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The Evil Within: The Assignment to release on March 10

1 day 8 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Bethesda has announced today that The Evil Within's first DLC chapter is set to arrive on March 10. Starring Juli Kidman, Sebastian... | News | PC


Danganronpa: Another Episode is coming to North America

6 days 20 hours ago - Rely on Horror: NIS America announced at their press event today that the third-person action installment in Spike Chunsoft’s Danganronpa series of... | News | PS Vita


Review: The Order 1886 | Rely on Horror

7 days 6 hours ago - Rely on Horror: People have been worried about this game for some time for a whole slew of reasons, myself included. Unfortunately I’m sorry to say... | Review | PS4


Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition coming to PC?

11 days 14 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Noticed by the savvy folks on NeoGAF, the European ratings board (PEGI) has rated Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition for PC/Steam. Reside... | News | PC


Start Making Games for the PS4

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Silent Hill: Downpour removed from Xbox Live

52 days 4 hours ago - Rely on Horror: It has come to my attention that Silent Hill: Downpour, the latest main entry in the Silent Hill series, has been removed from the... | News | Xbox 360


Aliens vs Predator 2010 and Aliens: Colonial Marines have been pulled from Steam

56 days 16 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Today marks the end of 2014, and like many years before it several games have been pulled from Steam (probably) due to licences exp... | News | PC


Bandai Namco has filed a DMCA complaint to get Durante's DSFix 2.3 taken down

65 days 13 hours ago - Rely on Horror: DSFix has long been the most popular mod for Dark Souls, mainly because it alleviates much of the issues the PC version of the game... | News | PC


Norman Reedus reveals that he hasn't worked on Silent Hills' "heavy stuff" yet

66 days 9 hours ago - Rely on Horror: When P.T. was revealed as being an interactive teaser for Silent Hills, fans of the classic horror series were quite ecstatic, espe... | News | PS4


First implementation of vehicles comes to DayZ today

94 days 2 hours ago - Rely on Horror: One of the biggest gripes that DayZ Standalone players and prospective DayZ Standalone buyers share in common is the game's lack of... | News | PC


Scorn is back; Kickstarter launches on Friday

105 days 23 hours ago - Rely on Horror: It's been quite some time since we revealed the mysterious Scorn by Ebb Software. Initially shown to us via a series of obtuse emai... | News | PC


Bethesda investigating improvements for PC port of The Evil Within

126 days 3 hours ago - Rely on Horror: The Evil Within has been in the hands of gamers for over a week now, and while the reception to the game has been rather divisive,... | News | PC


Today's The Evil Within trailer teaches caution

139 days 9 hours ago - Rely on Horror: The latest trailer for The Evil Within is one filled with a lot of death. Like the last two that went over specific elements in the... | Trailer | PC


Silent Hills not confirmed for Halloween 2016 release

169 days 19 hours ago - Rely on Horror: The internet can a wonderful place, but sometimes it isn't. Today's example of that truth comes from a recent report that Silent Hi... | News | PS4


Silent Hills to be shown on Konami's TGS stage

173 days 21 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Konami's Tokyo Game Show lineup has been revealed and we can now confirm that P.T. / Silent Hills will be making an appearance. Wit... | News | PS4


Here's another look at Norman Reedus in Silent Hills

178 days 1 hour ago - Rely on Horror: Konami's website has updated their P.T. / Silent Hills section recently to reveal a new image of Norman Reedus' character in the up... | News | PC


Silent Hills to be at TGS?

178 days 18 hours ago - Rely on Horror: A Konami Japan contest entry form on the Kojima Productions blog seems to be hinting at some Silent Hills attention at this year's... | Rumor | PC


Remastering Resident Evil, with Capcom's Yoshiaki Hirabayashi

182 days 5 hours ago - Rely on Horror: Despite the excitement for arguably the best Resident Evil game being re-released, fans have had some concerns over the Resident Ev... | Interview | PC


Resident Evil Remaster on Wii U: Capcom currently focused on other platforms

182 days 17 hours ago - Rely on Horror: In an upcoming interview with Capcom producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, we learned that a Wii U version of the game is currently not Ca... | News | Wii U


Whispers in The Dark Ep. 75: Nicholas Sparks' True Evil

184 days 14 hours ago - Rely on Horror: On this beautiful episode of the Whispers in the Dark podcast, we talk about Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil Remaster and why it's... | Podcast | Culture


Review: Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed | Rely on Horror

184 days 20 hours ago - Rely on Horror: It's hard not to feel a bit awkward explaining Akiba's Trip to someone that has not yet looked into the game for themselves. Though... | Review | PS3


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