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Game Rant Asks: What’s Your Game of The Year?

1063 days 18 hours ago - As we head into the final days of 2012 Game Rant has begun its look back at the year that was, as well we have been looking forward to 2013 and all... | Opinion piece | PC


Derrick The Deathfin Review [8Bitfix]

1076 days 22 hours ago - Sometimes, all it takes is a unique art style to make a game standout. PSN title Derrick the Deathfin grabbed the eyes of many gamers when it relea... | Review | PS3


Game Rant Asks: What Did You Think Of The 2012 Spike Video Game Awards?

1081 days 20 hours ago - We take a look at this year’s Spike Video Game Awards as our writers give their opinion on the show. | Opinion piece | Culture


‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ Slingshot DLC Review [Game Rant]

1081 days 21 hours ago - Does the Slingshot DLC for ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ have what it takes to be a worthwhile addition to the game? Read our review to find out. | Review | PC


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‘Karaoke’ Review [Game Rant]

1081 days 21 hours ago - Read our ‘Karaoke’ review to find out if Microsoft Studios has hit all the right notes with their sing-along party game. | Review | Xbox 360


LEGO Lord of the Rings Review [Game Rant]

1090 days ago - Read our ‘LEGO Lord of the Rings’ review to find out if developer Traveller’s Tales can successfully combine their puzzle platforming formula with... | Review | PC


Game Rant's Mass Effect 4 Wishlist

1090 days ago - With BioWare soliciting suggestions for ‘Mass Effect 4,’ we couldn’t help but conjure a few up. Read on to see our advice for the future of the epi... | Opinion piece | PC


Mass Effect 3: Omega DLC Review [Game Rant]

1094 days 22 hours ago - Read our ‘Mass Effect 3′ Omega DLC review to find out if the largest post-release expansion, with new faces and new enemies in a fan-favorite local... | Review | PC


Transformers Prime Wii U Review [Game Rant]

1094 days 22 hours ago - While Transformers: Dark of the Moon epitomized everything that’s wrong about licensed movie tie-in games, High Moon Studios was able to deliver qu... | Review | Wii U


Game Rant Asks: Does The Term ‘Game’ Discredit The Medium?

1094 days 22 hours ago - In the first ever edition of ‘Game Rant Asks,’ the GR team takes a look at whether or not the word “game” has become a detriment to the medium. | Opinion piece | Culture


PS Vita 2012 Holiday Buyers Guide

1095 days 20 hours ago - Got a PS Vita? Maybe you’re thinking of picking one up? Read our PS Vita Buyers Guide to find out which software and hardware is right for you – an... | Article | PS Vita


Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 | 8BitFix

1102 days 7 hours ago - There's no greater phenomenon in gaming then that of Call of Duty. Ever since the release of Call of Duty 4 in 2007, the series has earned its shar... | Review | PC


MAG II Wireless Magneton Induction Controller Review [Game Rant]

1103 days 18 hours ago - All Interactive Entertainment’s MAG II gun controller promises to work with all all PS3/PC shooters; but does it really work as advertised? Read ou... | Review | PC


Hitman: Absolution Review [Game Rant]

1103 days 22 hours ago - After a six year absence, IO Interactive ushers in the return of Agent 47 in ‘Hitman: Absolution’. Read on for our review to see if the wait was ju... | Review | PC


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Review [Game Rant]

1103 days 22 hours ago - Read our ‘Black Ops 2′ review to find out if Treyarch evolves the ‘Call of Duty’ experience with a future setting as well as single and multiplayer... | Review | PC


Orgarhythm Review [Game Rant]

1123 days 1 hour ago - XSEED JKS has been adamant in its Vita support, bringing titles such as Sumioni: Demon Arts and the upcoming Ragnarok Odyssey to North American gam... | Review | PS Vita


New Little King’s Story Review [Game Rant]

1144 days 20 hours ago - Read our ‘New Little King’s Story’ review to find out if MarvelousAQL’s remastered Wii title is a must have experience on the PlayStation Vita. | Review | PS Vita


Video Game Storytelling Isn’t Bad, It’s Just Different

1145 days 22 hours ago - Some critics argue that video game narratives are poor, in comparison to books and movies; however, maybe video games simply offer a different kind... | Opinion piece | Industry


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Review [Game Rant]

1145 days 23 hours ago - Read our ‘XCOM: Enemy Unknown’ review to find out if Firaxis Games has successfully resurrected the critically-claimed turn-based strategy series ‘... | Review | PC


Dishonored Review [Game Rant]

1145 days 23 hours ago - Read our ‘Dishonored’ review to find out if influences like ‘BioShock’ and ‘Deus Ex’ can help Arkane Studios’ new IP become one of this year’s must... | Review | PC


See what games are coming out in 2016

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