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Top Five women in eSports

104 days 4 hours ago - In the world of Esports, there is a sad shortage of female players compared to the plethora of male players and gaming celebrities we see in the in... | Article | Culture


Student Creates Video Game Documentary On DLC

621 days 19 hours ago - Three interviewees volunteered to help shed light on this subject matter. Among them is Gabriel Pendleton, of, and co-founder of... | Video | Culture


Gaming on a Budget With Your Public Library

1062 days 3 hours ago - Baltimore County Public Libraries, one of the largest library systems in the state, has spent the last few years amassing a large collection of gam... | Article | Culture


BaltimoreGamer Interviews Chris Klimas of Twofold Secret

1062 days 21 hours ago - Baltimore indie game developer Twofold Secret recently released a demo for their currently in-development game Camp Keepalive. Inspired by cheesy 8... | Interview | Industry


Gran Turismo SPORT Beta Testing Begins early 2016

Now - Start tracking GTS with's release date alert service and be notified when the GTS beta launches. | Promoted post

Eliezer Medina Talks About Puma Punku Totems

1289 days 16 hours ago - Living in Baltimore you realize that there is great talent right around the corner. The industry while at times can be tough (as we saw with Big Hu... | Article | Industry


38 Studios and Big Huge Games Never Before Seen Holiday Video

1356 days 8 hours ago - Days after Curt Schilling announced the closing of 38 studios and Big Huge Games we found this posted video giving everyone a glimpse into the amaz... | Video | Industry


Big Huge Games and 38 Studios layoffs after Missing Payroll

1361 days 19 hours ago - BaltimoreGamer sources confirmed both 38 studios and Big Huge Games announced layoffs across both companies. Our information was later confirmed wh... | News | Industry


A Match Made in Platformer Paradise?

1644 days 11 hours ago - For some, marriage came seem like game over. The end of the line. Life as you know it is finished. But for others, marriage is the binding of two... | Article | Culture


Why Japanese Game Developers Have Been Full of Fail! (A Rant from the Desk of HULKGameCrit)

1659 days 2 hours ago - Today, we welcome guest-writer “HULK” *, known as the HulkGameCrit on Twitter. The Hulk game critic is known for his unique and raw reviews. The fo... | Opinion piece | Culture


WTF Games Ed.1

1664 days 22 hours ago - Video games provide us with an outlet to visit various worlds and experience numerous wonderful and exotic journeys. For years, they have brought e... | Article | Culture

The Cake is Not a Lie: Awesome Wedding Cakes for the Geeky Couple

1684 days 8 hours ago - With wedding season upon us, there is no doubt that more than a few BaltimoreGamers are getting hitched this year. But when geeks fall in love, the... | Article | Culture


Zynga Takes Developer To Court For 'Blatant Copyright Infringement'

1699 days 22 hours ago - Social gaming giant Zynga (FarmVille, Words With Friends) filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming that social gaming start-up Vostu is blatantly copying... | News | Industry


E3 Nintendo Recap: Announces Wii U Console and Controller

1709 days 20 hours ago - I’ll be one of the first people to admit that I had little interest in watching the upcoming Nintendo presentation at E3. With the newest innovatio... | Article | Wii U


Indie Game Preview Magnus: Operation Hard Drive

1712 days 10 hours ago - Magnus: Operation Hard Drive is a video game developed by the independent developer Outer Space Studios, LLC. It is a retro 2D Maze/Action/Puzzle g... | Preview | Arcade


Big Huge Games Spring 2011 Art Open House

1805 days 21 hours ago - Big Huge Games is pleased to invite Art and Animation students from local colleges and universities to our Spring 2011 Art Open House. The event wi... | News | Industry

Eric Ruth Visits CCBC Essex: Recap

1812 days 23 hours ago - On Friday February 19, 2011 the great Eric Ruth gave a speech during CCBC Essex’s Videogame Club about independent game development and his projec... | Article | Retro

Favorite Games of 2010: Staff Picks

1835 days ago - 2011, one month later we decided to catch our readers up on some great games that you may have missed in 2010. Remember this list is not a top 10 o... | Article | Nintendo DS


BaltimoreGamer Magfest Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

1846 days 10 hours ago - The Good: The Marketplace – Magfest had all kinds of goods for sale. Sheets with hot anime girls, retro gaming systems, bead sprites, funny tee shi... | Article | Culture

Get Free MagFest 2011 Tickets with “The BaltimoreGamer Caption Contest! Caption This”

1883 days 2 hours ago - BaltimoreGamer staff pulled 3 photographs that stood out as humorous. Through these images, visitors can participate in an inter... | News | Culture


BaltimoreGamer: Puzzle Games : A Dying Legacy

1999 days 12 hours ago - "What about the real face to face social interactions of someone sitting next to him or her rather than sitting 3500 miles away? They won’t; the ga... | Article | Retro


PlayStation 5 Will Support far More Dynamic and Interactive Worlds

Now - According to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross the next PlayStation will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and... | Promoted post
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