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The Final Bosman | E3 2014 Takeaways

33 days 13 hours ago - Kyle reviews each of this year’s E3 press conferences with reckless abandon. | Video | PS4


Destiny Alpha Impressions | TSA

35 days 5 hours ago - Occasional dodgy writing aside TSA is happy to tell you Destiny is shaping up to be something special. From the moment the game starts it is extrem... | Preview | Xbox 360


E3 2013 in 3 Minutes

47 days 1 hour ago - A little hazy on all the madness from last year's show? Here's a quick recap to bring you up to speed | Video | Xbox 360


Halo vs Uncharted: who will win E3 2014?

47 days 10 hours ago - What will be E3 2014′s game of the show? vg247 takes a look at the heavyweights headed to downtown L.A. and place some informed bets. | Opinion piece | PS4


Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Sony E3 Assumptions

48 days 10 hours ago - Michael Pachter looks at how Sony will behave will at this year’s E3 | Opinion piece | PS3


Microsoft E3 Assumptions

49 days 5 hours ago - Because predictions are for babies, Michael Pachter lets us in on his Xbox 2014 assumptions. | Opinion piece | Xbox 360


Top 10 E3 Train Wrecks

51 days 13 hours ago - When remembered, these memories went straight to the trash. Witness the past E3 moments that made us cringe, cry and shake our heads in shame | Video | PSP


Another E3, another possibility for an Agent reveal

57 days 12 hours ago - Agent was announced in July 2007 for PlayStation 3 and we haven’t really heard much on it since then. Other than popping up on resumes and trademar... | Opinion piece | PS3


The Final Bosman: Pre-E3 Reveals are No Fun

61 days 15 hours ago - Kyle measures the impact of some recent game announcements | Opinion piece | Culture


What to Expect From Deep Down

72 days 10 hours ago - From its stunning debut trailer to its lackluster TGS presence, Deep Down continue to mystify and taunt. Here's what GT is thinking for E3. | Opinion piece | PS4


What to Expect From Quantum Break

74 days 10 hours ago - There are no signs of Scott Bakula, but here’s Gametrailers E3 analysis on the time-shifting shooter with a TV vibe | Opinion piece | Xbox One


PlayStation Store charts, April: Trials Fusion, Minecraft share the honours

75 days ago - Time once again to look back at the movers and shakers on PlayStation Store for the month past – and it was a busy few weeks, with plenty of new en... | News | PS3


Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Demo Coming This Weekend To PS3 and PS4

83 days 5 hours ago - Grab your friends and ready your trigger fingers — the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer demo is coming this weekend. From May 2nd (10:00 AM Pacifi... | News | PS3


Thomas Was Alone Surpasses 1 Million Sold Copies

86 days 19 hours ago - While the game was originally released for PC in 2012, sales really started picking up when Curve Studios and Bossa Studios ported it to PlayStatio... | News | PC


PlayStation 4 is Winning, But What's Next?

95 days 3 hours ago - Almost immediately after PlayStation 4 launched in mid-November of 2013, it was clear that Sony was on to something. The company managed to sell a... | Opinion piece | PS4


Epic announces Unreal Developer Day to take place next week

105 days 10 hours ago - Epic Games has announced its latest free-to-attend Unreal Developer Day, which will take place April 17 at the recently opened Epic Games Centre at... | News | PC


Battlefield 4: Loadout presets to be available through in-game Battlelog tomorrow

106 days 3 hours ago - Battlefield 4 developer DICE is working on a new feature that’ll be added to Battlelog starting April 8. The new feature allows players, for the fi... | News | PC


Titanfall | Angry Review

126 days 9 hours ago - Angry Joe & Other Joe battle each other with Titans in this review of Respawn Entertainments newest FPS, Titanfall. | Review | PC


Official PlayStation Plus Experience More Together Commercial

155 days 6 hours ago - Experience More Together with PlayStation Plus | Video | PS3


Largest EVE Online Battle in History Causes $330k in Real World Damage

171 days 18 hours ago - Always remember to pay your rent. If you don’t, you could very well incur further wrath from your landlord and get a late fee, or you might just ca... | Article | PC


Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post
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