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1600 days 8 hours ago - Dismiss as nonsense any claim that the enormous decline in share value since 2007/08 is a sign that the markets think Nintendo is on a road to utte... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Capcom has no plans to bring Monster Hunter 3D out of Japan

1617 days 11 hours ago - A Capcom representative has said that “there are no plans to bring it to the West for now.” Monster Hunter is absolutely huge in Japan, America no... | News | 3DS


Capcom Developers Talk Up Monster Hunter on 3DS

1618 days 15 hours ago - The Internet was rocked and/or bemused worldwide last night by the Nintendo 3DS's new circle-pad attachment, formally announced after a lengthy spa... | Interview | 3DS


Xenoblade Chronicles - Observer review

1642 days 21 hours ago - The power both to see the future and to change it is the seductive concept at the heart of this Japanese role-playing game, translated by Nintendo... | Review | Wii


Track the Release Date for PlayStation VR

Now - Sony is yet to reveal the exact release date for PlayStation VR. Start tracking it now using | Promoted post

We may want Mario on the iPhone, but Nintendo won't slit own throat

1644 days 2 hours ago - No matter how much we might want to kill time at the doctor's office by racing around Mushroom Gorge—complete with Game Center-powered multiplayer... | Opinion piece | iPhone


Nintend-Woe: The Rise And Rise Of Ninty Criticism

1656 days 15 hours ago - It hasn’t been the best of weeks for Nintendo. Unfortunately, this has only fuelled the flames of those who think the 3DS has ‘failed’; is it fair... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


3DS Pricedrop Decision Came From GameCube Lessons

1656 days 18 hours ago - Did Nintendo's sudden 10,000 yen priced drop for the 3DS seem a big out of place for the company? There may be a good reason for that: Nintendo is... | News | Nintendo DS


Nintendo 3DS at $169 yields strong pre-order demand

1657 days 5 hours ago - Pre-order sales for Nintendo Co.’s Nintendo 3DS at $169.99 held strong demand at retailer Inc. this week upon pre-order availability of... | News | 3DS


The problem with potential: Why I fear for the Wii U

1671 days 9 hours ago - More so than any console before it, the Wii was built on potential. The Wii U is much of the same. But will developers capitalize on what the conso... | Opinion piece | Wii

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