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A History of Halo Forerunner - From Masters to Destroyers

995 days 1 hour ago - This Pop Conflux article delves into the deep pre-history of the Halo universe by exploring the saga of the Forerunner civilization. On the cusp of... | Article | Xbox 360


Why the Sony vs Kevin Butler Lawsuit is Bonkers

1019 days 14 hours ago - Pixels or Death's Joseph Rush writes, "Never mind the fact that Sony never actually trademarked the 'Kevin Butler' character or that the actor, Jer... | Opinion piece | Wii


Should the Wii U be Classified as Next Gen?

1023 days 14 hours ago - Pop Conflux's Joseph Rush writes, "I believe the term “next gen” refers to more of an idea than a set period of time that a group of consoles launc... | Opinion piece | Wii

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