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Don't Restart: Failure is Part of It

517 days 8 hours ago - We all make mistakes in our games. But, as players, we have the power to fix it. We can restart or reload. Don't. Those regrets are part of w... | Opinion piece | Culture


Why the Boss Battles of Deus Ex Were Actually Brilliant

608 days 9 hours ago - There were many complaints about the boss battles in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, calling them out-of-place. Ben Chapman argues for their under-appre... | Opinion piece | Culture


Strategery 2012 is Advance Wars Meets American Politics

622 days 16 hours ago - Strategery 2012 is a combines the strategy game Advance Wars with a parody on American politics. Ben Chapman takes a look at how what's fun about R... | News | PC


Size Doesn’t Matter: The Strange Popularity of Nuketown

638 days 3 hours ago - In an industry that feels bigger is better, how did the smallest map in modern shooter history get so famous? With the screenshot update of the new... | News | PC


Filmwatch June Contests

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Violence is Therapy in Sleeping Dogs

658 days 9 hours ago - Violence is the most common way of solving problems in videogames. We have whole genres that focus on it. In real life, beating someone up is an ab... | Opinion piece | Culture


Wagons and Dragons: Why You Should Be Playing Super Amazing Wagon Adventure

664 days 3 hours ago - We all remember the Oregon Trail, but I'm pretty sure it didn't have this many buffalo. Or rocket launchers. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a cle... | Review | Xbox 360


Why DayZ is the Greatest Social Experiment in Videogames

702 days 11 hours ago - Society can look rather bleak when playing DayZ, a zombie apocalypse simulation packed with other survivors. But, amongst the hostility, there is c... | Opinion piece | PC


Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Will Feature Holographic Ghost of Hayden Christensen

744 days 19 hours ago - As an homage to filmmaker George Lucas and his infamous tampering with the Star Wars film franchise, Bioware revealed that the new content for thei... | Opinion piece | Culture


Dark Scavenger Review: The carrion crow of video games (Nightmare Mode)

785 days 3 hours ago - Tom Auxier talks about the mixed success of the indie game Dark Scavenger and its ambitious attempt to do turn-based combat, RPG decision making, a... | Review | PC


Writing on the Wall: The Secret Messages of the Half-Life Universe

807 days 3 hours ago - Have you ever found the hidden area code to Freeman, West Virginia in Half-Life 2? Or noticed the cryptic messages about Chell on the walls of Aper... | Opinion piece | PC


Mass Effect 3 and the Ethical Dilemma of Story Leaks

876 days 11 hours ago - The first 40 minutes of Mass Effect 3 has leaked on to the internet. Is this every gaming fan's windfall or the world's biggest spoiler? Mike Potts... | Article | PC

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