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Ten of the Most Cunning Villains in Video Game History

1195 days 13 hours ago - Our intrepid heroes have fought long and hard to make their way to this point. They’ve devastated every mook and lieutenant that’s been thrown at t... | Opinion piece | PC


Say Hello To Conquista Fantasia

1232 days 10 hours ago - The popular downloadable game known as Karakuri Conquista has finally made its way to America. The game originally released for the Android and iOS... | News | iPhone


The Secret World Review | MMO Attack

1235 days 4 hours ago - Imagine a world where vampires hunt for mortal blood in London nightclubs, where werewolves hide in the New York subways, and where demons lurk in... | Review | PC


Allod’s Online Review | MMO Attack

1248 days 8 hours ago - Allods Online is similar to many MMO’s out there and yet has many unique features that sets it apart from most WoW-wannabees. It has steampunk elem... | Review | PC


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Rappelz Review | MMO Attack

1248 days 17 hours ago - Rappelz is an MMORPG which mainly focuses on training pets to fight beside you. These pets are like another player fighting beside you. They can ta... | Review | PC


League of Legends Review | MMO Attack

1248 days 17 hours ago - Until only twenty years ago, the world was on a collision course with disaster. As a direct response to the world’s growing physical and political... | Review | PC

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