter in videogame history was beginning. On December 31st of that year, Diablo was released. I... | Article | PC


Music Game Meltdown

1422 days 14 hours ago - Co-Optimus says - "The causes of the great video game crash of 1983 were complex, but over-saturation of the market and poor quality game releases... | Article | Nintendo DS


Co-Optimus - Kinect Review

1921 days 12 hours ago - Co-Optimus writes - "You also are going to need a pretty big playing space for Kinect - my living room is exactly 8 feet from the front of the TV s... | Review | Xbox 360


Co-Optimus: Fable 3 Review

1931 days 1 hour ago - Co-Optimus writes - "The Fable franchise has followed an interesting path since it’s birth on the Xbox some years ago. What started out as solo que... | Review | Xbox 360


Top 5 NES Co-Op Games, Happy 25th Birthday NES

1939 days 9 hours ago - The NES turns 25 and Co-Optimus examines the system's co-op games coming up with the top 5 titles you enjoyed with your friends when controllers on... | Article | Retro


Why Dead Nation Added Online Co-Op

1943 days 14 hours ago - Co-Optimus chats with the CEO of Housemarque to find out why they decided to work overtime to include online co-op. | Interview | PS3


Hunted: The Demon's Forge Co-Op Interview

2011 days 11 hours ago - writes -"It's been sometime since Hunted: The Demon's Forge was announced, but right from the get go the game intrigued us. After g... | Interview | PC


What Happened to Crackdown 2's Survival Mode?

2042 days 9 hours ago - Co-Optimus writes - "Crackdown 2 is out today and for all intents and purposes it's great fun in co-op. You'll have a good with your friends blowi... | News | Xbox 360


Alan Wake Episode 1 Preview

2108 days 12 hours ago - Co-Optimus Says - "Armed with a flashlight and a revolver, your first journey takes you through dark and dangerous woods and lumber yards to r... | Preview | 2


Transformers War for Cybertron Reveal Trailer

2216 days 12 hours ago - The War for Cybertron Trailer has been revealed and it's narrated by Optimus Prime! | Video | 1,2


Get Yourself a FREE Juggernaut Code for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 without Buying at Gamestop

2334 days 11 hours ago - writes - "Remember how pissed off you were when you found out you could only get Juggernaut for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 if y... | News | 1,2


Red Alert 3: Commander's Challenge Doesn't Have Co-Op

2335 days 17 hours ago - writes - "An Electronic Arts representative has told us the Game Page contains an error, and there's no offline or onl... | News | 2


New Dawn of War 2 Co-Op Mode on the Horizon: The Last Stand

2370 days 9 hours ago - writes - "The Penny-Arcade Expo 2009 panel schedule has been released, and buried amid the myriad of interesting topics and dis... | News | 12


Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao Co-Op Interview

2372 days 15 hours ago - writes - "What Kung Fu movies most inspired the game? Ollie Clarke: Mr Vampire comes straight into my head (look out for o... | Interview | 1,2

Phono Alliance Brings Co-Op Indie Music Games to Xbox Live

2376 days 13 hours ago - writes - "I'll admit, after watching the trailer for Phono Alliance from independant developer Soft Hope, I wasn't quite sure w... | News | 2

Splosion Man Interview - From Donuts to Beef

2378 days 14 hours ago - writes - "We showed you how much we love splodin in our recent review of the crazy co-op platformer 'Splosion Man. We loved it... | Interview | 2


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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