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No Trophy Support For Saints Row 2

2208 days 6 hours ago - writes: "Despite what you might have heard, Saints Row 2 will not contain Trophy support when it debuts tomorrow. A moderator on... | News | 1,2,15


Sword of the Stars Fights a Murder of Crows

2211 days 12 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "Sword of the Stars is a solid space based real time strategy that was somewhat overshadowed by the success of Sins of a Sol... | Preview | 12

Bionic Commando Pushed Back to 2009

2211 days 19 hours ago - Reviving old classic titles like MegaMan or Metal Slug is certainly the new trend for video game developers. It's a foolproof way to make a profit,... | News | 31,1,2,12


Washington DC Gets Disturbing Fallout 3 Ads

2211 days 20 hours ago - Fallout 3 is going to be a very big game. The latest title developed by the company that brought you The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Bethesda, prom... | Article | 1,2,11,12


Get an exclusive guaranteed access alpha key in Curse Voice

Now - Curse is running an exclusive giveaway for Evolve. Download Curse Voice to grab your key so you can play in the Evolve alpha this weekend | Promoted post

Portal: Prelude Has Been Launched

2212 days 2 hours ago - Portal has been a huge hit and quickly became a cult favorite with the large gaming community. Its simple gameplay and often difficult puzzles made... | News | 1,2,11,12


Mandriva Linux 2009 Released

2212 days 2 hours ago - MANDRIVA S.A. just released into the wild the new and greatly improved version of the Mandriva Linux operating system. With the 2009 edition, Mandr... | News | 12,14


The Conduit - Tech Highlight Trailer

2215 days 15 hours ago - This 90 second clip highlights the effort put into The Conduit's visual detail, no mean feat considering it's working on a Wii and that's not exact... | Preview | 3,15


Softpedia: Crysis: Warhead Review

2215 days 16 hours ago - All in all, it's a pretty decent game. All shooter fans will have a reasonable experience, although, at times, a bit annoying. Crysis fans are sure... | Review | 11,12


EA and Crytek Declare a Weekend of Wars

2215 days 22 hours ago - The only thing better than more Crysis is more free Crysis! Electronic Arts and Crytek are announcing today that Crysis Wars, the new multip... | News | 11,12,15


Steve Jobs' Heart Attack Denied by Apple

2215 days 22 hours ago - A citizen report published on CNN's iReport this Friday and saying Steve Jobs had had a heart attack has been vehemently denied by Apple. Soon afte... | Article | 13

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