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Painkiller Hell & Damnation Review (Proven Gamer)

1188 days 22 hours ago - Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is a remake of Painkiller. It’s a PC exclusive FPS which pays tribute to the good old days of shooters, where you c... | Review | PC


Banter With Banta: Link

1209 days 15 hours ago - On the second edition of Banter with Banta, I’m going to be going over a very well-known video game character that is still really popular after ne... | Opinion piece | GameCube


Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers: Review (Proven Gamer)

1209 days 16 hours ago - Air Conflicts Pacific Carriers is a flight simulator now available on Steam. This is one of the most generic WWII games I have ever played. It was... | Review | PC


Paranormal Review (Proven Gamer)

1233 days 18 hours ago - Paranormal is the type of game that will leave you wishing that this never happens to you. You are Matel Clark an artist who has decided to record... | Review | PC


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Torchlight 2 Review (Proven Gamer

1233 days 21 hours ago - Torchlight 2 is the big sequel to Torchlight, which is now available on Steam. Torchlight 2 took everything Diablo 3 did, and made it even better.... | Review | PC


Doom & Destiny Review (Proven Gamer)

1236 days 21 hours ago - Doom & Destiny is an Xbox Live Indie game that doesn’t show much on the outside. To any passerby, D&D looks like your run of the mill Indie game on... | Review | Xbox 360


Dust: An Elysian Tail Review (Proven Gamer)

1238 days 19 hours ago - Dust: An Elysian Tale is the last game in 2012’s Summer of Arcade, and it finishes it with a bang. Every year there is a game that stands out from... | Review | Xbox 360


Guild Wars 2 Review (Proven Gamer)

1238 days 19 hours ago - The superlative “Most Revolutionary MMO of 2012” is most often used when describing Guild Wars 2. Seeing as I was a fan of Guild Wars 1 and played... | Review | PC


Double Dragon Neon Review (Proven Gamer)

1238 days 19 hours ago - The Double Dragon franchise has certainly seen its share of ups and downs. From the original game in 1987 to the iPhone release in 2011, Double Dra... | Review | Xbox 360


Home Review (Proven Gamer)

1238 days 20 hours ago - Home is survival horror game in which the story and outcomes are shrouded in mystery. This is a game in which every little choice you make can chan... | Review | PC


AVSEQ Review (Proven Gamer)

1251 days 20 hours ago - AVSEQ is a music game in which you’ll never hear the same tune twice. Big Robot Ltd, the developers and publishers of this game, did the math. Over... | Review | PC


The Basement Collection Review (Proven Gamer)

1255 days 16 hours ago - From the wildly creative mind of game developer Edmund McMillen comes the Basement Collection, a bundle of games, soundtracks, Q & As, and much mor... | Review | PC


The Basement Collection, One of the Best Deals of the Year

1264 days 19 hours ago - Edmund McMillen, the creator and mastermind of games such as Super Meat Boy and the Binding of Isaac, is now releasing a large collection of his ga... | News | PC


Interview with Edmund McMillen

1264 days 19 hours ago - On this Special Edition of Proven Gamer Interviews, Banta sits down with Edmund McMillen. Edward McMillen is best known for his work on Super Meat... | Interview | PC


Banter With Banta #1 Gordon Freeman

1267 days 3 hours ago - This is going to be the first article in my series of weekly articles every Thursday. The articles will be all about how certain video game charact... | Opinion piece | PC


Death Rally Review (Proven Gamer)

1267 days 19 hours ago - Death Rally is a top-down racer-shooter game now available on Steam that was originally released in 1996 on the MS DOS personal computer. This new... | Review | PC


Twisted Pixel Interview (Proven Gamer)

1267 days 19 hours ago - ProvenGamer: I was lucky enough to get an Interview with Jay Stuckwisch of the impressive game developers Twisted Pixel Games. He was great to talk... | Interview | Xbox 360


Resonance Review (Proven Gamer)

1275 days 18 hours ago - Resonance is the new indie point and click adventure game now available on Steam. Even though the game is the typical point and click experience, i... | Review | PC


Kung Fu Strike Review (Proven Gamer)

1275 days 18 hours ago - Kung Fu Strike is an indie game from Qooc soft. It puts you in control of General Loh, who is out to avenge his Father’s death while China is being... | Review | PC


Kinect Star Wars Review (Proven Gamer)

1282 days 20 hours ago - As a huge Star Wars fan, I have to admit that I was a bit hesitant to try this game. So many Star Wars games recently haven’t been able to live up... | Review | Xbox 360


List of Xbox One Games that are coming out this month

Now - Looking for a new game for your Xbox One? Head over to our release calendar and see what is coming out this month. | Promoted post
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