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This Generation’s Villains That Are Too Hard to Hate

917 days 3 hours ago - Brodie from DC writes: Sometimes, it’s just good to be bad. I’m one who constantly finds himself on the darker side of the line, often preferring b... | Opinion piece | PC


That They Will Remember: An Interview With Homesick Designer, Barrett Meeker

917 days 12 hours ago - Do you find yourself, every now and again, yearning for the glory days of Lucasarts’ point-and-click adventure games? Does the slow-paced, poetry l... | Interview | PC


Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt Review - Dusty Cartridge

918 days 7 hours ago - Dan from DC writes: I made no secret about my love for Borderlands’ first bit of DLC – Captain Scarlet and her Pirate’s Booty. It was fresh, funky... | Review | PC


The Man Behind Cart Life – An Interview with Richard Hofmeier

919 days 3 hours ago - Alex from DC writes: Despite being released in late 2011, Cart Life’s depiction of street cart vendors has taken everyone by surprise, culminating... | Interview | PC


Warhammer: Arcane Magic Comes to iOS

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

DmC: Devil May Cry Review - Dusty Cartridge

919 days 17 hours ago - Mark from DC writes: I argued in a previous article that reboots were a necessary part of pop culture, that some memes and characters represent the... | Review | PC


Rift: Storm Legion Review - Dusty Cartridge

919 days 21 hours ago - Alex from DC writes: I spent a great deal of my Guild Wars 2 review marvelling at the design decisions NCSoft made in developing and getting their... | Review | PC


Our Favourite PlayStation 2 Games

923 days 4 hours ago - In the saddest news that’s ever faced the history of the globe, it was announced that the PlayStation 2, a console that reached no less than 155 mi... | Opinion piece | PS2


Insomniac Don’t Want to Become Sony First-Party: Interview With Brian Allgeier

925 days 6 hours ago - Insomniac Games has certainly been through some drama with Fuse. Originally being unveiled as Overstrike, only to change its name and core mechanic... | Interview | Xbox 360


Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper Review - Dusty Cartridge

926 days 7 hours ago - Adam from DC writes: As a reviewer, for the most part, you are expected to finish a game before passing judgement. That considered, I did not want... | Review | Wii U


Another Look at Hitman: Absolution

927 days 4 hours ago - Despite gaining favourable reviews, as a purist fan of the previous Hitman titles my experience with Hitman: Absolution was drastically different t... | Opinion piece | PC


The Many Failings of Diablo III

927 days 20 hours ago - Alex from DC writes: Recently, we at Dusty Cartridge posted an article outlining what some of us felt were our “Worst Games of the Year”. Since the... | Opinion piece | PC


Metal Gear Rising: Raiden – the Dante Killer

928 days 5 hours ago - Marty from DC writes: I’m three and a half hours into the upcoming Metal Gear spin-off, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and two things have become g... | Opinion piece | PC


Three Things to Look Forward to in 2013

931 days 2 hours ago - 2012 left us with nothing but disappointment. The world didn’t end, THQ went under and the Wii U’s launch was about as much fun as erectile dysfunc... | Opinion piece | PC


PC Gaming is Not Dead – A Conversation With Maxis Producer Jason Haber

932 days 14 hours ago - It’s been ten years since SimCity 4 hit PCs across the globe, allowing gamers to delve into its simulation fun. Now, Maxis have their rebooted wond... | Interview | PC


Games Workshop + The Creative Assembly = Warhammer: Total War?

933 days 5 hours ago - Warhammer and Total War aren’t that different; they both place armies in the hands of people who, by rights, shouldn’t be left alone with butter kn... | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top Five Ridiculous Names in Games

937 days 12 hours ago - When it comes to naming game characters, developers sometimes get bored and think ‘screw it, who wants to save the world with Link when they can do... | Opinion piece | PC


You Haven’t Seen the End of Crysis – A Conversation With Crytek’s Michael Elliot Read

938 days 3 hours ago - DC writes: A little while back, I got the chance to get my greedy little hands on some of EA’s finest titles for 2013. One of those titles was t... | Interview | PC


Five Video Game Apocalypses That Could Actually Happen

951 days 16 hours ago - Jackson from DC writes: I’ve seen enough statuses in my Facebook feed to know that the human race is almost certainly doomed. Whether that be on th... | Opinion piece | PC


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Review - Dusty Cartridge

953 days 8 hours ago - Mark from DC writes: Right, let’s nip this in the bud: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is not like Super Smash Bros. Firstly, Smash Bros is fun... | Review | PS3


What Do We Think of Dark Souls II So Far?

954 days 3 hours ago - The Souls series is a genre unto itself. Brutally unforgiving, the games are polarising. Some say that they’re masochistically hard, while others c... | Opinion piece | PC


Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post
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