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A cross section of Xbox One and PS4 launch lineup exclusives

306 days 10 hours ago - Here's a fun game. Let's look at the launch lineups of the Xbox One and PS4 and try to find out which games match up in regard to the "slot" they f... | Article | PS4


Imagining A Microsoft Xbox 'Super Smash Bros.' Clone For The Next Generation

519 days 21 hours ago - Top five roster possibilities. | Opinion piece | Xbox 720


Man of Steel Video Game: Who Would Be The Perfect Developer?

522 days 15 hours ago - Superman never got a fair chance in gaming. He may be getting a great movie soon in Man of Steel. Is Rocksteady or Ubisoft up to the task of matchi... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Always-Online Xbox: Gamers Will Roll Over and "Deal With It" Because They Always Have

535 days 11 hours ago - A look back at all the barks and none of the bite. | Opinion piece | PC


Top Xbox One Exclusives to Look Forward To

Now - What are you excited for? Here are the ones we're really getting revved up for. | Promoted post

BattleBlock Theater Review | Gamenguide

536 days 5 hours ago - "The best place to spend time with a platforming friend." | Review | Xbox 360


BioShock Infinite Ending Talk: The True Meaning of Baptism and Redemption [Spoilers]

536 days 16 hours ago - One of the many aspects to the ending of BioShock Infinite, the meaning of baptism in the game isn't uncovered until the very, very end. SPOILERS | Opinion piece | PC


Isaac Clarke and Zeus Playstation All-Stars DLC Reviewed | Gamenguide.com

551 days 12 hours ago - Find out if Zeus, Isaac and the new Graveyard stage are worth the bundled purchase in Gamenguide's review. | Review | PS3


'Super Stickman Golf 2' Improves its Game [Gamenguide.com Review]

554 days 16 hours ago - Gamenguide.com offers their take on Noodlecake Studio's much-anticipated sequel. Are the microtransactions too much to handle? | Review | iPhone

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