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Is Red Barrels teasing an Outlast 2 announcement for tomorrow?

27 days 17 hours ago - Rely on Horror writes "Red Barrel's breakout title, Outlast, is pretty damn good. I loved it, and I wrote about what I'd like to see from a sequel... | Rumor | PC


Friday the 13th: The Game Co-Creator Addresses Last Year Similarities

29 days 7 hours ago - Gun Media's Wes Keltner, Co-Creator of Friday The 13th: The Game has said a little more in regards to the situation, in our upcoming interview with... | News | PC


Here’s how to open SOMA’s supersecret RAR file

62 days 2 hours ago - Rely On Horror: "The code to the “_supersecret” RAR file in the SOMA installation folder has been solved. In just a few short days since release, S... | News | PC


Where’s the Live Action SOMA Prequel and What’s Hidden in the Game’s Install Files?

63 days 13 hours ago - Rely on Horror: "When Frictional Games’ SOMA first began to get teased, they release live-action videos by a production studio named Imagos Films.... | Rumor | PC


Guillermo Del Toro Still Has Hope For Silent Hills

77 days 15 hours ago - Rely on Horror writes "This whole thing has been such a rollercoaster for us Silent Hill fans, and I swear every day seems to bring some new twist... | News | PS4


Latest SOMA Trailer Highlights the Eerie PATHOS-II Facility

84 days 3 hours ago - Rely on Horror writes "A brand new trailer for SOMA has dropped today, featuring a look at the game's many creepy locales set underwater in the PAT... | News | PC


Incinerate ‘N Detonate Update Out Now for Killing Floor 2

85 days 23 hours ago - Rely on Horror writes: "Killing Floor 2's Incinerate ‘N Detonate Update, one in which adds a whole lot of new content to the Early Access game, inc... | News | PC


Bloodborne’s Fears are Less Real than Dark Souls’, and that’s Scarier

99 days 14 hours ago - Matthew at RelyOnHorror writes: "I was never a big Lovecraft fan. Part of it is my fault, part of it is his, but after a month with Bloodborne I fi... | Opinion piece | PS4


Dead Realm online is like the worst Youtube Let's Plays

100 days 10 hours ago - CJ of Rely on Horror writes: "I'm currently playing Dead Realm for a preview. It's a new multiplayer horror game on Steam that's a bit like Damned... | Video | PC


New Silent Hill Pachinko machine revealed by Konami

114 days 1 hour ago - Rely on Horror: We all saw the uncomfortable Castlevania pachinko game last week, I'm sure. The one with "erotic violence" tagline. Well, in case y... | News | Industry


Preview: What Lies Beneath and Within in Frictional Games' SOMA | Rely on Horror

133 days 8 hours ago - Rely on Horror: "Leaving behind the gothic horror found in the last two Amnesia games, SOMA takes players into PATHOS-2, an advanced but failing re... | Preview | PC


Review: Her Story | Rely on Horror

149 days 18 hours ago - Rely on Horror: For example, The Last of Us provided gamers an engrossing narrative of high quality within the gaming space, with some propping it... | Review | PC


Techland takes a jab at Destiny's Red Bull Promotion

155 days 2 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Bungie's upcoming The Taken King expansion for Destiny has already rustled the feathers of folks because of its asking price, but t... | News | PC


Killing Floor 2 Early Access begins April 21, will cost $29.99

233 days 6 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Oh jeez, oh gosh. It's finally happening. Killing Floor 2 is gonna be everyone's hands in just two weeks on April 21st. I know, it'... | News | PC


Hideo Kojima reportedly leaving Konami after MGSV; What's to become of Silent Hills?

252 days 2 hours ago - Rely on Horror: If Kojima Productions is tied to Konami up until the completion of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, what's to happen to the st... | Opinion piece | PS4


Five Nights at Freddy's 3 just released on Steam

268 days 18 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Yep, you've heard that right. The third (and probably not the last) Five Nights at Freddy's game has released today on Steam. Devel... | News | PC


The Evil Within: The Assignment to release on March 10

274 days 7 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Bethesda has announced today that The Evil Within's first DLC chapter is set to arrive on March 10. Starring Juli Kidman, Sebastian... | News | PC


Danganronpa: Another Episode is coming to North America

279 days 18 hours ago - Rely on Horror: NIS America announced at their press event today that the third-person action installment in Spike Chunsoft’s Danganronpa series of... | News | PS Vita


Review: The Order 1886 | Rely on Horror

280 days 4 hours ago - Rely on Horror: People have been worried about this game for some time for a whole slew of reasons, myself included. Unfortunately I’m sorry to say... | Review | PS4


Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition coming to PC?

284 days 12 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Noticed by the savvy folks on NeoGAF, the European ratings board (PEGI) has rated Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition for PC/Steam. Reside... | News | PC


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