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"The medium is the message."

San Francisco Chronicle | Alan Wake Review

1893 days 8 hours ago - San Fransisco Chronicle "Light might be Alan Wake's best weapon against the dark-possessed townspeople who hunt him through the woods, but the e... | Review | Xbox 360


Gamus | Alan Wake Review

1893 days 9 hours ago - Gamus: "The new generation of games, which began in late 2005, made several changes in many genres, like action, RPG, shooting first and third p... | Review | Xbox 360


PCMag | Alan Wake Review

1901 days 23 hours ago - PCMag: "Developer Remedy Entertainment deftly mixes action and atmosphere to create a satisfying thriller. I ended up having a love-hate relatio... | Review | Xbox 360


VicioJuegos | Alan Wake Review

1902 days ago - VicioJuegos "After five years of development behind them, the guys from Remedy (Max Payne series) return to the labor market for Microsoft to p... | Review | Xbox 360


The Game You Can Never Play Again if You Die

Now - Upsilon Circuit is certainly shaping up to be one of the most interesting titles of, well, ever. Part videogame, part gameshow, all permadeath. | Promoted post

JVN | Alan Wake Review

1902 days ago - JVN: "Alan Wake is, even before a game of terror, a beautiful reflection on the act of creation. Buoyed by a flawless art direction and atmosphe... | Review | Xbox 360


TiltTV | Alan Wake

1902 days ago - TiltTV: "Bright Falls is the best in small towns, and it is suitable to compare the Twin Peaksiin or True Blood Bon Tempsiin. There at the end o... | Review | Xbox 360


Xbox-Mag | Alan Wake Review

1902 days 9 hours ago - Xbox-Mag: Five years ago almost to the day, Remedy quietly announced the development of Alan Wake, a little before E3 2005. The Xbox 360 was not... | Review | Xbox 360


Tom's Games | Alan Wake Review

1902 days 11 hours ago - Tom's Games: "Exclusivity granted to Microsoft by Remedy (the talented brood of Max Payne ), Alan Wake looks like one of the hits of the year. A... | Review | Xbox 360


FileFront | Alan Wake Review

1903 days ago - FileFront: "It’s been five long, where-the-hell-is-this-game years, but Alan Wake is finally here and it’s a total success. The main joy is the... | Review | Xbox 360

20° | Alan Wake Review

1903 days ago - "Anyhow, Alan Wake was impressed. I use a game like the term "more than the sum of its parts", because just as it charmed me. Function... | Review | Xbox 360


PCDome | Alan Wake Review

1903 days ago - PCDome: "Alan Wake is like a good series or a striking thriller: slowly evolving story, sinister events, eccentric actors, and depressive mood g... | Review | Xbox 360


TechLand | Alan Wake Review

1903 days ago - TechLand: "Man, what happened to the horror game? The latest Silent Hill installments no longer pack the same surreal punch as they did in the p... | Review | Xbox 360

20° | Alan Wake Review

1903 days 3 hours ago - "Five years of expectations, promises, and here's the big announcement of our hands goes to Alan Wake - The latest study child Reme... | Review | Xbox 360


PerezStart | Alan Wake Review

1903 days 11 hours ago - PerezStart: "Alan Wake delivers an interesting and gripping story from start to finish with some twists that’ll keep you guessing until the very... | Review | Xbox 360


Vandal Online | Alan Wake Review

1904 days 5 hours ago - Vandal Online: "Lovers of horror in video games are in luck: Alan Wake is a game with doses of action, research, tension, and terror all very we... | Review | Xbox 360


Aeropause | Alan Wake Review

1904 days 7 hours ago - Aeropause: Alan Wake offers a tense and suspenseful storyline that is fused together with excellent lighting effects and unique battle mechanics... | Review | Xbox 360


LoudMouthedGamers | Alan Wake Review

1904 days 7 hours ago - LoudMouthedGamers: "Overall: The story is, to put it bluntly; is FREAKING AWESOME. This is the single most standout thing in the game. Every twi... | Review | Xbox 360


Gladriel | Alan Wake Review

1904 days 7 hours ago - Gladriel: "Alan Wake is an excellent, moody survival horror, with top-notch plot and a memorable hero. The graphics are a little old, and the ga... | Review | Xbox 360


XboxDynasty | Alan Wake Review

1904 days 11 hours ago - XboxDynasty: "Alan Wake tells a psychologically profound and well-developed story that is in the range of storytelling in video games, new stand... | Review | Xbox 360


HardGame2 | Alan Wake Review

1904 days 20 hours ago - HardGame2: "The maelstrom in which we live requires titles to launch studies with annual franchise, development and delivery deadlines sometimes... | Review | Xbox 360


Indie Game Month Contest Details

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