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League of Legends 5.22 Patch Has Many Issues

14 days 15 hours ago - The League of Legends 5.22 patch is one of the most complained about patches ever released in the game’s history. Many people on the forums are cla... | Opinion piece | PC


Cosplay Spotlight: Interview with Danielle Beaulieu

21 days 21 hours ago - Danielle Beaulieu is world famous for her League of Legends cosplays and hands down one of the most talented out there. Danielle has cosplayed as s... | Interview | PC


Does Riot Games Tacitly Encourage Trolling in League of Legends?

24 days 20 hours ago - The highly flawed "Instant Feedback" disciplinary system in League of Legends enables trolls to negatively effect you in multiple games after being... | Opinion piece | PC


Why Summoner's Rift Isn't Fun

34 days 19 hours ago - Summoner’s Rift is the main game mode of League of Legends and is the map that is played competitively by professional gamers. Unfortunately, it is... | Opinion piece | PC


US Movie Releases to Look Out For in November

Now - Remember, remember, the films of November! It’s the time of year when the nights draw in, the year winds down and studios line up their most presti... | Promoted post

League of Legends Kindred Champion Review

39 days 20 hours ago - Kindred is the newest champion to be released in League of Legends as part of the 5.2 patch. Kindred is actually two different characters – Lamb an... | Opinion piece | PC


Most Broken Dominion Champions Revisited

50 days 1 hour ago - MMOsite: Back in February, I wrote an article titled Top 10 Most Broken Dominion Champions in League of Legends. Since that article was published,... | Opinion piece | PC


Heroes of the Storm: Kharazim Impressions

57 days 13 hours ago - Kharazim, Veradani Monk is one of the more recent additions to the growing roster of Heroes of the Storm characters. Apart from a brief couple of d... | Opinion piece | PC


Johanna is the definition of unfun

62 days 10 hours ago - Johanna’s presence in a Heroes of the Storm match makes the game no longer fun to play. Heroes of the Storm is supposed to be focused on promoting... | Opinion piece | PC


How Much Do League of Legends Pros Make?

72 days 17 hours ago - Competitive League of Legends is extremely popular and has especially exploded into the mainstream over the last several years. League of Legends t... | Article | PC


True Damage is Ruining League of Legends

84 days 16 hours ago - True Damage is ruining League of Legends. It has become far too widespread with Riot adding true damage abilities to many reworked champions lately... | Opinion piece | PC


League of Legends Reworked Garen Champion Review

97 days 12 hours ago - Garen, the pride of the Demacian military and long-standing fan favorite, is another League of Legends champion who received the rework treatment a... | Opinion piece | PC


League of Legends Darius Champion Review

101 days 13 hours ago - Darius was one of several League of Legends champions to be reworked during the 5.16 "Juggernaut" patch. It seems that more often than not when Rio... | Opinion piece | PC


Top 5 Strongest Heroes in Heroes of the Storm

103 days 13 hours ago - MOBAs seem to be notoriously difficult to balance for some reason as developers constantly release patches that buff some characters and nerf other... | Opinion piece | PC


Reworked Fiora Champion Review

113 days 4 hours ago - Riot Games are reworking League of Legends champions left and right these days and the latest to get the rework treatment is Fiora. Fiora’s rework... | Opinion piece | PC


Which Champions Does Impact Think are OP?

118 days 23 hours ago - Impact is one of the most widely recognized League of Legends players in eSports today. He has spent time on several different professional League... | Interview | PC


League of Legends - Reworked Gangplank Champion Review

119 days 23 hours ago - Riot Games recently reworked one of League of Legends’ long standing champions, Gangplank, as part of the 5.14 patch. Gangplank was released way ba... | Opinion piece | PC


Heroes of the Storm: Leoric is Broken

123 days 3 hours ago - Leoric is the latest hero to be released for Heroes of the Storm. Blizzard is normally fairly adept at finding game-breaking issues before they tur... | Opinion piece | PC


League of Legends - Tahm Kench Champion Review

127 days 4 hours ago - Tahm Kench, the River King, is the latest new champion to be released for League of Legends. Tahm Kench is a fat river demon whose primary role is... | Opinion piece | PC


Interview with Garp Stavo Sauce

129 days 14 hours ago - Garp Stavo Sauce is a cosplayer who makes all his own props and has a true passion for the hobby. Although his cosplays vary from video games to an... | Interview | Culture


Terrible Matchmaking is Killing Heroes of the Storm

139 days 11 hours ago - Heroes of the Storm is a really fun game. In a previous article, I even wrote about why I think it is better than League of Legends. The game was o... | Opinion piece | PC


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

Now - Ken says goodbye to the franchise that started it all. | Promoted post
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