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Critic Clinic Episode 1 PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

529 days 6 hours ago - Mitch gives his controversial opinion on what he thinks about the next generation consoles and why he has pre-ordered the PS4. | Opinion piece | PS4


Critic Clinic Episode 2 GTA Vs Call Of Duty Sales

531 days 6 hours ago - Mitch gives his controversial opinion on what he thinks about the next generation consoles and why he has pre-ordered the PS4. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Hell of a Port | Diablo III Review - BagoGames

536 days 7 hours ago - Although not of a similar caliber to its PC twin, Diablo III proves to be a solid console port and is still hours of RPG fun. | Review | PS3


Beyond: Two Souls BagoGames Preview

538 days 8 hours ago - Last night Sony held an event in Dublin, Ireland showing a gameplay and presentation of Beyond: Two Souls. The presentation was lead by Quantic Dre... | Preview | PS3


Valve Partners With HTC To Create The Vive Virtual Reality Headset

Now - Valve has formed a relationship with Taiwanese smartphone and tablet maker HTC to help create a virtual reality headset called The Vive, which is p... | Promoted post

Beyond: Two Souls Interview Co CEO Guillaume de Fondeimere BagoGames

539 days 8 hours ago - Mitch gets to sit down and interview Co CEO and talk about their upcoming game title Beyond:Two Souls out this October 8th in North America and 11... | Interview | PS3


Puppeteer Unboxing

541 days 8 hours ago - The promo copies of the PlayStation 3 exclusive the Puppeteer arrived yesterday and I decided to do a quick little opening to show what was inside.... | Video | PS3


Bring A Friend | Payday 2 Review - BagoGames

547 days 8 hours ago - A solo failure but a multiplayer gem. Practice makes perfect in this long-winded but individual crime thriller title. | Review | PS3


Veni, Vidi, Vici | Total War: Rome 2 Review - BagoGames

548 days 4 hours ago - Total War: Rome 2 is worthy sequel and great improvement to the Total War franchise, though the new family and government options don't add much de... | Review | PC


The Only Salad I’ll Eat | Plants Vs Zombies 2 - BagoGames

548 days 4 hours ago - Popcap's second entry in the zombie world is a fun one with new plants and zombies to battle with. With the price being free, no one should pass th... | Review | iPhone


Shoot Smarter Not Harder | Killzone Mercenary Review - BagoGames

548 days 9 hours ago - If you are a VITA owner and a FPS fan then this is the show stopper you are looking for. great replay value and fun multiplayer on the go. A truly... | Review | PS Vita


BagoCast: Episode 36 New Month, New Idea’s

611 days 17 hours ago - This week on The BagoCast we talk what about the grass physics in Fifa games. Talk about how Animal Crossing is the new skyrim of 2013. Mitch Is tr... | Podcast | Xbox 360


BagoCast: Episode 35 The Last Of Us SpoilerCast

617 days 5 hours ago - This week the BagoCast get down and talk spoilers about this year’s Game Of The Year Contender The Last Of Us, the PlayStation 3 exclusive by game... | Podcast | PS3


Breathless Apocalyptic Performance |The Last Of Us Review - BagoGames

638 days 9 hours ago - Changing it up and showing that they are not just able to tell a great story, Naughty Dog have built upon their successes, creating their greatest... | Review | PS3


BagoCast: Episode 31 FarCry 3 Blood Dragon Wins Everytime

666 days 9 hours ago - This week on the Bagocast we discuss the latest news on the site and go off into our tangent about whatever cause we can. Enjoy. | Podcast | Xbox 360


BagoCast: Episode 29 Full Irish Breakfast, PS4 Talk

675 days 11 hours ago - This week on the BagoCast Ian is out of the office. So Mitch and Ross sit down at the campfire to discuss, hell i dont remember talk went off the r... | Podcast | Xbox 360


BagoCast: Episode 30 Mountain Edition Metal Gear Legacy

675 days 18 hours ago - This week The BagoCast take on the mountain of christ and are victorious After they take on the podcast and fail to award you with the award winni... | Podcast | Xbox 360


BagoCast: Episode 28 We Talk PSN, Grand Theft Auto 5

675 days 18 hours ago - This week the BagoCast talk about this weeks news, reviews, movies and 100 chiwawas sized wolfs which is an upcoming tower defence ios game coming... | Podcast | Xbox 360


A Gamer’s Rage | My Most Frustrating Gaming Moment

675 days 22 hours ago - We’ve all experienced gamer’s rage at some point. We all have some memory of some impossible boss fight that caused us to lose it or maybe even som... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Soul Sacrifice Preview - BagoGames

686 days 19 hours ago - Soul Sacrifice is a PS Vita game that upon first glance may have you thinking that it is a Monster Hunter clone. After having some hands-on time wi... | Preview | PS Vita


3DS Nintendo Direct 9 Possibilities

687 days 11 hours ago - Tomorrow, Nintendo will be having a 3DS Nintendo Direct event scheduled for 7am PT/10am ET in North America and 3pm GMT in the UK. This has gotten... | Opinion piece | 3DS


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) Review

Now - Drew checks out his favorite hunting simulator. | Promoted post
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