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Tt eSPORTS Level 10 M Gaming Mouse Review - Dusty Cartridge

792 days 19 hours ago - Mark writes: It’s hard to write this review without delving into ‘wine writing’. There’s more to the mouse than just how it functions as a product;... | Review | Tech


5 Ways Tomb Raider Is Better Than Uncharted 3

792 days 20 hours ago - Marty Writes: In many ways, Drake excels where Croft retreats; he’s charming, well-paced and surrounded by a solid cast of supporting characters. B... | Opinion piece | PC


Games Have a Place to Critique Politics: Interview with Irrational’s Bill Gardner Part 2

794 days 20 hours ago - Mark from DC writes: BioShock Infinite has been played and reviewed industry-wide (ours is coming soon, I promise), and it’s been met with high sco... | Interview | PC


Bit.Trip Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Review - Dusty Cartridge

795 days 21 hours ago - Trent from DC writes: I’ve always been what you might call ‘musically retarded’. I suffer from a condition known as ‘stupid fingers’, where my brai... | Review | PC


Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

Video Game Face Off: Mario Bros. vs Donkey Kong

796 days 4 hours ago - Jack from DC writes: Though not scientifically proven, I am certain the number of coins put into Donkey Kong machines over the years, if stacked on... | Opinion piece | Nintendo DS


Top 5 Most Spectacular Nukes in Gaming

799 days 18 hours ago - Fortunately, the Nagasaki and Hiroshima injustices are the only recorded nuclear detonations in the history of human warfare. A streak North Korea... | Opinion piece | PC


SimCity Review - Dusty Cartridge

800 days 19 hours ago - Alex from DC writes: That general feeling of growing something from nothing is echoed in the latest sequel of what is undoubtedly one of EA and Max... | Review | PC


Introducing The Dusty Cartridge Video Game Face Off

801 days 6 hours ago - With all the amazing video game series we are now privy to, the question surely must be asked: What is the greatest video game series of all-time?... | Opinion piece | PC


Video Game Face Off: BioShock vs. Killzone

801 days 8 hours ago - After crashing into the ocean, Jack, the playable protagonist in BioShock, descends in a bathysphere to the underwater ‘utopia’ of Rapture. In that... | Opinion piece | PC


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Review - Dusty Cartridge

802 days 8 hours ago - Phil from DC writes: I’ll admit that I’m a fan of the Naruto series. Sometimes I wish I weren’t, but I’ve followed the manga faithfully for several... | Review | Xbox 360


What Do We Think Of Slender: The Arrival So Far?

807 days 19 hours ago - In need of some good ol’ fashioned scares? The sequel to the independent horror sensation, Slender arrives in less than two weeks. Those who preord... | Opinion piece | PC


3 Reasons Why Video Game Movies Suck

813 days 8 hours ago - Chris from DC writes: There has been a lot talk of video game movies: Ubisoft have attached two Hollywood stars, Michael Fassbender and Tom Hardy,... | Opinion piece | Culture


An Interview with Mountain Machine Games’ Nick Lambert

813 days 18 hours ago - Brodie from DC writes: I wonder what it felt like to be a Boston Celtics fan before they climbed the mountain seventeen times? I imagine it’d be vi... | Interview | iPhone


4 Reasons Why Ni no Kuni Was Lame

820 days 15 hours ago - **contains spoilers** Mark form DC writes: Before everyone starts defecating themselves in their rabid, knee-jerk attempt to prove me wrong, I woul... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Issue With DmC’s Vergil

821 days 21 hours ago - Mark from DC writes: I had a lot of problems with the story in DmC: Devil May Cry, but none so poignant or heartfelt as my problem with Vergil. His... | Opinion piece | PC


Crysis 3 Review - Dusty Cartridge

822 days 17 hours ago - Dan from DC writes: When I stepped from a dingy holding cell into the New York City Nanodome, my jaw just about hit the floor. A few hours later, d... | Review | PC


Tomb Raider Review - Dusty Cartridge

823 days 22 hours ago - Adam from DC writes: For the longest time, I was unsure how I felt about Tomb Raider. Here was a game so clearly trying to mirror the execution of... | Review | Xbox 360


Not Enough AAA Games Have Strong Emotion: An Interview With Brian Horton

824 days 10 hours ago - With just over a week to go, Tomb Raider’s release is drawing ever nearer. The reboot for Miss Croft has certainly garnered its share of attention... | Interview | PC


Retrovirus Review - Dusty Cartridge

827 days 19 hours ago - Did you know that your computer’s operating system and software is actually an interconnected series of nodes and warehouse-like structures populat... | Review | PC


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review - Dusty Cartridge

830 days 11 hours ago - Martin from DC writes: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has sliced me in half. On one side it’s a solid action game with a unique and satisfying slic... | Review | Xbox 360


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