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Violating the creed of the assassin

273 days 5 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Liam Hayes isn't quite sold on the Assassin's Creed series, partly due to the fact that none of the protagonists ever act much lik... | Opinion piece | PC


A Week in the WildStar theme park

276 days 9 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown blasts off to the weird, amusing world of WildStar's Nexus. What it lacks in cotton candy, it more than makes up for... | Opinion piece | PC


Life of a thousand cuts: The minutia of Persona

283 days 2 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Andy Astruc has exams next week, so he should probably study. But he also needs to build up the courage to ask a girl out. There's... | Opinion piece | PSP


Dawn of the Final Day: The Philosophies of Majora’s Mask

286 days 13 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Darik Kirschman is on a Legend of Zelda kick and takes a look at Majora's Mask and philosophy. "Majora’s Mask is a game with a lot... | Opinion piece | Retro


Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

The Monstrous Burden Of Moving When You’re Massive

287 days 2 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Andy Moore has been thinking about weight. His weight. The weight of a monster. The weight of laden swallows. "As a concept, weigh... | Opinion piece | PC


How Rocksteady and Warner Bros. tamed Batman

304 days 16 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown takes a look at how Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Games turned Batman into an easy to digest action hero. "Rocksteady... | Opinion piece | PC


Fighting against freedom in Liberty City

311 days ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Andy Astruc tries to be a good, law abiding citizen in the rough, criminal world of Grand Theft Auto IV. Things get weird. "Somewh... | Opinion piece | PC


Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Ep. 2 | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

363 days ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco dives right back in to Rapture for Irrational Games' last piece of downloadable content for Bioshock Infinite. "Clock... | Review | PC


Among the Hollows: A tale of multiplayer encounters in the Souls series

368 days 22 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's David Chandler tells the story of his time spent with the multiplayer components of Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. Though he's the... | Opinion piece | PC


Memoirs of a Gamer: Sonic 2

370 days 6 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Darik Kirschman works out his pent-up issues with the co-op play of Sonic 2, while also looking back at the times spent bonding wi... | Opinion piece | Retro


Annihilating the sanctity of saved games

370 days 22 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Andy Astruc had his LEGO Marvel Super Heroes save eaten by the mighty Galactus, but to him, that isn't much of a problem. Replayin... | Opinion piece | Industry


Warlock 2: The Exiled | Preview - AWESOMEoutof10

370 days 23 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown enters a world filled with magic, giant goblins, heroes and villains, and bears with anti-wizard agendas. It's a bit... | Preview | PC


Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

376 days 1 hour ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Jonathan Moore takes on Housemarque's shambling, rotting and horrific zombie game, Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition. "But Dead Nati... | Review | PS4


Weapon Shop de Omasse: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of RPGs

376 days 8 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Jose Cardoso appreciates a good sword and provides us all with an ode to the various NPCs that help us on our epic quests to slay... | Opinion piece | 3DS

TowerFall Ascension | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

376 days 8 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Darik Kirschman draws back the bowstring and fires off a review of MattMakesGames'instant party hit, TowerFall Ascension. "Ultimat... | Review | PC


Inazuma Eleven | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

377 days 7 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Darik Kirschman decides to try out for the soccer team, but instead lands himself in a world of anime cliches and super-powered pe... | Review | 3DS


Between tyranny and ochlocracy: Valve’s balancing act

377 days 18 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown takes a look at the rather strange impact gamers have on Steam's storefront, as well as the problems Valve faces beca... | Opinion piece | Industry


South Park: The Stick of Truth | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

378 days 2 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco puts on his robe and wizard's hat and heads on down to South Park to have himself a time. "It truly is an effort in f... | Review | PC


The Walking Dead: A House Divided | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

379 days 19 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco has stocked up on tissues and continues to experience life in a zombie apocalypse in Telltale's second episode of The... | Review | PC


The BAFTAs: Leaving me disappointed but optimistic

381 days 8 hours ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Fraser Brown talks about The BAFTAs and all the glitz and glamour of a video game awards show without any of the embarrassment and... | Opinion piece | Industry


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