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Dev Says GTA: Chinatown Wars Will Change DS Games

2397 days 11 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "Gordon Hall, head of Rockstar Leeds, the studio behind this game, comes to talk with 1Up about this future release. He says... | Article | 5


Softpedia: Need For Speed Undercover Review

2406 days 12 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "Need For Speed Undercover promised to bring back all of the things that made Electronic Arts' famous racing franchise so po... | Review | 12


Gears of War 2 User Complaints

2406 days 14 hours ago - Softpedia: "Gears of War 2 was probably one of the most expected shooters this holiday season and one of the hottest Xbox 360 exclusives that... | Article | 2


GameStop Says It Isn't Worried About Digital Distribution

2409 days 5 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "The game industry is definitely changing as the times move forward. One of the biggest changes in terms of game distributio... | Article | 11,13



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Peter Moore Talks About Nutrition in EA Sports Active

2411 days 5 hours ago - Softpedia: "EA Sports is clearly a busy company these days, largely due to the fact that all of the employees are hard at work on the new EA S... | News | 3,15


Nintendo Urges Customers to Buy Consoles Ahead of Time

2411 days 22 hours ago - Softpedia: "Nintendo is clearly a happy company for quite a while now, largely due to the fact that the Wii and DS consoles are selling like h... | Article | 3,5


Ubisoft Talks About the Fire in Far Cry 2

2412 days 9 hours ago - Softpedia: "Far Cry 2 was a very good game that offered players quite a lot of interesting features, never employed in any other titles, and w... | Article | 1,2,12,15


Sony Says LittleBigPlanet Gets Better as Time Goes By

2412 days 10 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "LittleBigPlanet was a hyped-up game that totally changed the way we looked at other titles. The fact that you could create... | Article | 1


Insomniac: Making Online Multiplayer Modes Is Hard - But users have a word in the development

2413 days 10 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "Resistance is currently one of the best shooter series for the PlayStation 3, winning a big number of fans with the first t... | Article | 1,15


Developer Talks About Halo MMO

2413 days 10 hours ago - Softpedia writes: " We all know that Ensemble Studios, one of the biggest developers of strategy games out there, is closing because Microsoft... | Article | 2,15


No Price Cuts for the Wii or DS, Says Nintendo

2417 days 5 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "There's a tough console war on the market these days, with Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony engaged in a fierce fight to win ov... | News | 3,5,13


NVIDIA Updates GeForce 180 Drivers - Enables SLI support on X58-based motherboards

2417 days 7 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "Santa Clara, California-based graphics manufacturer NVIDIA has just updated its GeForce drivers with the release of the 180... | News | 12,14


Sofpedia - Far Cry 2 Review

2417 days 10 hours ago - Softpedia's Andrei Dobra writes: "Far Cry 2 was one of the most expected games this holiday season, promising to bring back the same great sho... | Review | 1,2,12


Nintendo Talks About User Generated Content

2419 days 10 hours ago - Softpedia: "Nintendo has always been a popular company, largely due to the fact that it brought titles that appealed to a wide variety of game... | Article | 3,11,13


Xbox 360 Is Recession-Proof - Says Microsoft

2419 days 13 hours ago - Softpedia: "Mindy Mount, the vice president and Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, has argued, at the... | News | 2,11,13


World's Brightest LCD Panel Unveiled by Samsung

2424 days 2 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "The most important factors in any display solution designed especially for digital signage applications are its size and it... | News | 14


Recession Might Be the Real Blu-ray Killer

2424 days 11 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "This year has been extremely important for Sony and its Blu-ray disc, since it was officially crowned the "next-gen DV... | Article | 13


Softpedia: Left 4 Dead Demo Impression

2425 days 10 hours ago - Andrei Dobra of Softpedia writes: "Left 4 Dead is Valve's big bet this holiday season. The company had a major success last year when it relea... | Preview | 2,12


Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 Release Blocked by 17 Bugs

2425 days 10 hours ago - Softpedia: "The upcoming stage in the development of the next iteration of Firefox is blocked by a consistent volume of bugs, Mozilla revealed... | News | 12,13,14


Activision: Wrath of the Lich King Will Be a Best Seller

2426 days 4 hours ago - Softpedia writes: "the Christmas period, and there's nothing better for this than having an industry analyst endorsing some of the video games... | News | 12


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