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"Your in the Danger Zone"

Sony, Microsoft and Others Agree to Share Customer Data with US Government

79 days 22 hours ago - With or without controversial new legislation such as the ​Cybersecurity Information Sharing and Protection Act, President Obama is doing his best... | News | Xbox


Max launches on Netflix for PS3 today

675 days ago - Netflix has officially launched "Max" on the PS3 version of its app. According to the company, Max is a new experience "that helps you find somethi... | News | PS3


Xbox One confusion: Microsoft leaves used games and 'always-online' requirement unclear

711 days 22 hours ago - Microsoft's Xbox One announcement focused on hardware, entertainment, and gaming, but a controversial aspect of the new console — a rumored always-... | News | Xbox One


Sony CEO and 39 other executives give up bonuses in ‘unprecedented’ gesture

733 days 1 hour ago - The decision comes as the maker of PlayStation consoles eyes a profit after four years in the red. But its troubled electronics unit may remain mir... | News | Industry


SMITE World Championships LIVE January 9th to 11th

Now - You can watch the games and enter giveaways over at | Promoted post

Racial Epithet Shows Up on Minecraft Menu, Developer Apologizes

1192 days 20 hours ago - The newest version of Minecraft greets players with the sentence "You are a NIGGER," if they switch their language settings to Afrikaans, the nativ... | News | PC


Pork Chop Platoon Review: Turtle Beach DX11

1307 days 19 hours ago - The Turtle Beach DX11 is a Best Buy exclusive. It is an X11 headset packaged with the Turtle Beach DSS surround sound processor. | Review | PC


Let’s Compare Battlefield 3 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC

1311 days 17 hours ago - You can play Battlefield 3 on a number of beastly machines. Surely, it looks best on PC (no surprise), but how about we let YouTube user Robbaz com... | Video | PC


Gears of War 3 Takes DLC To a New Low

1315 days 11 hours ago - Normally when a company chooses to provide DLC that’s a blatant rip-off, I tend to ignore it and not purchase it. In fact, I’d make jokes about it... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


A Tale of Two Games of Battlefield 3

1351 days 3 hours ago - I've got to play Battlefield 3 twice this week at Gamescom. Once on PS3 and once on PC. One was OK and one was amazing. We'll start with the OK one... | Opinion piece | PS3


Maker of PSN Game Being Offered for Free Worries About PlayStation Store’s Viability

1444 days 4 hours ago - When PlayStation Store returns (reports suggest that will be May 24), PS3 account holders may choose two free games from a list being offered by So... | Article | PS3


High Ranking Japanese Politician Comments on PSN Breach

1467 days 21 hours ago - The PSN breach is national news in Japan, where Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, one of the government's highest ranking officials, has chimed... | News | PS3


Is Nintendo’s New Machine The Death Of The "Console Generation"?

1470 days ago - So, Nintendo has finally confirmed that a new console will be out in 2012, six years after the release of the Wii. With Microsoft and Sony not due... | Opinion piece | Culture


G4TV admits to using multiple accounts to spam Reddit

1495 days 9 hours ago - G4TV - "We’re owning up, we were wrong to do this, and we hope you forgive us." Is this happening on N4G too? | News | Nintendo DS


Kinect used in Aphex Twin NYE Show Visuals

1577 days 11 hours ago - Shortly after posting “Getting Stuff Done” Kinect experiment to Vimeo, I (Robert Hodgin) got a couple comments from people saying it would make for... | Article | Xbox 360


How "The Sims" turned me into a home wrecker

1610 days 2 hours ago - Sofi Papamarko was single and almost 30 when she first found the man of her dreams. Too bad he was a computer game character. | Article | PC


Australian Christian Lobby: Against R18+ Classification

1610 days 5 hours ago - The push to legalise interactive gratuitous violence in video games has been spun as a child protection measure despite the advice of every Childre... | Opinion piece | PC


Reviews of Christian and Un-Christian Games

1613 days 16 hours ago - Zounds Youth Rock Ministry presents the Christian Gaming Zone. On the site you will find a reviews of Christian and Un-Christian Games. Makes for... | Opinion piece | PC


Is Minecraft is the first Christian Game aimed at Secular Gamers?

1613 days 17 hours ago - Minecraft, although it is not advertised as a Christian game, is the first Christian game aimed at Secular gamers. And it's working! | Review | PC


Fighting the Terminator on Video Games

1614 days 16 hours ago - Parents and private industry are already keeping violent video games out of children's hands. The state of California doesn't need to intervene. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Video Game Workouts: Turns Out They're Not So Sweaty

1614 days 17 hours ago - How do video game workouts compare with traditional workouts? Science looks for an answer. | Article | Wii


Looking for Pokémon XY News and Info?

Now - Try Bulbapedia, the largest Pokémon resource on the internet. | Promoted post
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