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Destiny’s The Taken King: Who are “The Taken”?

26 days ago - Austin writes... "We see a lone Guardian looking over at what appears to be a group of Fallen and Cabal soldiers working together – something never... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


David Harewood Rumored to Star in Infinity Wards' Next Call of Duty

36 days 18 hours ago - David Harewood, the English actor best known for his roles in Blood Diamond and Homeland, has been rumored as the lead role for Infinity Ward's nex... | Rumor | Industry


Review: Shovel Knight for PlayStation

69 days 19 hours ago - James George, Editor at writes... "When I first booted up Shovel Knight, from Yacht Club Games, the parallax backgrounds were the fir... | Review | PS3


Review: State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition - LevelSave

74 days 11 hours ago - Jim George, Editor at writes... "With that said, I’m pleased to say that it was the enthusiasm of the Undead Labs team and their fans... | Review | Xbox One


A Light Discussion: An Interview with Ben Archer

Now - Ben Archer, VP of Bishop Games, discusses the start of their studio, the story of Light Fall, inspirations, and their plans for release. | Promoted post

Hands-on with Guitar Hero Live // LevelSave

80 days 21 hours ago - Adam Shear from went hands-on with Guitar Hero Live at their preview event in New York. He writes... "Just when you thought Activisio... | Preview | Xbox 360


Exclusive Interview With Angel Stone, Cinematic Trailer Character Name Reveal // LevelSave

81 days 21 hours ago - James Rock, General Manager writes... "Today Jim, our Content Editor, and I are sitting down with Emilio “Milo” Villarruel at Fincon... | Interview | iPhone


LevelSave Announces "The Hyrbavore's" - The Official Major Nelson Fan Club [April Fools]

94 days 19 hours ago - today announced it's new foray in to the specialized gaming journalism movement with the commencement of "The Hyrbavore's," a fan clu... | Opinion piece | Culture


PAX East 2015 – Eyes on Adr1ft

114 days 15 hours ago - Christopher Zevallos, Editor at writes... "Once attendees got their hands on the game one could tell that at least during the first p... | Preview | PC


Hands on with The Behemoth’s Game 4 – LevelSave’s PAX East Silver Game of Show

114 days 16 hours ago - Austin Griffith, Editor-in-Chief at writes... "After completing the demo, Behemoth had a small questionnaire card that they asked pla... | Preview | Xbox One


LevelSave’s PAX East Game of Show Award Winners

114 days 16 hours ago - Austin Griffith, Editor-in-Chief at LevelSave writes... "We’re proud to announce the winners of our PAX East Game of Show Awards as well as our PAX... | Opinion piece | Industry


PAX East 2015 Weekend Recap

114 days 16 hours ago - Christopher Zevallos, Editor at LevelSave writes... "The weekend of March 5th – March 8th I had the extraordinary opportunity to sit down with a mu... | Opinion piece | Industry


Hands on with Harebrained Schemes’ Necropolis – LevelSave’s Bronze PAX East Game of Show

114 days 17 hours ago - Austin Griffith, Editor-in-Chief at writes... "I have never played Dark Souls. I’m not much of one for the “perma-death” style of gam... | Preview | PC


Hands on with Motiga's Gigantic - LevelSave's PAX East Game of Show

116 days 19 hours ago - Austin Griffith, Editor-in-Chief at LevelSave writes... "Let me tell you something else. PAX is big. There are games everywhere. You’d be lucky to... | Preview | PC


What Project Morpheus Means for the VR Industry

116 days 19 hours ago - Adam Shear talks about Sony's Project Morpheus and where it fits in to the Virtual Reality industry as well as how it will effect other key players. | Opinion piece | PS4


Major Nelson Confirms: Screenshots Are Not Coming to Xbox 360

121 days 22 hours ago - After going so far as to completely reinvent itself to the world multiples times – from blades, to NXE, to the current “metro” style dashboard – Mi... | News | Xbox 360


The Curious Case of Bungie Aerospace

127 days 11 hours ago - Four long years ago, world-reknowned creators of Halo and the yet-unannounced space-epic Destiny announced an interesting project: Bungie Aerospace... | Article | iPhone


Giving up Gaming 1: It begins

220 days 19 hours ago - LevelSave's Chris Lock begins a year long task to remove video games from his life for six days a week to better himself, make a video game, and sp... | Article | Culture


5 Tips for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Beginners // LevelSave

227 days 3 hours ago - Timothy, Community Manager & Contributor at writes... "As with most rogue-likes, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is very tough. From en... | Article | PS4


Rumor: The Elder Scroll Online for Consoles is Cancelled

236 days 23 hours ago - Well known internet sleuth and hacker SuperMTW has shared some insider information on the state of The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox One and PlaySt... | Rumor | PS4


NYCC 2014 Preview: Tripwire Interactive's Killing Floor 2

269 days 3 hours ago - Tripwire Interactive Games has showed the first of its upcoming sequel, Killing Floor 2, at New York Comic Con this weekend. The game features a sl... | Preview | PC


Indie Game Month Contest Details

Now - Win mechanical keyboards from WASD, a Xbox One Bundle, a PS4, GameMaker: Studio Pro Licenses and much more! | Promoted post
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